advanced cunnilingus tips

Cunnilingus - Advanced

Take a few minutes to read Cunnilingus Basics and then come back here to fine-tune your approach with some special earth-moving, hip-shaking, mind-blowing techniques that will have her panting your name and praising your game! Try all of these in one session and she might not come back down from the heavens until the morning:

The Lick

Leaving your tongue soft and jaw relaxed, try licking her from vaginal entrance up to her clit and following the outer edges of her vagina along both sides. Repeating this technique going up and down and vice versa can be a great opener.

Labial Hold

While holding the two parts together with your lips, run your tongue between the inner and outer labia one side at a time.

Tongue Intercourse

The majority of a woman’s nerve endings in her vagina are around the opening and within the first couple of inches inside. Target them with your tongue by inserting it into her vaginal opening. Techniques are pretty limited due to the length of your tongue, but try moving your tongue in and out, as well as in circles around the inside of her opening.

The Flick

Spread her outer vaginal lips with your fingers. With your tongue pointed, gently flick your tongue around her clitoris. Feel free to roam, but keep coming back to her clitoris, as it is the most sensitive. This drives some women wild, and others find it to too intense. When stimulating her clit make sure to start out gently if you aren’t sure how she likes it. When you try this, pay attention to whether those moans are ecstasy or pain.

The following techniques should not be introduced until your partner is really hot (i.e., very wet). These are more intense techniques, and may be too intense for some women, even when nearing orgasm.

The Clitoris Suck

Expose her clitoris by spreading her lips and lightly pull back her hood. With her clitoris exposed, give it a quick little suck; pulling it into your mouth briefly and letting it go. This is a lot like licking a bit of cake batter off of your pinky. This feels incredible, and is a fine thing to do if you feel like tormenting her – but don’t overdo it! We recommend not using your teeth nor using heavy suction when starting out.

The Clitoris Hold

Take her exposed clit into your mouth and gently suck on it, simultaneously flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be done very lightly or very aggressively, and combined with fingering, will usually rapidly produce an intense orgasm.

The Tongue Tube

Roll your tongue into a tube (if you cannot do this, forget about it because it is genetic and you can't learn it). This technique works best in an inverted or 69 position. Roll your tongue into a tube around her clitoris. Slide it back-and-forth; in effect, your tongue is doing something similar to a woman's vagina around a man's penis. This is likely to bring any woman over the edge to an explosive orgasm.


Try using your tongue to spell the alphabet on her genitals. This works surprisingly well as your tongue is always moving in different directions. Learn her favorite letters and the orders that work the best!

Other Tips

A good lover’s hands never stop moving, so keep exploring, insert a finger, or massage her thighs while you perform.

You can also try using a wide variety of flavored gels, oils, and lubricants. Some of these products heat up when rubbed or blown to add extra stimulation.

Having a mint in your mouth while you are performing cunnilingus can also improve your results. The mint, as long as it is not too weak or strong, can create a very intense tingling sensation to enhance your performance.

Try some - or why not all - of the above techniques and neither of you will regret it. Techniques like this are sure to help her achieve that (sometimes) elusive Orgasm!

yes, please!

I love eating out my wife's pussy. I will do it any time, day or not, no matter how "clean" she is...or isn't. As a matter of fact, I PREFER it to be "unclean" and smelly. My wife has a lot of long, thick pubic hair that gets matted and tangled after a long, hot day, and I love having to clear it out of the way to reach her pussy, all the while being overwhelmed by her sweaty, musty stink. While I enjoy full licks from her perineum all the way up to and across her clitoris, she prefers "the flick," so I usually use that technique.

Nature Gifted Things

I like to do it But Before that Both we must take together Pears Shop Bath

Pussy taste great

I love the taste of pussy. I love when my partner sits on my face as I eat her out. The taste and scent of wet pussy, especially with hair, mixed with her urine is enough to drive me wild. All of my past partners loved to be eaten. My wife loves oral so much that she prefers me to eat her out over fucking, Which is really great for me. After she cums all over me she likes to make out. I am guessing she loves her taste and scent off of me. She doesn't like me playing with her ass. Her ass scent and taste is a major turn on for me.
After she gets really excited from being eaten she allows me to slip my nose in her asshole while eating her soaking wet pussy. On rare occasions she gets so hot I am able to tongue fuck her asshole, but not often enough. I just wish she would let me eat her ass out. I am open to suggestions on how I can allow me eat her ass.

