Does penis size matter?

Does Size Matter?

It is perfectly normal to feel some nervousness or uncertainty when you first become intimate with someone. Poor body image, weak self-confidence or sexual inexperience can all contribute to this negative effect. Penis size, or a lack thereof, can create so much confusion and insecurity, even to the point of obsessiveness. It is useful to have SOME size, but more than a few inches doesn't make the difference between a good lover, or bad. In any case, you don't have to let it weaken your performance; you can pleasure the heck out of someone regardless of size.

We’re no longer living in the proverbial caveman days where a big penis dictates a man's virility, sexuality and masculinity; if it's connected to a vulgar, inexperienced oaf then he doesn't stand a chance. Although a big package might make your life a little easier, you won’t have much of a grace period if you have inexcusable sexual habits. Being a master in the bedroom is not just about deep penetration. It's about having confidence, openness and impressive bedroom skills - with emphasis on skills...

Some women truly don't even like a big penis – it can be uncomfortable or downright painful! Also, of much more importance to a woman is penis girth (measurement around the penis) rather than length; the nerve-endings within a woman's vagina end within a couple of inches, so the sensation of 'feeling full' is generally more about the width than anything else.

Work on your skills and up-sell them! Your penis won't be as big as one of her dildos, so don't bother competing! Why not become the master of cunnilingus and make sure to hone your fingering skills? Or how about turning into a walking sex encyclopedia? You'll impress her with your knowledge and dazzle her with your talent.

Maybe consider a massage course; it can make your partner feel so aroused and will help you appreciate the importance of touch and sensuality.

Feel confident about yourself – if she doesn't think that you're comfortable with your penis, she definitely won't be. The way that you feel about yourself is very apparent to women because they always want to read between the lines. Don't direct so much apprehension to places you're uncomfortable with; a man with a very obvious complex is a big turnoff. She might not have even noticed had you not obsessed about it.

Respect your sexual partner, whether they’re long term or not. This will translate to her feeling more comfortable and more receptive. The openness that she feels will actually improve her sexual experience with you (score for you) but she’ll be much more interested in reciprocating the same respect with inexhaustible invigorated effort. Score for you again.

Utilizing certain Sex Positions can make your penis seem like a giant's. Try integrating sexual positions that focus on G-spot Stimulation; they make use of the right angles and shallower penetration. Avoid the showy poses that even the most endowed fellow couldn’t handle. Also consider seeking out specialty condoms that are tailor-made for a smaller penis – when you need to call upon them in your time of need, you won’t be worrying about how they fit.

Tighten up some other areas of concern in your life so that you have fewer things to worry about, let alone what other people might think of your penis. Even just the action of self-improvement will change your self-perception. There are things you could do to procure bedroom approval: exercising to improve body image; having better grooming techniques like trimming or shaving your pubic area; good hygiene (smelling good & having fresh breath); and, preparing your sex space for maximum impact (even if that is only just tidying it up).

No matter what size you are (Average Penis Size - or otherwise), one thing is for sure. The biggest thing that your partner will notice is how much you respect and satisfy them in bed... honest!

Let me clarify something

For people who say that size doesn't matter, that's really wrong. It can matter, but just not the most important thing. There's such thing as being too small, for instance. However, it can be too big also.

i honestly don't think that

i honestly don't think that size matters.
but guys-- here's a tip: no matter how "big" you are, be confident about it. but don't be cocky (heh... get it? COCKy? :P haha). but seriously, if you're small, don't be self-conscious about it! my boyfriend is EXTREMELY worried that i think he's "too small". but the truth is, ANY size can please a girl. so stop worrying! if you don't like your dick, it makes us feel like we shouldn't either!
oh, and DON'T lie about your size. because if you tell your girlfriend that you've got a huge dick, she's going to be a little pissed and disappointed when she sees it for the first time. just BE HONEST with her. she'll love you know matter what :)

my penis size

hi. i'm 16 year old boy, and my penis is 5.5 inch length. is this normal ???

