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Deep Impact Sex Position

A variation on Deep Stick, but easier as the giver kneels by the side of the bed or couch thereby lining up more easily with the receiver. To get into the Deep Impact position, the receiver lies on their back with their legs resting on the shoulders of their partner, who enters from a kneeling position. This position also holds true to its name, meaning the giver can penetrate with everything they've got, unless of course they are too big. Any height difference (and discomfort for the giver) can be easily remedied using pillows.

So deep!

I love how deep this one feels when we fuck. Especially when he cums inside me, the sensations are just incredible. But this can be kind of painful if he is really big.


Me and my bo tried this once and wow! He had me crying. It was too much!

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Tried this once omg!

We tried this once, i though he was going to kill me. I guess it's Ok if your man is not too big. Or your a thick to large girl. I'm not a big girl, and he's got a size 8 that kinda thick. It was great at first, my legs were hanging off the bed and he was standing taking his time. But when he put my legs on his shoulders and kinda leaned forward, Wow! He kept it slow hands on my butt and try to guide me to grind when IT was fully in. I was so glad whe he let me get on top lol

We tried this..

and i liked it. He moves deep in me and he can play with
my boobs the same time. And i can see in his eyes.

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Very deep..feels

Very deep..feels so good


I DEFINITELY wanna try this with my bf when we meet. my legs wont be on his shoulders. ill wait till he gets into me and close my legs around his waist and clamp down on his c**k. i want him to see stars ;D

OMG!!! I can't wait until I'm

OMG!!! I can't wait until I'm married so I can do this. It looks like sooo much fun and like it will really induce orgasms.

My boyfriends bed would be

My boyfriends bed would be too high for this! :( but i suppose it works the same if he stands? :)

Higher is better

If he is standing he can rub his cock up and down your lips until u get real wet and hot and he gets real hard! Its way better if he can stand and grab your ass and move you up and down on his cock.

Try the couch... or an

Try the couch... or an automan... Works great everytime for me. My waterbed obviously doesn't work. :(


This is best done with her at the corner of the bed and the man standing up with a leg either side of the beds corner. - who has a bed this low down anyway...or are these two both 10 feet tall!

This is a very good sex

This is a very good sex position.
My boyfriend eats me out in this position, then slides it all the way in.

Just the words "deep impact"

Just the words "deep impact" gets me hard :)


Another great position to fuck as deep as you want, and it's easy to cum wherever you feel like it

So Awesome

I use this position all the time with the ladies, it really gives DEEP penetration. I like to stop occasionally and lick her pussy then continue, talk about major orgasms! Hehehe

my bf and i did this the

my bf and i did this the other night. but the diffrence was as he pumnmlded me he played with my tit's. it fely sooo good

my bf and i did this at his

my bf and i did this at his house....his sister just left and we had the house to ourself so we went to his room and i wanted to try this so since his bed is high up he was able to stand and i took such a pounding that it tired me out and we'd kiss and then he'd pull me bak and smile and say "im not done yet" we went at it for an hr...and he had a goal to make me scream....he got so turned on hearing me scream he had a huge smile on his face....this position is amazing

grr sound's great.

grr sound's great. sometine's it's so fucken hard to have the house to yourself

I'm not a big fan of deep

I'm not a big fan of deep penetration, but just watching the animation made me wet...I want to try this position, but my bf is really big (no kidding); how do we do it such a way that he doesn't impale me?

you would be surprised what

you would be surprised what you can fit in there!

You're not a fan of deep

You're not a fan of deep penetration LadyLu??!! I couldn't feel more differently, want it as deep as possible and cant wait to try this position with new bf asap

best birthday sex!

did this with my boy for my birthday! talk about some really good orgasms and just really good all around! This gets SO deep and allows you both to really get close!

id like to try this with my

id like to try this with my bf. but his cock might be a bit to big. hehe

tee hee i think my

tee hee i think my boyfriend's cock is too big to do this one :) unless i'm horny beyond belief, having my legs up makes him hits my cervix or somethin, idk it just hurts ha :)

definitely a fave of mine.

definitely a fave of mine. my girl likes to have me push her legs back a little further. once we get going really heavy in this position, i like to put my left knee on the bed, keep my right knee on the floor and come in at an angle. i wait until shes about to get off before i do it though because it makes me cum REALLY fast!