This is fabulous sex!

Ever since my wife locked me in chastity cage, we tried cunnilingus. We never expected this would turn out to be so intense fun. Now my wife prefers this sex over penetrative sex. So she does not unlock my dick, leaves me frustrated & she has all the pleasure!!


That sounds like a lot of fun, eating out your wife and then not getting any. The other day I sucked my wife's nipples while she masturbated until she came really hard. Then she gave me an amazing handjob up until I was about to come, and when I told her I was there, she immediately stopped and let go, and didn't let me come. It felt so good to get all worked up and not come, even with the blue balls I have had for three days! I hope she does the same thing next time I eat out her stinky pussy!


Yesterday my wife did not give me a handjob, but she did let me lick her smelly pussy! I especially enjoyed licking up the sticky, gooey discharge that had collected in her thick pubic hair -- it was delicious!

Good times

My wife does the same for me. About a week ago, we were caressing each other, kissing and tonguing passionately. We were sitting naked on the bed, holding each other, her legs wrapped around me. after about an hour, her pussy stinking and dripping wet, my cock hard as a rock, I lowered her to her back, spread her legs, and started eating her out. I flicked and pinched her nipples with my fingers while I licked her pussy, and all the while she moaned and writhed with pleasure. She moved her feet into a position where she could play with my cock, which felt amazing. After about 30 minutes she exploded into a violent, shaking orgasm. After the rocking up and down stopped, she told me to lie next to her while she took some lotion from the pump bottle on the nightstand. I could still taste her smelly pussy on my lips and in my mouth as she reached down and gently grabbed my cock. She started slowly stroking it, tightly but gently. She asked me how good it would feel to come, and I told her, "it's going to feel amazing." My cock was shaking and throbbing with desire. She continued stroking my cock while caressing my leg with her foot and rubbing my chest with her free hand. I started beathing faster as I neared orgasm, and just as I was about to reach that moment of sweet release, she let go of my cock... she stopped touching me completely. As I shook with the intensity of it she lay on my chest. I felt her small, soft breasts press into my chest, her nipples still enlarged and hard. She wrapped her leg around me and just let me suffer. It was amazing.

Then, a few days ago, she woke me up by rubbing her hard nipple across my lips. I started licking her breast and sucking her nipple as she started caressing my chest, sides, arms, and legs. I pulled myself up, pushed her over and onto her back, and repeated the act from earlier this week – fingering her nipples while I passionately licked her odiferous pussy. All the while she caressed what of my body she could reach with her hands, and used her feet for the rest, inching closer and closer to my cock but never quite reaching it. I figured she was teasing me to make things even better later. She again came really hard, trembling powerfully while holding me tightly against her. I then lay next to her, expectantly. She sat up, and leaned over me, as if to reach for the lotion, but leaned down and kissed me, thanked me, then got up and got dressed, leaving me fully unsatisfied.

