Exotic Sex Positions

Exotic Positions

If the usual bump and grind is starting to lose its thrill, then its time to move up to the exotic sex positions family...

Be warned; some of the exotic positions require a substantial amount of physical strength and endurance... make sure not to overdue it, and not to attempt positions outside of your physical capabilities.

Big Dipper Sex Position
Big Dipper

You won't need to look hard to see the benefits of working your partner with these triceps dips; they can also double as your spotter!

Brute Sex Position

Giddy-up... in reverse. For those who like to see where they are cumming from, rather than where they are cumming to! :)

Bumper Cars Sex Position
Bumper Cars

For when you can't stand the sight of each other any more - but they are still a really good lay! Just kidding! :)

Cowboy Sex Position

Saddle-up; you could be in for a heck of a ride. Just be a gent and remember to take the spurs off first - ouch!!

Ex Sex - Sex Position
Ex Sex

For those for whom the journey is more important than the destination... "Now I know I left her here somewhere!"

Intersextion Sex Position

Most accidents happen at the intersextion, so make sure you get in to the right lane, unless you want to get rear-ended!!

Little Dipper Sex Position
Little Dipper

Ever find yourself needing a little extra motivation to get in a few more reps of dips?

Suspended Mastery Sex Position
Mastery - Suspended

When all the tenderness and intimacy of Mastery gets too much, break off for minute and let it all hang out.

Monkey Bar Sex Position
Monkey Bar

All those years of 'hanging around' are sure to pay off now - climb on and start swinging; crazy monkey noises are optional...

Overpass Sex Position

No point being stuck going nowhere, when you can take a route that helps you cum and go!

pile driver sex position
Pile Driver

This one will really rock your socks. Not for the faint of heart or those looking for a 'tender moment'.

Reverse Pile Driver Sex Position
Pile Driver - Reverse

This lets you plunge it in deep, but be careful or you may find yourself driving your lover to the emergency room, instead of ecstasy!

Spoons Head to Toe  Sex Position
Poles Apart

Included because anything might be possible if you believe in it hard & long enough (puns intended).

Scissors Sex Position

If you want to be on the cutting-edge of position variety give this one a try. It's different, but not too difficult - a snip really!

Seated Scissors Sex Positions
Scissors - Seated

It's a leg lock gone wildly out of hand, but in a very good way. Can you tell who's winning? It doesn't really matter does it!?

Sitting Bull Sex Position
Sitting Bull

You might not just say 'How!', but 'Why?'. The how we can explain, the why is up to you ... maybe it's just because you can!

Sockets Sex Position

Any difficulty in plugging-in will be more than compensated by the buzz and tingle as the friction sets you both alight...

Super Woman Sex Position

It's looks as though our horny heroine is in store for a super infusion, and she doesn't appear to need her super suit to fly either!

Twisted Doggy Sex Positions
Twisted Doggy

Here's the Doggy most suited to anal sex - if that's your fancy. It's challenging but good fun trying.

twister sex position

A much more fun variation on the floor game. A great way to REALLY get to know all each other's important little places...

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

With a little imagination (& if he is excited enough) this one could be re-titled the Three-Legged Wheelbarrow Race... :P

Worm Sex Position

The skill is in the positioning. The pleasure is in the viewing. The added value is the pec workout.