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Drive-Thru Sex Position

In the Drive-Thru the performing partner sits on the floor (leaning slightly back) and has their partner stand spread-legged over their face. The position is popular because the both the giver and receiver have a great deal of control; the giver is free to lick and suck at will, while the receiver can lower their bodies for more pressure, raise them for less pressure, or rock forward and backward to change the area of focus.

If the giver leans back against the edge of a couch or bed, they can also use their hands on the lower body area or reach up to the breast area.

wide one
after dinner

we returned home last night after dinner, wife had been leg teasing me most of the night, accidently dropping things on the floor, asking me to retrieve them for her, and giving me an under the table show. she knew what would eventually happen. i hiked up her dress and fingered her pussy in the car on the way home, by the time we walked in the door her lace thong was soaking wet from my teasing her. she leaned up against the wall, i sat on the floor underneath her and pulled her thong to the side. she pulled her dress up around her waist and lowered herself onto my waiting mouth, i grabbed her ass and pulled her tight, one finger found her tight asshole as i sucked on her clit. she was in total control of how and when she was going to orgasm.
she was nearly climbing the wall when she came the 2nd time.
i switched positions, she stayed against the wall, bent over, i ripped her thong off from under her dress, lifted it up while playing with her little brown hole, pulled me cock out, and with one slow deep thrust buried my cock into her. long deep strokes and she was cumming again, when i slipped my thumb into her ass, she exploded, squirting all over me. we stood there with my cock buried inside her her pussy clenching my cock, not letting go until i started to go soft.
she collasped onto the couch. she was still laying there this morning with her dress pushed up, her pussy looking like a glazed donut..
what better treat for breakfast than a fresh glazed donut?

that sounds amazing... I can

that sounds amazing... I can't do any of the positions stood up because my legs just go weak when a guy starts teasing me... this turned me on so much I wish I was nearer my guy now x

all I have to say is mmmmm...

all I have to say is mmmmm...

Want to try

I have never done this before...i want to because it looks fun. i have done 68 hers nd me and my babby loves it. ;)


Did this one last night with my bf...I just got out of the tanning bed and was just getting my towel on when my bf came behind and ripped it off....calling me beautiful and all that sweet stuff and finally did this...soon amazing! Horny just thinking about it

Woman's version of Fuck Face

This one is AWESOME. There's a fellatio one called, "Fuck Face" and this is a woman's version where I get to be in control! I LOVE grabbing his head to FUCK his face - love to grind and get my cum dripping all over his mouth and face. Then, I smash my wet, hot pussy on him as I ride him to make him cum inside me while I'm licking up my own juices on his mouth! YOU GOTTA TRY THIS if you've not already. Super hot and intense. YUMMY!!!

Oh, I WILL ;D Can't wait to

Oh, I WILL ;D Can't wait to try this out with my bf !!!

I love it when my boyfriend

I love it when my boyfriend does this to me. i was nervous at first. but it felt so nice while he was doing it. I loved it so much. makes cum like crazy.

out with the old in with the new

whenever my bf would eat me out it would be in the usual position where im layin on my back with him goin down on me. maybee hmm last month i got out of the shower and he came in, took of my towel, got down on the ground and started lickin my pussy as i was standing. it was amazing cuz he would grab my ass and make him way up and rub my boobs. this one got me wet fast and i came all over his face. afterwards we took a shower to wash off and ended up having sex in there. the water bill was pretty high that month.


damn this was good!!!! i love eating pussy sometimes it was shaved sometimes not my ex and me did this after the stand and carry.because of this my ex sprayed me for the first time, I loved the taste, the moans. then she sucked me off till i came. and i REALLY came. sometimes you just cum then other times you CUMMMM, she swallowed, but then she kept suckin me!!!! moaning she kept suckin me until i was hard all over again then she started kissing and sucking my balls and went back to sucking me!!!!i came again HARD!!!! she swallowed that then just kept licking my dick cleaning it and kissing the head exhausted rested her face there.

help anyone?

Help Anyone...
my husband wants to this but ive nnvr had it done were newly wedds and yea... really need the help... i want him to but im not sure if ill like it or evn how im suppose to react if i love it.... help!! please

Let him eat you

If he wants to and you want him to ,then let him. If he has done it before he should know how to treat you. Once his tongue and lips began to work on you and if you you love it, believe me you will know how to react. Just let yourself go and feed him the pussy that he has ever had. If you both are new at this then learn together as you go go along. Best wishes.

this 1....

this one is great. I tried it first with just my bf, and like i did different things that i knew turned him on. Like lowering down and just rubbing my pussy over his mouth. Sticking my fingers down there. Holding his head still and i did all the moving. And finally letting him go crazy as i yell 'faster', moaning his name. And finally cumming all over his mouth and face. And well later on, his friend, who is a girl, wanted to do a 3some so she could get some of me too cuz she thinks im totaly hot, so she asked him first, he said yes, so he asked me, and i said yes. And she is like really kinky, so she grabed me, and put me in this position, and jus started sucking on my pussy, driving me INSANE, and i could see my bf rubbing his dick, knowing he wanted to do something. So i took charge and told him 'get over here and cum in my ass now'. So he grabed me, smacked my ass(hard as i hollard to do it again) cuz he said i was being naughty, and just started pounding my ass and playing with my tits while my pussy was being sucked, fingered, and tongued by her. It was fucking GREAT


Cant believe you were so lucky. Ive only done one threesome and I was the kinky one so nothing too exciting happened :/

lucky bitch!!

lucky bitch!!

i had that with another girl

i had that with another girl and two boys. we done about 43 positions in 5 days, but my fav was when i had a cock in my mouth, the other boy licking my pussy, my girlfriend sucking his cock while she had her hand up my ass and the boy she was sucking had his hand in her pussy. we did this in a single bed.



one word


woww dat sounds reallly good!

woww dat sounds reallly good!

damn just looking at this

damn just looking at this turns me on ;D

had a girl do this to me the

had a girl do this to me the other night :) her tongue against my clit just had me going crazy :D

oh i love it when a girl

oh i love it when a girl eats me out:) it feels so much better bc she knows where all of our spots are and my current gf is reaallllllllllllyyyyyy kinky and i love it;) i love licking and sucking on her tight juicy wet pussy!!! oh god just thinking about it is making my wet! thank god shes here;)

Ive have nvr gone down on a

Ive have nvr gone down on a girl and my GF of 1year doesnt like that how can i change ger mind anyone?

Change girlfriends. Believe

Change girlfriends. Believe me...there's a girl out there dying to get her pussy licked. I know I am :)

you can try making her relax

you can try making her relax and go down and do it cuz shell like it and wont want ya to stop