This morning she woke me up by running her sopping, smelly pussy over my nose, touching her clit to my lips, while playing with my cock with her fingers. Once I was awake I started vigorously licking her pussy while she slid my cock into her mouth. This time I was so turned on I got there really fast, but so she did she. She could feel me getting close, so as she had the most intense orgasm she had all week, I was about to blow up myself. She could feel me about to erupt in the most amazing orgasm of my life, when suddenly she slipped her mouth off my cock. But, she did so slowly, purposely, very slowly, so that just as the tip of her tongue left the summit of my erect cock, a tiny drop of semen oozed out and dripped down the back of my penis. She waited about five minutes, and then she took my flacid cock into her mouth and sucked on it harder than she ever had. Again as I was about to come, she let it slip out and left it there. She did this repeatedly for several minutes, then lay down on top of me and told me how amazing her orgasm was. She looked at me and smiled, stroking my cheek, and said, "I love you." I told her I loved her too, then she got up and left the room. I just lay there and fell asleep. I woke up around 20 minutes later to a curious sensation in my groin. I looked down to see her toes wrapped around my cock, slowly gliding up and down. It felt incredible. She moved her feet slowly, oh so slowly, and, by my estimate, it took at least 45 minutes before I was even close to orgasm. But it felt unbelievable! I didn't get my hopes up given my experience over the past week, but I kept getting closer and closer, thinking more and more that she was going to let me come. But just as I reached that point she stopped! She lay down next to me and wrapped herself around me. She held me close and said, "I'm so horny, will you please lick my pussy?" I love the taste so much that I couldn't resist, and I obliged. After she had yet another quaking orgasm, she lay next to me again, and whispered in my ear that she promised she would make me come tomorrow, any way that I want. I think I will have her wear her sexy, short pleated skirt with no panties and bend over the bed for me. I can't wait!

My wife just went to bed and

My wife just went to bed and gave me a surprising treat! She pulled me into bed and asked me to lie naked with her for a bit. She then climbed on top of me and told me her pussy was aching with desire for my cock. She took my hand and placed it at her crotch to show me how soaking wet her pussy was. This, of course, got me all worked up and I got hard almost instantly. My balls were aching from all the denials and "edging" she had done to me this week, and my cock was so ready it was hopping up and down. She slid onto my pulsing stick and it felt sooo good. She then started sliding up and down my cock torturously slowly, while she vigorously fingered her clit to get herself to orgasm faster. She had me play with her breasts and finger her nipples all the while, also to speed things along. I could feel myself getting close, I could feel semen slowly working into my penis, slowly working toward the tip. I was almost there, I was about to burst, and suddenly she slipped off of me and soon after went into a convulsing orgasm, moaning loudly. She turned and slumped into the bed next to me, breathing heavily, her face flushed, her brow glistening with sweat, hair matted to her forehead, smiling as she told me, "that was so amazing! Didn't that feel so good?" I smiled slightly and nodded; my cock did feel good, though my balls are aching even as I type. She noticed my half-smile and tilted her head, raised her eyebrows, and said, "baby, were you wanting to come?" I nodded and snuggled closer to her. She reached down and started to softly play with my cock, running her fingers all over it and around it, asking, "does that feel good?" I nodded. "yeah? Like that?" she said. I nodded again. She kept working it, slowly, lovingly. I said, "I'm getting close, baby." "Yeah, does it feel good?" I nodded, "it feels amazing, sweetie, I love your hands." "I know," she said. "I'm almost there, honey." She squeezed tighter but didn't speed up, prolonging the pleasure of her strokes, saying, "are you going to come really hard, baby?" "Yes!" I said, "yes, I'm going to come!" and at that moment she let go of my cock, wrapped her arms around me and held me, and whispered in my ear, "tomorrow, baby, I promised you I would let you come tomorrow, not today." I sighed and relaxed into the bed.

But, then she said, "baby, all this playing with your cock has gotten me all turned on and horny again; my pussy is just throbbing right now. Is there any way you could lick it until I come? If you're too tired I can just masturbate." Of course I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to lick her rank pussy, which I could smell even now, lying next to her. The thought of licking her pussy coupled with the smell of it convinced me, but then I happened to look at the clock and noticed that it was 11:30 PM. Since it usually takes her about half an hour to come by cunnilingus, I knew that it would be "tomorrow" by the time her orgasn subsided, which meant it would be my turn. This just made me even more excited. I jumped up, saying, "I'd LOVE to," as I moved into position. Her eyes lit up and she smiled, her whole body shuddering with excitement as she spread her legs to let me in. I moved my lips to her pussy and started licking her very slowly, working my way up to her clitorus. I purposely worked slowly, wanting to draw things out, for her pleasure as well as to increase my chance of getting some afterwards. I was right; it took her 32 minutes to come...not that I was counting! She had an even harder orgasm than the previous one. I lay next to her and held her for a while, making sure it was well past midnight before I made my move. At 12:10, I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "it's tomorrow, sweeite." She said, "is it? Oh, well I promised you an orgasm today, didn't I? So how do you want to come?" I told her I wanted her to put on her sexy pleated skirt and a sheer top, with nothing else. She immediately got up and did as I wished.