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my boyfriend is 9 in. and i

my boyfriend is 9 in. and i have to say i dont think i can be with anyone thats smaller. we've played with smaller stuff inside me and none of it can get deep enough for me :) size does matter i think but i wouldn't leave someone over it. i love his dick, it may hurt a little but i like it. as i always say, it hurts sooo good :) haha


I am a 15 year old guy. I have a 6.5/7ish dick. I have a girth of 1.5 inches is that natural or unnatural???

Completely natural. Most

Completely natural. Most Mens Penis size is anywhere from 5.5 in to 6.5 in. If anything you are above average... and still growing!!

Handle sexually

.... Knowing the sensitive points and how to drift your girlfriend is more important than the size .... The deal depends on the sexual scale in the right conditions so as not to bring fun and Twalm full

penis size

I used to think that size matters...well i was wrong...I was with a man that was 9in and it actually hurt a lot most of the time. I went to someone about 6.5 and it was okay still hurt a little but felt great sometimes so i thought it was for me. My current bf is about 5.2 and thin...yet he works wonders. The thing i have noticed about penis size is it really don't matter it is how you use it. Also, every woman isn't the same...some can take then huge ones and others prefer a smaller one. Not every man has a huge cock and not every man has a small one. it should never hurt inside when your having sex.

penis size

Where to start. Firstly, who are these guys that measure 9.2 inches. .2 of an inch? how insecure are we at we measure down to the last tenth of an inch. Now about size. Most girls say size doesnt matter. However, in one of my courses, we had to do a project about society and their views on people. For instance, one person dressed up as a bigger person to get responses. I chose to go online chat rooms and once i got to know women on there i would tell them my penis size (making up random sizes, big and small). Anytime i mentioned 4 inches, or 5 inches and thin, most girls stopped talking, left the chat room or giggled. And yet with anything over 9, most women were impressed, and yet a little worried it would hurt. Honestly the truth is, if the girl loves you, she loves you for who you are, not what your penis size is. For the guys who say they are huge, and it hurts everytime, trust me, there are ways to make it not hurt. Keep in mind ever woman is not 12 inches deep. So if you are long, you might not be able to go all in, especially in certain positions. Also keep in mind, she is a lady, not a hump hole. So treat her as such. Yes some women like to be rammed, but not right off the start. They need to be warmed up. My lady was increadably tight and shallow, but with lots of time, foreplay, and lube, i am able to slide deep inside her. Sadly, the width still hurts, so we cant always have long sessions. But that all depends on her mood as well. If she is thinking that it has been a while, and might be extra tight, she will probably be a little worried about pain. Anytime a girl worries, she tenses up, and becomes tighter, making it hurt more. So honestly, you just have to know your lady, help her relax, and respect her. For the guys that are smaller, try and relax. The more tense you are, the more nervous you are about it, the smaller you will be. Stress constricts blood vessles, and blood vessles expanding is what your penis relies on. Some guys with huge cocks complain they have a hard time keeping it hard, because of the blood flow in need. The funny thing is, i have never even thought of my size before, because when i am with a female, i am caring about her needs, and how to make her feel good. I have also played a game with girls before, while i am fingering them, and i ask them how many fingers i have in them. Most of the time they always say 2 even when i have 4. So really, if a girl didnt actually see your cock, could she tell if you were small or not?

its not just width

im a guy, and i hav alot of freinds that are girls and we all talk about this shit all the time. They like a guy who is not to big, and not to small. but some girls love a huge dick. it dosnt matter how small u are, it is alla bout how u use it. im like 71/2 8ish, i work wonders with my dick, but im always crazy with my mouth and hands. if ur small work with those instead.

My size

Im 6 1/2, to me i look smaller but looking in a full length mirror gives you a better perspective on things.

Im happy with my size usually, i never get massivly upset about it. The thing is i have alsways wondered if it would grow more.

