Using hot wax

Foreplay Using Hot Wax

It sounds kinky and you want to try it; but how do you go about doing it? If you are not careful and cautious you could injure your partner or yourself – so how do you go about it safely?

As with any sexual act you need to talk about it with your partner - communication is the key. Does your partner want to try this? Do you want to be the one being pleasured with the wax or do you want to do the pleasuring? Once those questions are answered, you can proceed to the next step.

What level of intensity?

To figure this out, here is a simple way to gauge where in the spectrum you fall. As with most adventures, start gradually and work up. Find a birthday candle - if you can't find one, a taper candle will work. These types of candles are suggested because they do not create a large amount of wax. Let the candle burn for about a minute or so, until there is a small amount of wax available. Pour the wax into the palm of the hand of the person wanting to be pleasured. If your partner doesn't like the feeling at all, perhaps wax is not for you. If they still want to try it, start at a LOW intensity; do the same thing to the thigh. If they are fans of that location, try a MEDIUM intensity wax approach. If they are totally hot and craving more, you can then try a HIGH intensity wax approach.


This is a simple way to get the thrill of the heat of the wax as well as the texture. It is also a "neater" approach. Burn a candle to the point where there is a liquid wax in the approximate size of a quarter or more. Taking your index finger, run your finger along the edge collecting the soft wax (this provides the pleasurer with the safety of not being burned). Take your wax-covered finger and dip it into the liquid wax. Then place your finger on the body of the person being pleasured. This method allows for sensual touching to play a large role in the foreplay. This method can also be used on more sensitive parts of the body, such as the nipples and neck.


There are special candles available at adult stores that burn at a lower temperature than regular candles. This intensity level brings the joy of pouring wax without the high temperatures. To pour, hand-eye coordination, as well as communication, is necessary to make sure that you don't miss and pour anywhere the person feels might be too sensitive.


Great care should be taken here – both in the amount of wax used and the body areas subjected to the wax!

High intensity uses the high temperatures of regular candles. A higher end candle with smooth wax is recommended, purely for cleaning-up purposes. Simply pour the wax on to the body of the person being pleasured. To increase the intensity and the reaction, try taking the wax off right away and tracing the path with your tongue or ice. Either is sure to send shivers through your partner. Also, to vary the temperature of poured wax, pour from different heights or blow out the candle before pouring. A close pouring is hotter and more intense.


Although there is no need to shy away from erogenous zones, they should be approached even more carefully and with lower intensities! The inner thigh and small of the back are easily accessible as well as fairly hairless examples of where to start. These are not exclusive approaches. To perfect the fun of hot wax, communicate with your partner and work out their likes and dislikes to create a foolproof system.

If you and your partner want to try this, please remember that very hot wax can really burn and hurt your partner. NEVER pour hot wax into any orifice or onto the face (especially NOT near the eyes). Have fun, but BE CAREFUL!

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ok got a question my girlfriend is in to bondage and wax me never done any other then maybe hand cuffs she knows this and says she want to show me but need to know how to go about doing this and not looking weak or like a tool any suggestions ?

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