She then walked to the bed, bent over it, and reached back to lift her skirt. I could see her pussy was glistening with pungent juices. She said, "come on baby, fuck me how you want it." She didn't have to tell me twice! I walked over, but first bent down to lick her pussy for a bit; she giggled with pleasure. Not able to wait any longer, I stood and slid inside her. I glided slowly back and forth, relishing the pleasure. I noticed she was fingering her clitoris and playing with her nipples, working herself up, as I fucked her. This turned me on even more, instantly boosting me almost all the way to the edge. I was so close, anticipation building inside of me, my whole body tensing, ready to explode inside of her and finally have that release I have waited all week for, when she started moaning and said, "oh, baby, that feels so, I'm going to come!" and timing her orgasm perfectly, just as I was about to reach the point of no return, she lurched forward, my cock slipping out, and she fell onto the bed, spasming in ecstasy for the third time tonight, leaving me standing dumbstruck. She turned over on to her side and said, "Come here baby, put your cock in my mouth." This is not what I planned, but it sounded great. I lay down next to her and she took me in, licking her own juices off of me, working me up again. "Do you want to come, baby?" I told her I did. She said, "ok baby, I am going to let you come," but then she stopped again! She teased the head of my penis with her fingers for a bit, keeping me right on the edge, then completely let go and said, "but not yet...I promised you I would let you come today, but I didn't say when. You'll have to wait." And with that she fell asleep. I decided to get up and type this out and post it, to share my delightful frustration, before trying to go to sleep with the knowledge that sometime after I wake up, my sweet, loving wife will let me come. I love her!!

Oh man! that sounds awesome!

Oh man! that sounds awesome! i wish my wife would do that for me!!

Pussy tastes wonderful

There are lots of comments that are full of doubt and uncertainty. In spite of the number of guys that say, "it tastes great," there or many women who seem worried about what they smell like--probably unnecessarily. I want to assure you gals that you can look forward to an eager, happy face between your legs without needless worry about what you smell like. If God hadn't meant for a man to suck a woman's Pussy, He wouldn't have made It taste so good!

I was afraid and worried about sex and slow, even for my time. By my last year of college, I had not gotten past kissing faces and breasts and was afraid to go for any more. Then I met a charming young woman. She rubbed her body against mine till I got hard, explained her fertility cycle to me, and said: "You can have me if you want me." Not all on the first date, but pretty soon! This was unusual boldness for a young woman in the mid 1950's It was sort of like a dare, hard for me to deal with and I couldn't let go of it. What was I waiting for? Our first time in bed, she requested a genital kiss. I was totally ignorant--had no idea how to do anything, but I gave it a try. The whole thing was really awkward. We were staying over at my mom's place and we were twenty feet away from where my mom was sleeping; I had sneaked into my gf's bed. I can understand a guy's uncertainty about sucking pussy if he hasn't thought about and gotten used to the idea. The next time we did it in an easier place, but I completely forgot about the 'genital kiss' request. My gf was willing when we had an opportunity, but never really 'ready'. We did it, but she was always a little dry. Unfortunately, she did not know enough to tell me, gently but persistently, what I needed to do to get her ready and make her happy. She never repeated her desire to have me put my lips to her pussy and I never got back to the idea. I had not been reading or talking about this with my friends and was pretty dumb. We both would have had a better time if she had coached me on what to do. The relationship finally floundered and she found someone who satisfied her more.

