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Ear Muffs Sex Position

A variation of the Scarf, the Ear Muffs oral sex position places the partners on their sides with the receiving partner placing their thighs around the head of their performing partner. This position is a big hit for the additional hand stimulation that can be provided.

Wow, nothing better than this

Wow, nothing better than this position. Being squeezed by a girls legs and pressed into her pussy as you eat her out. Looks amazing. Would love to try it with someone!

Holy shit this looks so hot I

Holy shit this looks so hot I'm getting horny just thinking about my boyfriend doing this to me!


I did same to my wife. she ejaculated in my mouth. she said that the feeling was great

Any takers?

I've always love the sweet taste a girls juices as I use my skilled tongue on her. Any takers for trying this one out?

Love this!

My husband love this so much especially when he's fuckin my pussy with his tongue! It made me scream!

God...I get all juicy just

God...I get all juicy just watching this position. Can't wait to get a boyfriend so I can try it out immediately ;-)


I dont even know you but i`d happily give this to you all day.

and I'd happily take it :)

and I'd happily take it :)

this position feels good,

this position feels good, but i dont like it personally because i dont feel like im giving him any real pleasure. i mean, i can wrap my fingers in his hair and direct him and i can talk dirty which he really likes, but everytime he goes down on me i makes me want something to suck and i end up ripping away from him and gettin in the 69 position. any thoughts?

This is a good position

Beleive me you are giving him real pleasure. Grab his head,wrap your legs around neck,give his face a good ride ,and cum all over face and in his mouth. Watch the delightful look on his face afther you finish. He will be ready to give you something to suck on.

U could grab his hard cock

U could grab his hard cock and play wit his sack. That would please him

This position is amazing i

This position is amazing i cumd so much when my guy friend did this to me. i love rocking back and forth or moving my hips around to get my pussy all in his face it also helped cuz he'd squeeze my titties which really gets me wet ;)

Pussy eating,

any kind of pussy eating is great, I love doing it, and in various positions also. Its great to get the Cat "warmed up".

my gf thinks this is a great one

i asked my gf what position she wanted and she picked this over them all

oh gotta show my hubby this

oh gotta show my hubby this one :)

This looks fucking hot i

This looks fucking hot i love when my husbands face and tongue is all up in my pussy especially when he fucks my pussy with his tongue it is so fucking good and fingers me at the same time im getting myself horny just talking about it mmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!

to crazycaveman

Wow dump her just cuz she wont do U , how sad is that!!! Shows what kinda guy U arent!! Sure she should have told you, but that should not have stopped U from doing her and then exploding in her or on her.

My new fav position :D

My new fav position :D

great position.... love

great position.... love doing it!

I would like to

I would like to try this it looks like a lot of funn

This is a great position. I

This is a great position. I love to face the other way even more and really fuck his face hard. I love to look down and see his mouth gobbling me up. I bend my legs and use my feet to push his head in harder which he loves when I am about to cum. So desperate for this right now!

Fucking his face

You have a lucky man. Hope he treats you as well as treat him. Keep uhim gobbling up cum.

i wanna try this pos with my

i wanna try this pos with my wyf. i`m sure she will like it

Did this recently

This is a good position. To make it better, keep your hands on her breasts and nipples. I did this with my girlfriend and her orgasm was amazing.

You know, I have never ate

You know, I have never ate pussy before. And I want to, but I really don't know what to lick or do with my tounge, Is it the vagina itself, or the clit? Any tips guys? It would be usefull