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Cradle Sex Position

The Cradle position is very similar to the Bridge, with the receiver's feet planted and arms behind/below them to hold their upper body off the bed or couch, while their partner enters from a kneeling position. The difference from Bridge is mostly the lesser angle of lean back of the receiver's body and therefore the lower degree of difficulty.

A Little Curious

Oooh! All I can think of when seeing this is (as if it was me and my partner) to grab his neck and drag him closer to kiss my chest and lick and suck my nipples. Mmm... Good thing he'll be coming here tomorrow ;)


i enjoy this one because when i move like this, i get an orgasm in a few minutes.

i gotta try this

my fwb is pretty long lol and we both pretty freaky.i am going to show him this. it look like fun. i wonder how deep can he go with this. he always folds me in half when fucking.

Another position that offers

Another position that offers shallow penetration for the normal to small size fellas.

Uh, I was just wondering, I

Uh, I was just wondering, I am a guy, and I wanted to try this with my boyfriend. Does anybody know if it will still, ya know, feel good for him?

oh this one looks very nice

oh this one looks very nice :)

bad wrists...

looks interesting but i've got carpel tunnel in my ladies, not a good idea to do if you have a ganglion cist in your wrist or osmething.
but that's the great thing about this many to choose from.

mmm great position :)

mmm great position :)

i do this with my boyfriend

i do this with my boyfriend all time and he always sucks on my tits. i loooovvveee thattt. but can someone tell me why guys love sucking them so much? lol

because it switches things

because it switches things up from average sex. its also a vital part of foreplay, which arosues the woman more, which can lead to better sex between u and ur partner


i always wonder why my friend would do that. one time i was playing and i flashed him. he said do it again.i did and he moved quickly to start sucking my boobs and fingering me. afterwards he said he did it to make me horny and joked bout being hungry lol.


mmmm i did this with my sexii fella and i lovvvedddd it. carnt w8 to do it again =D xx

#1 sex addict
im about to try this one

im about to try this one with my gf

this one is fun, but way

this one is fun, but way better if the guy is on his knees and the girls legs are up on his arms, it makes it easier for both to move and contribute, and it makes the angle so much more direct and lets him push in deeper.


Did this in the shower it felt soooo good

did this with my bf and he

did this with my bf and he was licking my breasts while doin it . so hot try it.

while doin it i squeeze her

while doin it i squeeze her tits all she can do is moan


It is what is it...this position looks easy but i doubt it is. never tried it before and i will. there seems o be a lot of movement by the waist and hips therefore must be great for the g-spot.loving it....

i did this for the first

i did this for the first time the other day and god it felt soo good i defo doin it agen he made me orgasm really quickly and it was awesome cant wait have him do it to me agen

black fang
this is hot

i want to do this later its hot

love this position....since

love this position....since im the type that loves to get fucked hardcore style and i love getting it deep #1 position right here!!

I wanna try this, cant wait

I wanna try this, cant wait to have my alone time with him. good work out for both of us. Damn, really wanna try.

omg i want mi man to cradle

omg i want mi man to cradle me haha

Miss Imperfect
ohh my gawd deep deep deep

ohh my gawd
deep deep deep penetration <3
fucking lovee this one

looks hot!

this looks amazing!

i would love to try this!!
and hey! if you dont like to exercise- sex is wayyy better!!

wouldnt you rather feel SOOOO good when you get a work out??