In a later relationship, my gf asked me to kiss her thighs on the way to fucking her. That was easy for me to do and worked well to warm her up, so I kept it up. Somewhere along the way, years later, probably because of the yummy smell, I moved on from just kissing the the thigh to full-face in the middle of a warm, juicy pussy. Having discovered how great that was, I never quit wanting a good long taste of my partner's wonderful juice. A little saliva, directly applied with the tongue, jump starts a woman's own production of fragrance, flavor, and lubrication, adds to the sensual pleasure of the experience, and makes for easy entry a little later. It's wonderful when a woman is obviously excited by what I am doing and really nice if she tells me she likes it. It is not just serving her pleasure--at its best, the taste is without equal. The feel of my face between your legs and my tongue against your hot, juicy pussy is a delightful sensual experience. I've sucked a few pussies in my single days and never licked one that smelled or tasted bad. Women don't all taste the same and you won't taste the same every time. If I've ever had any complaint, it was "not much flavor." "Very little taste" is definitely not what I am looking for. Like a bowl of chili or good cheese, for me a nice pussy should have a robust flavor. Of course, taste and preference is an individual thing; yours may be different. I've never had a woman I sucked tell me: "Oh, that's icky, don't do that." While an occasional bath or shower is a good idea, don't overdo it. If I'm going to nibble and smell you, I will like better if you let your natural fragrance ripen a little. Don't try cover it up or try to 'improve' it with something you bought in a bottle or a bar of soap; use unscented soap when you decide to bathe and don't use anything scented or flavored around your pussy. I want to taste you, not some commercial product. If you are healthy, nothing you can buy is going to improve the fragrance and flavor God gave you.

Advertisers try to tell you any natural body fragrance is bad. Total nonsense. What you smell like is a remarkably accurate signaling system that tells a lot about your physical and emotional condition--maybe sometimes you want to hide the truth!! If you are horny, ready to move along, and completely comfortable with what you are doing, the fragrance of your body, your breath, and your pussy will give a message I cannot ignore if I am ready. At this point, you should be with someone you know is not a health risk. The message is an irresistibly delicious invitation. I would know you will taste as good as you smell; I will not hesitate and would not want anything between my face and the source of your precious juice. Your pussy is like a wonderful, endless ice-cream cone. No matter how long I lick it and suck it, it will never melt away. The fragrance and flavor of it is both a compelling motivation and a powerful reward. I might suck it and savor you so long, you will have to tell me when you are ready to move along to the next thing. I hope you will like the smell of your delicious pussy all over my face; I will. This all produces an unforgettable experience that will ensure that I'll be back soon for more. Its not just what happens to my cock that I crave, but the whole sensual experience of touching and smelling that is tremendously satisfying and at the same time, hopelessly habit-forming. Cumming is great, but if I do not experience a lot of skin contact and a good face-full of hot, fragrant pussy--and not just a quick lick--I'll be disappointed. There is just nothing I can put in my mouth that comes anywhere close to wonder and delight of the taste of a pussy that is ready for me. Getting to suck a delicious pussy is far more important to me than getting my cock sucked. You don't have to smell and taste "the best" every time and you probably won't. Half as good, even sometimes, is absolutely wonderful and will keep me longing for more. If I have any sense, I won't forget to tell you how wonderful you taste.

I love it if I'm with a partner [my wife now] who is bold and confident enough to walk up to me and say, "I want you to suck my pussy now!". Or just walk up and thrust it into my face. Either will be an instant turn-on for me. Grab me and push my face into it if you want. I have fantasies of her waking me by tickling my nose with her pubic hair.

Safe sex is certainly essential if you are not absolutely sure about your partner. If you are with someone you are sure about, the smells that remain on your bodies after unprotected sex can prolong the pleasurable experience of the event. The smell of our mixed juices on my cock and on my face--or sit on my chest after we both cum and let our mingled juice trickle out and run over my body, where we can both smell it for a while. Things in my semen are absorbed into your bloodstream and will soon be noticeable on your breath and your body and I will like that. I definitely want to experience my partner full with all my senses.

Gals, put aside any anxieties you have about what you smell like and relax; some guy will know your pussy is more delicious than anything he has ever tasted. If there's any question about how much of your own scent is right for him, talk about it, but don't assume its not wonderful.

