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69 Sex Position

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69...

I love doing this especially

I love doing this especially when we both move at the same time it gets me so horny so quickly and I suck his dick so hard and fast that hes moaning while hes licking my pussy oh god it's so good hmmmmm

Love this position the best

I am pretty big (8" long, 6" around) so hard to get off orally by many women... that is until we do it 69. I find women get more excited and do a much better job sucking me when they are getting their pussy eaten.

wide one
road trip

we were visting wifes (then gf's) mom out of state. we had got to her house very late, future MIL was already in bed.

we woke up very early, and started our, nearly, daily ritual of 69 in the morning.. wife was on top facing the door, all of a sudden the door opens up, and heres my future MIL standing there. her "innocent and angelic" daughter with 7" of cock in her mouth,, sucking furiously, pausing just long enough to say "hi mommy" and continue with her cockquest.
she kept grinding her pussy against my lips, and sucking my cock until we both came. she swallowed like the good girl she is. we switched positions to doggy style on the edge of the bed, and i fucked her to another orgasm.
a few minutes later we were all sitting by the pool drinking coffee. i could tell by the looks they were exchanging, i got the seal of approval from her mom


love this position

Hard to concentrate.

Sometimes the guy I'm with does such a good job that I can't even concentrate on sucking his dick. Sometimes I just have to stop and ride it out before I can continue.

Thats alright. Nothing

Thats alright. Nothing wrong with that. ;)

This is so awesome I did this

This is so awesome I did this with my girl friend we were both so hot and wet, mmmmm can't wait to do it again OMG!!! :P

Amazing position for oral

I love this position so much my wife pussy and anus very close to it and my wife enjoying oral

Incredible position for oral.

My wife feels insecure about this position for some reason, because she says she feels embarrassed about her butt being on my face. I've told her several times that I LOVE IT. Besides, her anus is not actually that close to my face, unless I want it to be. I also noticed that she sucks my cock with a lot more enthusiasm while I'm stroking her clit with my tongue. Seriously, she is always on top when we 69, and she has accidentally gagged herself a few times, because she is just scuba-diving on my dick. Sure, she gives great oral on her own, but nothing compares to when I'm pleasuring her at the same time. Don't be shy, ladies. If your man is asking for this, it's because he is in love with your body, every inch of you, and confidence is an incredible turn on. Of course, no one should be ever be forced to do something they really don't want to do, but if your only concern is that you're embarrassed of the position your body is in relative to his, don't worry about it. Not only does he not mind, you are making his life awesome. In the moment, my wife could probably get me to agree to do anything she wanted, if this item remains on our bedroom menu. She's never tried that, but it would probably work.

lil lexi 1991
lil lexi 1991's picture

you sound like my partner, he has given me lots of confidence for different sexual activities in the bedroom, he has given me oral but i am to weird to give it back 2 him, quite a few reasons why lol

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This is a great position

This is a great position, because just before she cums I grab her by the arms and hold them down and trash my hard 8 inch thick cock deep into she mouth until my balls touch her lips. she's helpless at this point and because she's about to cum she takes it all, and then..... for the rest of the story hit me back.

Love it!

God that sounds fantastic. And I would love to hear the rest of that story.

First time

So I just started this girl and she suggested this position when we
Have sex. I've only gotten my dick sucked liked twice and got bit by one
Of them I love eating pussy though, my only worry is the fact that her ass
Hole is so close to my nose, when I'm eating her out and saying that she
Has a clean ass will this be able to smell?

love it

at the same time that throws her tongue around my dick i can eat her pussy and pink asshole at the same time and she finishes in my mouth, nothing bether than fresh cum

Nice finale

I love ending this way, the sight of my girl's beautiful big white ass over my face, the smells and tastes of her freshly cummed cunt and her mouth finishing me off always drive me over the edge.

big fan always a winner

I love this postion always a winner in my book love it when my gf pins my arms down with her legs and sucks my dick harder and faster she gets a huge load every time

how to download this .gif*

how to download this .gif* file ?
I want it

wet face

did this the other day with the guy i am messing with. i love sucking dick so at first i was just giving him head but then he moved my hips around and started eating me out while i was sucking him. then he grabbed my ass and held it down while he teased my clit for 30 minutes. i was moaning loudly on his dick. his face soaked when we finally finished.


Looks you enjoyed yourself.... i love it

its good one

I like it to do this sometimes, it is a nice feeling when i do it to him and he does it do me the same time.

my fav

This is my favorite and I wish I was doin this rite now

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A favourite.

I think this is one of the most sexy positions. I love to lick and eat a girls pussy, but I haven't done it much, because one of my girls don't like it. The 69 I have done only once or twice. I'd love to do it again. I'd love to lick a girls pussy for a long time, but I come too fast, if she suck my dick.... ;-)

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this is my favorite. i always feel like i have to pee though so we ending up stopping before im satisfied.

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Original 69

That is my fav position, because i lick asshole and pussy together.

enjoy this..

enjoy this..