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Cowboy Sex Position

The Cowboy is not a naturally occurring position, as the receiver has their legs closed while the giver sits astride their thighs. To get into the position, the receiver simply lies down on their back while their partner sits atop of them. Although inserting can be a little difficult at first for the giver, the tightness of the opening can be rewarding for shallow penetration.



this was fantastic! i

this was fantastic! i thought it would be a little awkward but once we got the rhythm it was great. i got some great stimulation and my hubby found me so tight.

Try And Tested
Looks Good

This Looks Good Will Defiantly Try This Looks Good Fun But My One Problem Is That It Will Hurt Like A Bitch At First Until You Get The Rhyme And Everything Going...So People That Have Try This Can You Give Me Any Tips So It Will Be Last Painful?

I found it best if my guy

I found it best if my guy moves first and teases me a bit and then as I get more 'excited' I start to move with him and we sync a lot quicker and it's a lot less painful


This position is amazing! Besides being on your knees, as the guy, you can also lay down (like missionary but with the woman's legs closed and your legs outside of hers). This makes it very tight and my wife and I have no problems cumming in this position.

try it

My wife always cum in this position.after you make your woman cum, you almost can put here in any position LoL

This looks like

This looks like fun. Going to try it for sure. Any tips?

Awsome for small?

I havn't tried this one yet, never even considered it... But I've been doing a lot of jocky lately. I'm a fraid of just simply not being able to reach in, and basically be doing her thighs... I'm pretty average length and thick. I see short and long have no trouble doing this way, so I'm just confused, simply because, well, where everything lines up... So easy from behind.

I love his position, god it

I love his position, god it makes me cum loads. Made me orgasm a lot :)

my man does this i love it

my man does this i love it when he does especially when it's a hot day outside and i can feel the sweat on him

I love it when my bf does

I love it when my bf does this. I can look up to him and hear him breathing and soak up how lucky I am to be with such a great guy ^__^

my man has never given me an

my man has never given me an orgasm, if we try this (which it looks like a lot of fun) is it good for giving female orgasm?

my bf rides me like this

my bf rides me like this whenever he can, we both love this position

i lov this position, realy

i lov this position, realy fast orgasm

This position is amazing!!

This position is amazing!! my husband makes me come and moan so hard everytime we do this position!!!!!!!!

i just joined yesterday n b4

i just joined yesterday n b4 last night we were both virgins but we got on here n looked around n we saw this we knew what it was n stuff but we both descidded we were goin to do this it was great he rode me for about 30 mins lol then we fliped over so i was on top n we went on n on it was amazing lol


simply romantic and an erotic way to lose your virginity I must say.

this is the only position me

this is the only position me and my bofriend have ever done and it is great!!!

like this position

Tryed it for the first time with my gurl and she loved it.. good position..

Love it!

I did this yesterday with my boyfriend! It was AWESOME! Love it when he plays with my tits!


Me and my boyfriend have done this many times and my boyfriend orgasmed very quickly ;] he lovess it.

i luvd this

we tried this last nite nd my bf orgasmed like in 2 mins and when he did his dick felt SO gd in my pussy...its hard to explain but then i orgasmed n like screamed n then his friends came thru n was like wtf n so i was like join us ;) so we ended up havin a 3some n it was so gd, it ment i got twice as many orgasms as usually xx


3somes are the best!! You get twice the pleasure!! I love 3somes


I love this position! the guy im seeing and me tried this the other morning and it was amazing... felt like i was being ripped... again :)