Educational Video Reviews

Welcome to the recently added educational product review section of Here you will find reviews of Educational Videos that focus on better sex!

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Educational Video Reviews:

Advanced Toys for Great Sex

It’s a sex toy party like no other: these experts introduce you to the latest toys & the sexy demonstrators show you the technique! (7.2/10)

Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets

This instructional focuses on Tantric philosophy and demonstrates the sensual techniques that will propel you into erotic bliss. (7.7/10)

Dare to Bare

A meadow is beautiful but not when it's between your legs. Learn all about ‘going bare’ with this glimpse into erotic shaving. (6/10)

Penny Flame's Guide to Hand Jobs

A pornified version of adult instructional media, Penny Flame’s cute & flirty ‘hands on technique’ for BOTH sexes will keep you at attention. (7.3/10)

Expanding Sexual Boundaries

What’s your idea of sexual fulfilment? This question, and many more, are explored in this excellent advanced adult sexual education DVD. (8.9/10)

Better Sex Series - Sexplorations

3 volume DVD packed with information & candid demonstrations – think of it as an advanced course in your sex life! (9.1/10)

Maximizing G-Spot Pleasures

If you want know about g-spotting; damn, do you ever get your fill with this excellent production. (9/10)

Great Sex for a Lifetime Vol. 1

This instructional series explores topics that all Baby Boomers and long term couples can relate to ... like wanting better sex! (8.5/10)

32 Ways to Please your Lover

Learn easy ways to bring more excitement into your lovemaking through new positions, props and even fantasy role play. (8/10)

Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra

Learn the secrets to full body erotic pleasure with Sinclair Institute’s comprehensive and explicit guide to the Kama Sutra. (7.8/10)