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Lotus Sex Position

The Lotus Position is an adaptation of the Jellyfish. To get into the position, the giver sits cross-legged (lotus-style) while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.

The giver and receiver together set up a rocking (fluid) motion to gain movement during penetration.

I did this with my ex... it

I did this with my ex... it was difficult to get into the position but when we were there it was fantastic, it's more of a romantic position I think


I can't wait to try this.

i don't know about this one...

I find this one difficult to do. Its kinda hard to get in that position and its hard to get in the rythem. I don't know if its because I'm not very flexible out what but i've tried this one about three times and failed each time

love it

my bf and i watch masters of sex, they had this in there - a few jokes aside we got into it. ooohh so steamy and intimate - moments of pure sensuality. didn't come in this one though haha he got impatient and went into missionary. Brilliant :D

flirtsygirl's picture

I'm a 35 year old crossdresser dating an 19 yr old guy. Most his age just want to do me doggie or something, but we tried this last night and O M G. This is a great position for x-dressers (and gay guys). He was hitting something inside of me that was making me tingle and I was rubbing on his belly. I ended up cumming just before he did and he liked the position, saying I seemed tighter and it caused him to cum a lot. Thank goodness for maxipads.

I totally recommend this for any couple.

Small alteration!

my bf and i have an altered version of this. He stays the same but i sit on him and put my feet flat on the bed or floor(where ever we are at) making about a 90 degree angle and my arms are around his neck. Then he bounces me up and down with some help from me. This provides for more movement and really gets me off. One i highly recommend!



this position

i did this with my friend, it was hard at first but it was awesome. p.s. my friend is a girl.

Try And Tested
Problem Hit

I Have Tryed This It Didn't Go As Planed I Found It Hard To Move Around And Find A Good Rhyme... I Thought It Would Be Good For Her Having It So Deep Inside Her It Just "Failed" If Anyone Has Any Tips On How To Find A Good Rhyme Would Be Most Helped As I Wish To Make This Work For Her.


This position is so intimate and get's so deep it is truly amazing!

This is one every woman should try with her man it truly is great. Anytime I do this 1 it makes me more and more horny all thanks to double stimulation! LOVE IT!!!!!!

random q

ima V but me and my boy are kind of starting to get more intamite and stuff and this looks like something perfect for our first time (i mean when we make out and stuff i sit on top of him like that and idk i like it), but how do you bring up positions for ur first time and stuff..

MMM this is great I love

MMM this is great I love biting and this puts his face at the perfect angle. I can already picture it him kissing and biting my neck while his hard cock rocks my tight pussy. One hand wrapped around my waist while the other is pulling my hair! Now I need to find a companion to have fun with!

im a virgin, and my

im a virgin, and my boyfriend and want to try this one. he is 16 turning 17 n a few months, and we talk about how were going to have our first times together. how does this one feel and would it be ok to use for our first times?

i did this position with my

i did this position with my bf at the time for my first time. we started with this because it was very close and comforting for something so great to happen. i love it, it feels amazing, and its so intimate you cant go wrong :D

Juan globo
Good idea!

A very good position for the first time, highly recommended. Very good to express love and avoid pain. Not too good to achieve gorgeous orgasms, but you shouldn't expect it the first time either. It is a fairly still position; what you can move most is only penis and vagina, but if you learn to do so you have great joy ahead.

perfect position<3

My fiance and I tried this position for the first time today, and it was wonderful<3 The feeling of being so close to eachother is absolutely amazing. We got to kiss and hold on to eachother. And it was very easy for me to move while on top of him. I would highly recommend this position. Very intimate and loving. My favorite by far<3


Mine too ;) I love how it's so personal and affectionate. This is a fave on a really good night! <3

Do This before any other sex position

Me and fiance tried this after 2 hours of sex not good idea his back was hurting but good ending we lasted 6 hours after that...

My boyfriend and I tried

My boyfriend and I tried this and he loved it.. he likes to talk dirty to me and he could hardly speak he was moaning and panting so hard. Highly recommended.

My boyfriend and I tried

My boyfriend and I tried this last night and wow, it was the best! very good postions and amazing feeling...I highly recomend it.

Did this one last

Did this one last nite....AMAZING!!!! Not only was my cock inside her, but I was able to suck on her tits....

This is a great one....

This is a great one.... really gets me wanting more!

I wanna try this one.

I wanna try this one.

Me too!!!

Me too!!!