Cum Tastes Yucky

Q. First off, this is my first time on this site and I love it. I have been with my wife for a year. We have great sex and everything, but she keeps telling me that my cum tastes yucky. Now I don't know how regular cum tastes, since I am a guy and all, but is this normal?

A. There is a striking variance in the way ejaculate tastes and, unfortunately, it sounds like your girlfriend doesn’t have an appetite for yours. Many people describe the characteristic flavor of men’s ejaculate as salty and/or bitter; bad tasting cases are likened to anything from rancid asparagus to Clorox bleach. There isn’t a lot of medical material to establish a reliable recipe to improve its flavor; in fact, urologists by and large advise that men can’t do anything about the taste of their cum, citing that the composition of substances keeping the environment stable for sperm doesn’t change.

Luckily, there are plenty of homespun formulas that people insist improve the taste of men’s seminal fluids, many of which have to do with diet. Here is a list of stuff to avoid: coffee, smoking, alcohol, drugs (medical and elicit), dairy, fried foods, asparagus, garlic, onions, and cruciferous vegetables, particularly broccoli and cauliflower. Foods to consume include large amounts of sweet citrus fruit like pineapple, melon and apple; other beneficial cuisine includes cinnamon, nutmeg, celery, and foods rich in chlorophyll (the green plant pigment used in photosynthesis). Drinking enough water and getting plenty of exercise are sensible because they flush the system of toxins; taking supplements if you are nutritional deficient is also valuable.

If you really want to know whether you have funky tasting spunk, taste it yourself. If it does have a caustic flavour, it’s no surprise that she has a hard time receiving your semen in her mouth. While you’re busy experimenting with your diet, here are a couple of polite protocols for you to ‘finish’ without offending her taste buds. Get her to suck on a strong mint or a hard candy closer to the time of ejaculation. If she wants to be spared of the experience, indicate to her when you’re about to cum, and finish manually, rather than orally. Alternately, if you cum under her tongue, rather than on it, there will be less contact with her taste-buds making it (perhaps) more palatable.


I smoke (pack a day) and that really, according to my GFs who might see the same guy or refer him to me or me to him, makes a taste difference. I think my buds are a bit numb and I don't taste salt as much as what seems to be normal.

If I am going to suck more than one guy then the mint thing is a very good idea as is a strong mouthwash like listerine which kills all sensation for a while although it does numb your tongue which can be dangerous if you are having hot or spicy food prior to the event.


If he eats alot of fruits and stuff, it tastes a lil sweeter. Ladies, if your worried a bout the taste like I was my first time, take some salt water, swoosh it around in your mouth and swallow, if you can handle that, your good.:) The biggest thing I ever had to worry about was my gag reflex, I couldn't handle all of my bfs cock:( So make sure you can handle it bc if you can't it's a major turnoff, take it from someone who learned the hard way:(


Also, if you eat a lot of fruits it will make your semen more creamy then clear. I've noticed with guys I've been with some guys have semen that is clear & some have white semen. I have never once had semen that tasted nasty.. & I only swallow, I recently let my boyfriend cum on my face, wasn't a big fan at first, but it's not that bad. Try that with your partner.


i have been with a couple guys who think they are all that, but they tasted NASTY- it is about what you eat and if you smoke.

fruits and veggies help a lot. my boyfriend tastes usually what he eats, but he takes care of himself too. works out and doesnt eat a lot of junk food and sugar. and he doesnt smoke and only drinks when its a special acc.

he is salty but its not bad. and i've tasted bad. :P


Great suggestions.

I have a horrible gag reflex and not only taste but smells can make me gag. I tend to steer clear of oral for a good long time. I wait till there's trust and good communication before gently explaining my dislike and then together we can undertake trying it together.
Not all men enjoy going down on women for their taste and so I feel it's a two way street if I don't particularly enjoy going down on him. But, I'm always open to trying new things.. I like the idea of taking it under the tongue rather than on top where I might taste it more.
Love the suggestions.. keep them up!

once i took creatine (fruit

once i took creatine (fruit punch flavor) and after a while my semen tasted like watered down fruit punch according to my girlfriend!

but now that i stopped its back to normal and she doesnt find the taste appetizing but she loves it because she loves me...


I'm with the fruit remedy. Makes a huge difference in the taste of my man's cum. Apples & bananas are top of my groc. list every week. Also hydration is a key so it's not so thick like you're swallowing what someone coughed up.

taste 2

how well does the fruit thing work cuz i would like to try it just to c how well it is!


Cum taste can vary from man to man. But it can actually taste good once you acquire a taste for it. My first time it was horrible, but I enjoyed the act. So I just deep throated after I got over the gag reflex. Now swallowing cum is as good for me as it is for him.