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Female orgasm questions

Q. When I do sexual things with my boyfriend everything feels good. I feel like I get close to orgasming, but don't:

1. Is it true that your body has to "mature" before you can orgasm?

Broken Condom - Pregnant?

Q. I had sexual intercourse last night and, as always, we used a condom. But after he ejaculated, some of his ejaculation came down the condom while he was taking it out (it did not break) and got onto the opening of my vagina.

Straight guy who likes dick...?

Q. I love being with women sexually and emotionally, but the feeling of being penetrated by another man or giving him oral feels so good. My only interest in men is the penis, and the large ones make me hottest.

Sex toy is better than sex

Q. Before I met my boyfriend, my friend had convinced me to buy a vibrator, a very wise buy I might add! I told my boyfriend about it early in our relationship and he used it on me. It was awesome.

Should I do his threesome fantasy

Q. I have a boyfriend that I think I am beginning to fall in love with. We have been very open with each other sexually and otherwise. He has done a lot to fulfill some of my fantasies and I have done the same.

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