sex with co-workers

Sex with Co-Workers

I have heard some of the best sex-related stories from people who were having sex with their co-workers... the operative word being best, best as a third party observer. For those thinking about crossing the co-worker line, here are some things you should definitely keep in mind... as there really is no going back...

Why do sparks fly so much easier with co-workers? Well, it’s really quite simple... You spend the majority of your waking life at work, where you joke around and provoke each other, you likely share the same frustrations about your environment and bosses, and you are in a similar line of work, so you most likely have other interests in common. If that wasn’t enough, when you start building a more intimate relationship with a co-worker, it makes you want to go to work, it makes the day go by faster - and most importantly, the hormones kick in for a nice dose of euphoria.

Since this is better than the usual day on the job, the tension builds until one day you make plans to hang out, or you run into each other while out on the town. Now outside of the work environment, the flirting escalates… and you end up in bed for one passionate ride...

We interrupt this beautiful love story for disaster scenario number one... the sex is so bad that you never want to even think of it again... too bad that you stand right next to the person for nearly half of your awake life! (It's a risk you need to make sure you are willing to take, so consider having a backup job in mind before following through!)

Assuming this was not the case, in fact, let's assume the sex was some of the best you've ever had... Work becomes more exciting as you spend more time during the day making eyes at each other, flirting, and maybe even kicking it up a notch with a quick blowjob or a full quickie in the bathroom during coffee breaks. This may sound a little extreme, but the temptation to do "bad things" is just so irresistible when you spend the whole day fantasizing about your new partner, especially all the different places you can get away with having sex at work. Long story short, life is good...

As the good times start to roll, you feel like you are on top of the world... like nothing can bring you down. Then, reality shows its ugly head in disaster scenario number two... you lose your job over it... here are just a few ways it can happen:

  • You get so distracted by the new affair that the quality and quantity of your work starts to drop, and your bosses are getting ready to cut you lose. You try as hard as you can to focus, but all you can do is think about new ways to utilize the break room table...

  • Slightly worse, you get caught in the act trying some of those ideas you've been fantasizing about for the break room table... or even something more innocent like a little pat on the butt as you walk by each other...

  • Gossip... obviously this is something that you could handle if you’re tactful, but nasty rumours and politics can give you a reputation that you don't want - especially if someone is jealous. Even if it's not negative, just having to deal with the spotlight until something new and shiny comes along, may be enough to make you want to run full speed away...

  • Last, but not least, what happens if, more likely when, things get ugly between the two of you? Is it worth hating going to work because you are reminded of the person you can't stand, or can’t have?

Either way, it can leave you in a very negative position that most of us would prefer to avoid at all costs... so make sure that you don't get involved in something you may regret. The rewards can be incredible, but they come with a potentially high price; choose wisely!

Stay away from Sexual Relationships in the Office

This is just from my experience. As a guy, do not, i repeat, do not have sexual relationships with women in the work place when the majority of the employees are fellow females. I worked at a zoo, I was the only guy there. I had a relationship with one of the volunteers, it was great, but things can got awkward really fast. When someone found out (it was on the downlow)my responsibilities and work ethics were questioned constantly and I was thought of differently. It is an overall good idea not to date or have sexual relations with anyone you may see on a regular basis, school, work, etc. Again, this is just my experience, everyone is entitled to thier opinion.

I've had a good experience

I've had a good experience with this. I met my first girlfriend ever at work and we're still together (going on a few months now). Although I must say I'm probably pretty lucky that it's a summer job and it wasn't untill after the season had ended we got to gether. Avoiding gossip and all. I hope that this summer we work together again. Nothing but fun times, as long as we keep it discrete of course.

me too lizz

i use to be the same way lizz when i use to work at a different business than i do now i had two or three co-workers that need to have some stress taking off of them it would be very discrete and all i would meet one in his office and sit under his desk hiding myself to the rest of the world no one knew i was there his wife walked in once and she never knew it made me very horny knowing i could get caught by his wife the second guy i would meet at his car during lunch break no one knew i was under his stearing wheel and the third guy i would meet him after work in the back off the semi in the trailer that was dirty and sexy but we never had sex there and now that i have had sex i wish i did have sex with the third one but we didnt want to get caught since i was only 14 at that time

sex with a co worker

I was with a guy that I met at work. I no longer work in that building but he does, how I wish I had let him have me on his desk. We agreed DO NOT TELL ANYONE. I guess it was easier for us, we had both been with the company for many years and even though we didn't work in the same department it was not odd to see us having a cup of coffee in the morning, or lunch in the break room. I wonder what people would think if they had known. I'll never tell..

Anonymous (not verified)

I've been having sex with a co-worker since 2006. We've both had relationships with other people, but in between those we always go to each other for pleasure. I can't believe it's still going on. But it's nice. We've had our ups and downs, but we've gotten through them. Being discreet is mandatory. It also helps that we work on different floors. We do flirt with each other, especially alone on the elevator. He's more flirty with me physically and I'm more so with him verbally when we're at work. It's great.

Anonymous (not verified)
sex in the office

I have had sex with one of my coworkers.
It was wonderful.

But what if things get out of hand? If he thinks he can sexually harass you just because you had sex with him? *sigh*

sex in the office

Sex in the office may not be a good idea especially if word gets around. As with me I have never tried it as to me that is reserved for my hubby. (I do indulge in threesome or more, but only in the privacy of my home). I do however practice oral sex at the office and a few times a day, but the persons I do it with are aware of my needs and in all cases it is just a case of having the guys penis exposed and bringing him off in a few minutes. To hide my doings from fellow workers, I usually have everyday certain spots with the few guys at different times I choose and thus far for the last 10 years have been stared at only a couple of time where left-overs of semen are evident on my lips or clothes.