I started puberty late (age 15) and am now 18 id imagine ill carry on till im about 20 and have noticed im a bit bigger flacid (about 3 1/2)

Could i be right?

doesnt matter

if a guy has an average or small one and he can get creative, size doesnt matter...but i wouldnt turn down a big one

size Does matter

Im a 19 female
Size matters very much so...a women is lieing if she say's it doesnt.
We justg dont usally tell guys it does..oh and if a chiuck says your about adverage it means your small

First off learn to spell

First off learn to spell before to try and talk for ever woman -.- Im also a female and when i tell a guy its average its average not small and size isnt everything -.- so stfu and talk only for yourself.

annabannanna21 say

I have had large normal n smaller.. for me i would choose the smaller then normal. for the fact bc im a smaller girl. So it dont hurt me. bc i love it rough n hard, and with the other ones we just got too wrapped up into it and itd hurt like hell... well now i dont have to worry bout that..:) nothing but pleasure here:)

Size matter!!!!

this article was written by a man wasn´t it? The size matter, come on ask a girl, if you have a 4 inches or less penis she´ll never ask. Damm it!!! but is not my case, a frien told me that.

my boyfriend has a 8.6 in

my boyfriend has a 8.6 in 5.2 in in girth and trust me it hurts but i would say it starts to feel good after awhile i definately love feeling it inside me and when he cums in me i feel it go right up into belly. its a special feeling :)

Seriously, as long as she

Seriously, as long as she can feel you inside her then size won't stop you giving great sex. You always have to work with what you've got - whether thats 3 inches or 9 inches - both extreemes have their drawbacks and advantages. If you're smaller and need to practise positions that will hit her at a fantastic angle or if your problem is easing a huge dick into her with lots of lube so it doesnt hurt her, vaginal penetration is only one part of your sex life anyway. If you are worried, read up on your cunnilingus, so you'll give her such amazing orgasms she won't care anyway :P

Doesnt matter

Penis size, will always be a one of mans insecurities TRUST ME i was like that when i was younger, but after datin for a while you realize that it doesnt matter at all, and im not gonna be cliche and say its how you use it... Think of it this way if the girl your with or want to get with has been with SOOOO many guys that she knows the metric system on penis's chances are you probably shouldn't date them cause that's...kinda bad, what you want is the girls who you know like the back of your hands and know exactly what they need to reach bliss.... Other than that 7 inch 9inch whatever inch means jack. Every girl i have been with never complained and thats NOT cause i have a huge penis its because i knew after awhile of dating each of them what they liked. And if a girl makes fun of you thats just sayin something bad about themselves cause she is basically sayin ive seen tons and been with so many men with monsterous cocks. Point is everyone likes something different, and if david can beat golieth or however you spell his name with a slingshot hahaha you get the point

my buddie

ok well im 19 yrs old and my "buddie" is 7 inches in lenght and 5 inches around, tell me please would u say datz normal or should i have somethin to worry bout?
please, and thank you

It depends on the person,

It depends on the person, you can't say that one size is better than another.
I'm guessing you are are girl who is going to have sex with a friend? (If not, i'm sorry, it's not written haha)
It depends on you, some girls can take more than others. Just go slowly, one step at a time. Afterwards, it will only get better. Don't make him go too fast when you start, gradualy increase in speed as you go. Or else it will hurt. And make sure you're wet enough.

yep, width not length ;)

yep, width not length ;)


ok i just turned fourteen and im 7.2in i think thats not big enough....considering i have a girl who's 18 and her ex was 8 or so they say they didt really measure and it has been a while scince she had sex about 6 7 or 8 months she does masterbate but she does these exsercises that keeps her from getting loose.....anyway how i dont think that im big enough to please her like i want too.... is my size a good size?....and does it matter that she is only 5'1 tall? u know like the porportion idk im 6'2 tall so really confused plz help!! could u give me any ideas or advice on how to plz her? its my first time and im really really really nervous that i wont be what she expects!

why the fk is a 14 year old

why the fk is a 14 year old going to be haveing sex with a 18 year anyway -.-

LOLOL,,,,, Because he can,,,

LOLOL,,,,, Because he can,,,