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See-Saw Sex Position

A very intimate position, the See-Saw will definitely bring you and your partner closer. To get into this position, the giver sits up with legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs planted on either side. Although movement is limited, don't underestimate the passion that can be experienced using it.

My ex and I would do this all

My ex and I would do this all the time! I could control how deep his c*** went inside me and he loved it. as I pumped away, he would suck on my tits like he hadnt eaten in days! He'd suck, bite and lick my nipples until I orgasmed and the he'd push me down so he could finish me off.

i like this one

because i can see in his eyes and we can kiss, yes a very intimate position.

This position doesn't give

This position doesn't give you a lot of pleasure...

once we did this with my

once we did this with my husband when were still bf/gf in a hotel.we enjoyed it so much.

No we didn't

No we didn't

I love doing this one! Its

I love doing this one! Its getting me going just thinking about it!

this looks damn fucking

this looks damn fucking good..

Oh it is amazing! Trust me!

Oh it is amazing! Trust me!

damn i just did this with my

damn i just did this with my gf and she went crazy i had to change positions just to make it last longer

hahah I actually did this at

hahah I actually did this at the park once. My ex and I used to hang out there and in the back of the park there was a wooded area and he used to sit against a tree where we were hidden and I used to straddle him like that and grind on him. He used to kiss my neck and hold me close to his body...he was so passionate...and then he'd play with my tits or something and we'd do this for a while....ahhh good memories.

I love this position! Nice chance for the girls to take charge ;)

joel r
I really need

I really need to try this position with my sweetheart. I do
like when the woman is on top and I can feel her her PC muscles gripping my hard dick until I blow a load or two.

i soooo wanna try thisssss!!

i soooo wanna try thisssss!! looks amazing

Sharing the load

The guy can place his hands under the Girls bottom and share some of the load supporting some of her weight.

this looks really good

I cant wait to try this one with my boyfriend it looks hot.

love this one can see your

love this one can see your partners face so theres some lip action going on ;)

try this too...

try it with the girl locking her arms under his legs (hope this makes sense) and the guy holding himself up by wrapping his arms around her.. my bf and I did that... from his expression and groaning he loved it ;) mmm I definitely did!

more satisfication

DO U THINK WOMAN CAN RIDE MAN ONLY?do u think its unfair,sometimes man has the feeling to ride woman..but can i do that position?coz i think that its unfair for woman to take dominance against men only ..well iknow that cowgirl is famous but it doesnt mean that man cant ride women right?plzz help me..

I think I know what your

I think I know what your talking about. The woman could use a strap on and enter him through the rear. My gf told me she wanted to experiment with a double strap on she had bought online and it was amazing for both me and her. Both of us started cumming within 30 minutes.

Just did this position like

Just did this position like thirty mins ago. He pumped and sucked on my juicy tits. After I sucked his dick dry. I'm horny now.

The best feeling

The best feeling

Very pleasureable.

This position is very pleasureable for both parts. You can kiss her, bite her neck or whatever you want. Personally i love biting her neck and kissing her. You can grab her hips and move her around in circles in your lap aswell, feels very very nice for the guy. And feels very very nice for the girl aswell, atleast for mine. Try some different things, moving her around in your lap example, stuff like that. Have fun, and pleasure your woman till she's totally drained for power! ;).

We did a modified version of

We did a modified version of this last night. Instead of having my body an arms-length away from him, I was embracing him. It made it all the better. Came within minutes after switching to this position.

i just did this with my

i just did this with my boyfriend, and it was amazing! normally i feel a bit umcomfortable on top cas i feel i cant do it properly, and move properly, but this was so easy and really intimate, it felt great! will deffo be doing this one again!


i wanna give this a try!!

i'm gonna ask my boyfriend!! :)


he likes it

my boyfriend likes it because he can slap my butt and he loves how empowered it makes him feel, like im his little big-breasted dollie to play with. then i hold on and he takes of my lacy bra usually and licks my nippies!