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Cross Sex Position

The Cross position differs from the Scissors positions because the giver lies at right angles to the receiver, with their lower body under both the receiver's bent legs; the receiver being laid on their back in the Missionary position. This angle decreases skin contact but allows for a more unique angle for penetration.

This is a favorite for my

This is a favorite for my girl and I, especially on those lazy mornings when you want to have a nice, relaxing screw with lots of options. While the sensations are constant, it's the ability for us to masturbate ourselves/each other that helps send it over the top. Add in breast and, with a slight twist, lip access, and it's a very intimate, very lazy sexual position.

One modification we find improves things, however, is for me to slide my lower leg under her ass and back. This provides her with some support, rather than having to keep her hips elevated the entire time.

I agree. It is a great lazy

I agree. It is a great lazy position! My man and I do it frequently! It's not our #1 but it still feels good, especially when he plays with my clit!

We have been trying this a

We have been trying this a few times recently and love the penetration from this position. We like to cross our legs and I have one leg over her legs. It gives some great deep penetration and we can fuck like this for a long time.

I love this position because

I love this position because I can grab a toy to stimulate my clit at the same time. You can get deeper penetration if the receiver gets up on their elbows.

this is so good

went camping with my gf and did this in hammock it felt so good she couldn't get enough of my cock in her pussy was a little difficult in a hammock but so much fun and, felt so great and you should try missionary in a hammock you get a gear angle and hit her g spot really easy love it

I love this!

I love this!

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. Moving into the Cross from the Scissors is pretty easy and extends the pleasure of the Scissors. She squeezed my cock with her pussy and I drove into her slippery grip as hard as was comfortable. The bed headboard has slats in it so gripping them helped me drive my cock deep and hard. She sighed from the pleasure of my filling her and commented that my big shaft felt so good in her! (Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)


A really nice slow, cuddly position. Gives you an amazing orgasm too

Great for gspot

If you happen to be one of those guys with a really curved penis, put this to your advantage with this position!


This position was enjoyable with my boyfriend last night <3


Tried this one not even knowing it had a name for anal and it was AMAZING! Haven't tried it for vaginal yet though. And if the guy lays completely on his side and grabs you, he can still get going pretty fast. Not as fast as other positions but still pretty decent speed!


me and my partner do this many times.
amazing feeling it leaves you with during and afterr!!!

we love this position to but

when we do it my feet is up in the air and his knees are spreaded. <3it

we love this position to but

when we do it my feet is up in the air and his knees are spreaded. <3it

Kelo Don
Hell Yea

I fucked the shit out of my girl with this........she would not stop screaming and cumming.... hell yea

yesss and I loved it

yesss and I loved it


its a bit tricky to get started but my girl and i love it. its a comfy and playful position

This one is nice because

This one is nice because your clit is so accessible. The guy can stimulate it or you can use your vibrator on it. I get almost an instant orgasm when I use this position.


thats soo.. i'm speechless,


MMMMM wow me and my bf did this the other day, thank god he was wearing a condome he came and i wouldent let him stop then he came again and he finaly bulled out, mmmm it felt so good we did it 3 times that day i love it and love how easy it is to relax and let he go to work on me mm i moand in his ear so much XD love this position


You really should stop when the guy cums, Condom can leak after cumming. I got my girl pregnant once because she told me to keep going after cumming. Should be fine if you're on the pill too though. x

Boyfriend and I love this

Boyfriend and I love this one =) Little hard to get at first, since we're both pretty inexperienced. But really.. amazing.

My sweetie and I would do

My sweetie and I would do this every now and then but we both thought it was missing something. That's too bad because it seems like it should be pretty cozy and hot. Then one time we found ourselves in this position and I put my arm under her knees and rocked her back and lifted her butt up and that really turned up the heat. Now we kind of like doing it like that every now and then. I'll get her to try putting her leg on my shoulder, sounds like a good idea.

Asymmetric positions are like getting two for one because you can do it both ways. They need more positions like that here.


I tried that position. Didn't really like it at all.

tried this

I wasnt too succesfull and my xe-gf didnt like it too much either

i like it.its ok for a

i like it.its ok for a quickie.


i really didnt lik dis one dat much

this one is soooo lame... i

this one is soooo lame... i tried it being a big girl, it's not that great... maybe for like a second but that's it ladies!

wow! we do this all the time

wow! we do this all the time


I tried this one yesterday


some of the best sex iv ever had!!

definately try it

mmmmm i love this soo

mmmmm i love this soo much
my man would spoon with me in the morning and wake me up and its the best thing ever lol one of my tops on the site hehe

alright by accident

me and my boyfriend were laying in bed like 1 in the morning
we were spooning and;;
to make long stories short it turned into this..
alright for foreplay but i could never orgasm off it, i know that much

Yep, this one rocks for

Yep, this one rocks for people who have a stuffed shoulder or back, but watch out for cramping in the hips - that happened to me last time I made love in this position with my ex.

my fiance and i came across

my fiance and i came across this one drunk in the middle of the night. <3


this one is good but te guy can't go really fast! And i like fast ;)

Variety is always a good

Variety is always a good thing. Varying pace, speed, pressure and positions. It's better than same boring only one position. It's not like one position suits all people all the time. Even this position is ideal for appropriate pressure, deeper thrust and matching speed. If one knows how to mix and match them. :)

my fiance has no trouble

my fiance has no trouble going hard in this position, it's great.


Mmmm looks good :D


as others have said, it is great when you're tired because it requires little effort.

I personally prefer placing my leg above my husband's shoulder allowing deeper penetration and a stronger orgasm, but this only works if you're a little more on the flexible side.

we started doing this really kind of on accident one day and it quickly became our favorite.

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you about putting your leg on his shoulder!!! It really does allow for deeper penetration and feel so much better that way!!!

Me and boyfriend started

Me and boyfriend started using this position when I was its become one of uro regular. Feels soooooo good!! Try spreading your legs while using it--the orgasms are awesome!

Oh yes!

I just did it awhile ago with my boyfriend and damn it was hot! Take note: it was just a quicky! Can't wait to do it again and again and again! I just love to be fukced!!!


nothin like the first time... one word... EXTRAVAGANT!!! this was our first position... was it a good choice or wat ???


my husband and i have been doing this one for a long time. i didnt know it had a name :P

Me and my boyfriend came

Me and my boyfriend came across this position once and has become my absolute fave. Extreamly good for when your really tired and if you suffer from back pain. Amazing orgasm :)

This one's amazing.

It gets him really deep and feels absolutely wonderful. It's actually really relaxing. Neither one has to do much work, so it works especially well after we both have worked all day. I definitely reccomend trying it if you haven't!

good for small frame females

This is a very good position for those ladies that are not deep. So guys if you really want to fuck her but she complains that it hurts. try this position. I don't know how the fuck it works but they really cum hard. This position also allows you to use your hands for her breast, clit or mouth. Make sure you keep them busy it just adds to the excitement. This position will also give you the illusion that you are fucking her hard. But you are not really putting any pressure on her body.

i luv this its sexy fun and

i luv this its sexy fun and i luv his big cock in me.

watch your back n_n

this position feels amazing if you sit up a little and move your hips against your man *swoons* it won't be easy on your back then though. i managed to sprain my back and it was sore for almost a week when i would bend a little or pick things up. SOOOO worth it though!

I like this one when I was

I like this one when I was pregnat.