Guys, be ready to get your face in there and get a delicious treat you will never forget and always want more of. If you haven't done this before and it's a little hard for you to start, approach gradually. Even is you're totally used to it, approach gradually. Talk about it and try kissing her everywhere and then take a while kissing her inner thigh. Eventually her deliciously fragrant message will grab you and know what to do.

Dis sum great shit i do dis

Dis sum great shit i do dis all the time she loves it she tells me that it feels great all the time she loves when i suck her pussy lips then kiss them then take my tongue and lick her from the bottom of her pussy to her clit damn my dick is gettin hard rite now

Problems with oral sex!

I am 16 and im really into oral for both guys and girls. I think it is so important to please your guy or girl orally. Im a bisexual and I have yet to experience it with a girl, but I cant wait because its something that turns me on a lot just from watching porn, id just love to give another girl that kind of pleasure. I've had gf's in the past but we never got to go that far cause they were all bisexual whores. But now im back to wanting oral from guys, but everytime I end up having horrible experiences cause they dont do it right and consider changing. I mean and the worst part is is that guys flock to me to do it because I apparently taste amazing, which I knew from tasting my own pussy juices on my own fingers and others, taste like cocunut vanilla. But anyways, I love the attention but I hate telling people their bad at it, like if everyones really addicted to my pussy should I just suck it up or tell them? And now I mean I have like 10 guys on my case and now im trying to choose one. Is it wrong to choose someone for all the sexual pleasure? I mean i like them all but my choice is now riding on sex which I feel horrible about:/

i recommend just getting with

i recommend just getting with girls, i have and we do 69's all the time. it is just the best


I agree with you completely about the oral part hmmm heads up girls taste A-mazing

I say enjoy it we only have

I say enjoy it we only have one life 2 live u will eventually slow down and just pick

this is great and whenever

this is great and whenever me and my boyfriend have sex we always do this. i always suck his cock and then he stuffs me so hard he has to cover my mouth so my roomates wont hear. i cum so much but when he does the clit work i start to spray and moan and yell "fuck!" and i sometimes pee and i cant tell whether hes pissed off with me cuz he sometimes gets it in his mouth. any help?

its not pee

try a bullet vibrator so he can step back

tell mhat i need to do...

when my husband goes down on me it is amazing! i always cum so hard..i suck his dick atleast once a day, how can i get him to go down on me more without sounding like im not getting satisfaction from the actual intercourse? bc i am its just nothing beats the feeling of his tongue on my clit...

Just tell him. If he's a

Just tell him. If he's a pussy hound like me then he would be down on you for as long as you want. Lol

Try 69...try sucking his cock

Try 69...try sucking his cock on ur side and inch ur pussy close to him. He may play it. U then can roll on top of him still suckin on him and rub ur pussy over his month.

how to get him down more

Just ask!! I would be down on you as often as possible. There is nothing better than the sights, sounds, feel and smell of a very satisified woman getting off from me going down!!

I don't know what to say to

I don't know what to say to help other than be jealous. I would love to taste her pussy every day. I usually give her more oral sex than I recieve, but that is just fine with me. You may just need to tell him you would like to try an experiment and that is to have oral every day.

this is what happend to my

this is what happend to my gf ther was no better felling for her than my tongue slipin in and out of her pussy and me licking her clit and then when we had sex she wasnt geting that much plesure so she told me and we sat down and talked about how to get around it we came to the desition to try diffrent positions and now she love sex

hope this hellps


I love going down on a

I love going down on a woman.....I love the sweet taste of pussy. I just wish I could get her to give bjs as much as I love licking pussy...

try the 69

try the 69

tell mhat i need to do...

just let him know, every man should love to do anything to please their partners, i love to lick my wife's pussy and she loves it and lets me know so i do it all the time. she returns the favor and sucks my dick all the time we have a very good marriage because of the great sex life we have and the urge to always please each other.

i love to feel my boyfriend

i love to feel my boyfriend going down on me! he does a very nice job... and i just enjoy the way he pleases me :D


my girlfriend loves having me eat her out. she has multiple orgasms everytime. she claims i have a talented tongue. i dont know why any guy wouldnt wanna please his woman this way too.


