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Ex Sex Sex Position

The Ex Sex - Sex Position is the Missionary position with the giver on top but facing the receiver's feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual. The receiver lies back on the bed and has the giver lay on top of them, but as the position will put the penis at an unusual angle from the giver's body (i.e. pointing downwards) the giver should take care to not strain the penis further than it is comfortably capable of flexing!

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This position is just hot. I

This position is just hot. I fucked my wife like this the other night and she loved it. She cum several times until she said she could take no more.

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Use to do this with the ex...

Use to do this with the ex...(lol)...dam made me cum everytime! Makes me horny just looking at this!

Sweet Position

I would want try this position.

I have done this before with

I have done this before with my wife when we have one of our 3-4 hour sex sessions. If she gets really horny and wet I can get my cock to slide in from any direction. She has to be really good and wet. She can rub my prostate between my ass and balls.

This position is a dick

This position is a dick breaker. Your dick needs to be an acrobat to do this.

ex sex

this position is hard to do. me and my wife tried this one last night and its hard to do.

Try it with her on top, it

Try it with her on top, it works easier..

ex sex is the best

this position rocks. him riding me back and forth hittin my clit. It gets me off fast. Call me wierd but i love watching his lil ass do all the bouncing.

This position doesn't seem

This position doesn't seem practical


When I saw the list I really didn't think it would be there. I mean none of my friends have ever heard of it. Still, I knew it must be out there somewhere. And here it is! A great position because its unexpected and the angle seems to give her surprising pleasure. I do think the animation is misleading. In the illustration the man has both hands on the bed. You will find you'll need one hand and a few fingers at first to keep the cock in a thrusting position otherwise you end up poking her lower wall. Once you get going adjust your hip position ever so slightly. Whether your hung like a horse or a leprechaun this position is a wonderful addition to any rooster.

My husband and i did this

My husband and i did this one last night it wasnt really satifying and it was kind of awkward with him being on top so i dont really recommand this position if you want full satisfaction ..


Lets see, we did it, I farted, we stopped.


that is suck on turn off to women.. but nice hahaha

haaaaaa. eww! :)

haaaaaa. eww! :)

It was and accident ;)

This one was surprisingly pleasurable. My husband and I tried to do this one by itself and failed... Then we accidentally stumbled in to it when we started in the reverse pile driver and sorta fell into this position. Felt amazing, but not a finishing move.

We do this every so often.

We do this every so often. We don't fuck in this position, but we do some external stimulation in this position. I like to slide my cock down her labia. I start at her clit and then slide my cock down and then back up. Sometimes she will insert a finger in my a$$ which is nice. But it is not a finishing position is correct. Just some foreplay from this position, then I turn aroung and we are both nice and wet from the foreplay, and my cock slides in her just fine. Then we finish from a more normal position and it is a great feeling to cum in her pussy.

Yes! You are right! Me and

Yes! You are right! Me and my gf tried to start it as shown on the picture in the special book my gf have, but very uncomfortable movements refused all our excitations. After that I'd make her in reverse pile dive and surprisingly easy went to position of interest. She got a lot , I too! Did we made it similarly?

i think they just

i think they just advertising the porn indsutry :S you need to be tripod to fuck like in this position

who in the world would come

who in the world would come up with half of these positions? i mean seriously this is impossible for most guy

I can do it;)

I can do it;)

this one actually looks...

this one actually looks... appealing
that is, if the guy had a long enough cock
you might have to do a little variation too with the legs depending on the body types

The first time I did this

The first time I did this position was to rub my cock on her pubic hair and bone. Then moved down and slide my cock between her labia folds. Didn't really stick my cock in her. The angle is wrong for us and my cock is just under 7 inches long, so it really couldn't bend backwards to go in her. But it got me and her wet and so I rotated and my cock slide right into her. Great little foreplay position, but not a got way to f**k for us.

What the hell? You have to

What the hell? You have to bend your penis backwards and shit.. jesus christ, is this even possible?

lol ya i think it has to go

lol ya i think it has to go the other way! hahaha!

the man needs a long cock

the man needs a long cock for this one