This position is amazing! My

This position is amazing! My bf kept it going for a long time and I was dripping wet. We both came over and over again. My favorite position of all. Can't recommend it enough.

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love this position, feels so

love this position, feels so gd

This one is great for hard

This one is great for hard deep sex. I absolutly love it!!

Mmmmmm....I know the

Mmmmmm....I know the feelin...

this one os sooo great, only

this one is sooo great, only if you spread you legs and put then on his arms, it makes it all the better, it puts your pussy at a better angle for him to be pushing almost upwards. it is so amazing, and having him lean in and lick your breasts while he does it makes it all the better. i feel like i could cut glass with my nipples just thinking about last time me and my bf did this.

definately my favorite

definately my favorite position


IM 16 years old and my penis when erect is 10 inches. Me and my girlfriend are planning on having sex soon and i was wondering will my 10 inches hurt her?

yes it will!

If you use all 10 inches at once, yes! Even if your willy isn't that long, it can still hurt her for the first (several) times. Especially with a position like this.
I recommend fingering. Widen her out a bit with your fingers. Get to know how she feels. It does feel good and you'll learn something, and it will help prepare her for your penis. Don't shove it up her all at once.
Good for you for caring about your lady's well being.

take it slow

all i can say is take it slow and don't try to have her take all of you in, unless she wants to. Also, hope you have protected sex. :D

my boyfriend wants to do

my boyfriend wants to do this for our first time in a couple weeks, would this be good for both of us to lose our virginity to? I know its gonna hurt and not be great for the first time but i still want it to be special :)

my fav position basically. i

my fav position basically. i enjoy having my girl under control. legs locked into my elbows bending as far as she can go. doesn't take long b4 the both of us are screaming in pleasure.


me and my boyfriend have tried this. i dont like this as much. it hurts a little but, when he gets me warmed up and worked out a lil bit then i like it. idk. im weird. it all depends on what im in for =)

one of the best positions

one of the best positions

okay so my friends says this

okay so my friends says this is amazing i wanna to try it and so does johnathan but im a virgin and he definetly isnt so he knows what to do, hes coming over this weekend. but my friends also say that once there done doing this they throw up.

umm no one throws up after

umm no one throws up after this one

This, as well as deep stick,

This, as well as deep stick, is my fave. possition. Its unreal for myself or my boyfriend and it helps that hes 9inches :). Feels amazing, usually dripping wet after.. Both of us ;P.


I can't wait to try this with my boyfriend. First we have to practice getting me open. I was scared at fist cause it hurted the first time he putted in me, but this time im going to take a chance. I hope it don't hurt so much. I really want to try this position.

Do This

Have him rub his cock up and down your lips without going in. That will get you wet and then he can just slide it in!

Kelo Don

I cant wait to try this on my girl.... we leave out of state so i dont see her much.... i bet her just looking at this would get her wet.... i know im horny right now.....

i tried this position

i tried this position tonight and i havent ever heard a girl scream so much from pleasure before. once we were done she couldnt move or stop shaking her legs were numb and quivering for 10 mins after we had sex. most definetly doing this position again. highly recommended to try it out

My favourtite1 Orgasm

My favourtite1 Orgasm everytime! ;)

I love this one. It makes me

I love this one. It makes me moan and SCREAM. A LOT. ;)

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My wife and I do this one a lot, except our bed is high enough that I have to stand to do it. I love this position because I can smell her feet while doing it. The last time we did it, I put both her feet against my face and just took deep sniffs of them the whole time! The best is when they're all sweaty and smelly...


i did this already, sept i locked my feet around his neck and he grabbed my legs going deeper and faster!!

me and my gf did this on

me and my gf did this on someones desk. it was fun!