I love to get eaten out by my boy friend but e doesn't seem to give me enough of it, he really pleases me n bed n cn make me orgasim in 2mins n squirt n 5. any suggestions on getting him down there more often???.

Tonguing around

On idea you could do is shower right before you want to recieve your cunnilingus. most men have a fear of it tasting bad. get flavor sprays or even use dessert toppings


Its not a problem of the taste.I wash it before we even do it, he prefers to put his penis inside


i think the problem is that he doesnt recieve pleasure from it and therefore doesnt think its worthwhile.try 69 or something so that you both get off.

how can you not get pleasure

how can you not get pleasure from giving a woman an orgasm. i would be down there everyday



im single at the moment but

im single at the moment but my exes wer never into this and i wanted to do it so damn much!!!


No offense but ur ex's must have been insane b.c getting ur pussy eatten is one of the best feelings ever. Especially if the guy is very talented with his fingers and tongue. I would have never stopped you and idk many girls who would

Ahhh... how I love my wife's

Ahhh... how I love my wife's pussy. The look, the feel, the smell, the taste...wonderful. It's of simple design and beautiful. It is soft and juicy. It smells amazing. I can stand at the edge of the bed, with her hanging off, in a butterfly position and can smell it that far away (two or three feet) while she has her legs spread and we're going at it. Needless to say that during cunnilingus the smell is quite powerful. and the taste, I can't even describe. Absolutely delicious. The best is after a long, hot and sweaty, summer day. I like to lick her pussy when it's all sweaty and stinks. Since her pussy is covered in thick, long hair (I've found some stray hairs that are over three inches long!!) the smell is very intense at the end of the day. The experience is especially enhanced after she pees, because the hair traps some of the pee no matter how well she wipes. It's even better when she doesn't wipe!!

perverted freak.

perverted freak.

That is soooo hot. I wish I

That is soooo hot. I wish I was ur wife. Its making me wet reading ur discriptions.

Really? What did I say that

Really? What did I say that is so hot?


Awww, I know how you must do it, you have no nose aye? 'Sweaty and stinks'??? Damn man, you the man!!! No way for me.. Has to be clean! I would never let my wife suck me at the end of a long hot summer day, balls stinky and sticky with sweat. Hell no man! I make sure its pleasant so that she keeps coming back for more!

Ahhhh my bf rocks at this, i

Ahhhh my bf rocks at this, i love when he sucks my clit and MINTS make me tingle, ;)


My wife cums really hard when I go down on her after using Listerine vanilla mouthwash. It turned her on enough that I put a small capful on her her clit and let it run into her open lips.

Also, menthol candies turn her on.

Lastly, Farango chocolates, and bananas eaten out of her turn us both on.

that doesnt burn her any if

that doesnt burn her any if not i would love 2 try that


Hey, The other night i went down on my girlfriend. She seemed to enjoy it because she was moaning, But after quite a while of going at it she thrust up a bit and put her hands on my head as if urging me not to stop ( kind of pushing me into her more ) then she stopped moaning and moving. I thought the reason for her to stop moaning would be because she came. But i couldn't feel any liquids in my mouth and there was no 'powerful' moan so i don't really know whether she orgasmed. Can somebody please tell me if i did anything wrong?
( It was both of our first times if its any help )


@ skin...don't worry, she orgasmed. My fiancee does that too. When women orgasm they don't always cum and a lot of women after having an orgasm don't want you to eat them out any more at that time because its very sensative after. But never be afraid to talk about it with your gf, talk about whether she liked it or if she would like to try something else. I don't know how old you are, but keep it safe man.

One day..,

Oral Sex is the Best :P

Im a girl...I would love to

Im a girl...I would love to try eating a girl out ive never done it before or kissd a girl...I watch porn alot and it just turns me on so much it crazy... <3

It's the best I'm a girl and

It's the best I'm a girl and I've tried it wit utha girls plus wat u give is wat u receive soooo try it who's stopping u


I'm pretty much the same as you.. I'm bi-curious, love porn and sites like dis make me rele wet... I've neva kissed a girl or been eaten out... wuld love 2 give it a try. PM me ..


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