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Downstroke Sex Positions

A variation on Deep Stick, but easier as the giver crouches by the side of the bed or couch thereby lining up more easily with the receiver. To get into the Downstroke position, the receiver lies on their back with their legs resting on the shoulders of their partner, who enters from a standing position. However, due to the higher postion this of the giver this variation is not as intimate as either Deep Stick or its other variation Deep Impact.

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First time doing this

My first time ever doing this was yesterday. My new bf is 29 almost 30 and i turned 24 in June, the experience makes the difference. My bed sets high so my legs were over his shoulders. I did all i could to keep from screaming it was so good. If he enjoyed hearing me moan and screaming omg!! he heard it a lot. If your man can last, this is one pounding you have to try. I am so pleasantly sore;-)

This position is good for us

This position is good for us older folks with arthritis and are not as flexible as we once were. Very satisfying.

My girlfriend moans so loud

My girlfriend moans so loud when she puts her legs on my shoulders.. I find it so hot when she does so all these positions are great.. Going to take her to a table and kiss her when she is sat on it, biting her bottom lip and her neck sometimes.. Then I'm going to strip her down and grab her legs, putting them on my shoulders and pulling her closer towards me with her back on the table. Then I am going to fuck her hard and make her moan as she can feel all of me inside her. ;)


Did this one for the first time last night, and oh man, was it incredible. Took a little fine-tuning to make it work comfortably, but once we got it set up I couldn't get enough! Our bed's a little lower than this position calls for to make it work without a hitch, but after using our pillows to help keep my back up... Hot damn! I will definitely be adding this to our sexual repertoire.

my favorite

This is BY FAR my favorite position, for two reasons. First, my wife's pussy has a very strong odor. The angle of this position allows that delicious stink to reach my nostrils as I stand at the side of the bed. I love being able to smell her pussy while we have sex. Second, having her legs in the air that way also allows me to smell her feet while we have sex. This is especially good when she wears certain shoes so her feet stink. I love putting both of her feet flat against my face and just smelling them while I do her. It's also fun to kiss her feet and even more fun to suck her stinky toes.

hahahahah r u like for

hahahahah r u like for realll or r u being sarcastic hahaha...


Seriously...I love it when my wife's feet stink, and smelling them during sex is the best...

true love i guess xD

true love i guess xD

I love this position.

I love this position. Although because of my significant height advantage over my fiancee, I perform this kneeling on a bed and lifting her body off the bed. That puts a lot of good pressure on her clit and G spot and keeps her screaming. If I perform this while kneeling on a bed and lifting her butt into the air, it provides an amazing amount of penetration!

sounds like me and my bf.

sounds like me and my bf. when he does this to me i get so wet it soaks the bed. i never though anything could feel so good.

personal fave

love this one ;)


This is interesting but a bit hard for me to do with my GF, am 13inches long and her pussy is kind of just small, so am careful with the whole positions... I dont think she likes it when I did this though...

if your seriously that big,

if your seriously that big, it can be a very good thing or very bad thing, if she doesnt like it, thats probably because this is a very direct position and you probably hit her cervix. maybe you should try standard missionary or have her lay on top of you and let her decide how far she wants to push it in. and i mean lay on top, not sit, laying she can curve her hips as a way to put you inside her. sitting would be seriously painful if you dont like having you cervix bumped, but sometimes its a matter of if youve had enough foreplay to be worth the pressuse of it as far as it can reach.

your really 13 inches?!

your really 13 inches?!

Very few men.

Very few men have a abnormaly large penis. The biggest penis in the world is around 13 and a half... I think you made a typo hun or you just a have a big ego but if you are telling the truth...lucky you.

best ever

this is my absolute favorite!! except we have our own variation. Our bed is higher so he can stand and plunge directly in with me lying flat on my back. It looks just like "deep impact" but with him standing. He can play with my clit at the same time. its the absolute best and we can go for hours without tiring. A frame, a large boxspring, a small boxspring and a thick mattress will get you to the right height.


My favorite part about this position is that it makes it easy to smell my wife's feet and suck her toes while doing it. The best is when they're all sweaty and smelly...

I agree!!

My wife has some very sexy feet. I love smelling them when they stink! I love the little hairs on her big toes...

naughtygreen eyes

just thinking about it, makes me wet!

Powerful Plunge

This position really feels dominant. My girl spreads her arms over her head and totally submits to me driving my thick, long shaft so deep that my balls press against her clit. I get hard just remembering!


same here she just orgasms all over me..but that just get me more in the mood ;)

this is so amazing, me and

this is so amazing, me and my bf do this one all the time and it never gets old. it makes me hot just thinkin about orgasming around him and squeasing his cock with my pussy, thats why it puts you in the mood. although, i definitely have to agree, orgasms just make you want to have more of them.

good for..

going to diff but similar positions. start with this then go to deepstick or vise versa, then go to.. whatever makes you both happy.
Actually after some forplay and oral off the edge of the bed go to this then the above.!!

tried this

tried this and loved it one of the many postions in this family that we did and its awsome I highly recomend it

damn, this makes my large

damn, this makes my large cock burst