Crescent Glass Dildo


I had the pleasure of being introduced to the delights of glass dildos by trying Adam & Eve’s Crystal Crescent Glass Dildo. I didn’t anticipate that I would enjoy glass dildos so much, as I didn’t fully appreciate the simple pleasures that they could offer - such as temperature control and smooth glide. I think that the shape also has a lot to do with how much sexual satisfaction you can achieve.


The dildo is made of a hand-blown borosilicate glass that is modern looking and desirable to use because it’s non-irritating and hygienic. The toy is temperature sensitive so you can experiment with different sensations by running it under hot or cold water. It’s designed to withstand cracking or breaking under extreme temperature so that you can experiment with more intense temperatures by putting it in the microwave or the freezer for a very short period of time. (CAUTION: Do be very careful with the dildo against your skin because of its strong capacity to absorb extreme temperatures!)

The material glides because of its seamless, ultra smooth surface - especially when used with lubricant. The material is very easy to sterilize, which is particularly important when you have the ability to use it in both orifices: put it through a dishwasher cycle, use anti-bacterial soap, or simply boil. The Crystal Crescent comes with a storage bag made of velvet so that you can keep your dildo clean and free of dust.

How It Works

Using the dildo is an awesome way to pleasure yourself. It’s effective in stimulating your g-spot and is also a good tool for anal play. (Hygiene note: don’t insert any part of the toy into the vagina once it has been in the anus, until the toy has been thoroughly cleaned).

The one inch shaft has a gentle bend which is ideal for a woman to masturbate solo, but just as inviting for a partner to use on her. You can use the smaller end to stimulate your anus and the larger end for your clitoris and g-spot. Once you lubricate it well, you can easily slide it back and forth across your clitoris and dip it sensually into your vagina. Because the glass slides so elegantly against the body, it encourages a certain eroticism in your play, one that is engaging and inspiring.

The Crystal Crescent warms up to your body temperature and provides a novel range of feeling when experimenting with various temperatures. The ability to play with hot and cold encouraged me to be a bit more creative and spontaneous; it will almost certainly influence the same for you and your partner.


I’ll be honest; I’ve never had much interest in trying a glass toy, despite my attraction to their contemporary look and feel. I just figured a glass toy would be boring because it didn’t have any lights or vibrating parts! After my first experience with the Crystal Crescent, I was thoroughly satisfied and quite happy to have been swayed. What I loved about the dildo was the curve of the shaft and the shape of the two bulbous ends: they provide a really interesting sensation just as you’re inserting them into your vagina or anus.

I started my play by lubricating the entire toy, rubbing the round end all over my clitoris and the then sliding it back and forth along the curve of the vagina until it was penetrating me. It was so sensual and really got me worked up and ‘into the moment’. Not only that, the larger end was very easy to stimulate the g-spot with - while the smaller end was comfortable to use for anal play. An ergonomic shape such as this one is created with women’s pleasure in mind and this is certainly one that could achieve it.

Final Thoughts

I was thrilled with the product and I considered the Crystal Crescent Glass Dildo an unexpectedly erotic toy. I loved being able to put a different spin on sexual play by manipulating the temperature. That aspect really convinced me that every person should have to have at least one curved glass dildo in their toy collection. I give it 9.5/10.

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