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Cinema Stroke Sex Position

Cinema Stroke is the only blowjob position on the books where one person receives oral loving with both lovers seated side by side. It's versatile, fun and a great way to spark some unexpected loving with your fella; just unzip and suck!

The giver ought to mind the angle and intensity with which they perform fellatio, as Cinema Stroke can be conducive to neck strain. The best way to mitigate this is for the giver to twist their body at the waist and square their shoulders toward the target. You can also switch sides!

If this is foreplay, or the receiver gets tired, this pose is great to transition to Mastery - Kneeling...

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lol ok this is the other classic bj position

some of my earliest blowjob experiences were in cars, so i'm more than comfortable with this position. i actually lost my virginity mainly because a guy was taking forever to finish with a car bj (in this position) and he kept asking me to fuck him. it was literally taking like forever (no joke like an hour of sucking), i was self conscious that i was doing a bad job so i ended up letting him put it in me. i didnt realize at the time that he just prolly had whiskey dick lol, even once he was in my vag it took like 45 more mins (i was looking at the clock, yes, lol i was super nervous)


There is nothing quite as thrilling as the blow job you weren't expecting - sitting on the couch, riding in the car, or in the movie theater like the name says. When a girl just quietly unzips my pants and helps herself, everything is right in the world.


I started with this position last time, as we watched porn - good foreplay.


My husband has (cum) around to my way of thinking. He wants a dick as bad as me. I'm now free to be with my b/f Nick as often as I like.


Man I am throbbing at the thought!

Ready to take you to cinema!!

Girls from hyderabad if interested, you can reply me to this same id at!! We shall have fun!!


I would love to watch my sissy husband suck my b/f's dick but then I would be jealous. Oh well !

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ah i remember the good old

ah i remember the good old days when my boyfriend in me would find an empty parking lot and do this. it felt so risky. i miss that

so horny

just reading these comments makes me so wet... i'm about to cum and i haven't even touched myself yet!

My wife did this the first

My wife did this the first time we made a xxx theater. She asked me to critique her style to see if she was as good as the actors. She was better. She's done it a few other times at the movies. Now we go to the drive-in and we get naked in the back of her SUV and screw around during the movie, and there's lots of sucking going on now. Keep up the great site.

how's a good way to convince

how's a good way to convince my girlfriend into doing this at the cinema? I've sort of said about it once but she jokingly said no (as if she thought i was joking). any help?

jokes on me

my ex and me had already planned to go to a movie, of course i ate a billion fruits the days leading up to it. so during the movie i planned to just whip it out and surprise her...nope...were sitting in the theater and she leans over and whispers "lets see if that dick shoots fruit punch", you wont believe how turned on i was!!!!she unzips my jeans whips it out and sucked, nibbled and licked it, moaning the whole time. i ran my fingers through her hair she started moaning louder, i kept cumming. she never lost a drop, when she finished she kept kissing and licking it.she gave it one last sucking kiss and whispered to me "thas some sweet dick, before this movies over ur gonna gimme somemore".......

road dome

the first time i gave my bf head was while we were driving hoome from the river. i never liked the "idea" of dome but i now dont think about it so much and just do it. i love making him moan and whimper. his cock got so hard while i was deepthroating he came in my mouth and i swallowed. he was getting me so wet i made him pull over to finish the job. we ended up fucking in the backseat of his truck. amazing haha now everytime were alone in a catr he expects it and i give it to him.

Love it

My bf, Bradley, and I were away from each other when he had to go away fOr work so we hadn't seen each other so we decided to catch up over dinner and a movie.. May I say dinner was great.. And the movie we chose was so we could talk without being distracted. We started talking and when we had nothing else to say I unzipped his jeans and started doing this. He loved it! <3 whenever one of us goes away for more than a week when we come home we do a repeat of this b/c it is so good!!

My ex absoloutley loved when

My ex absoloutley loved when i did this to him he wnet crazy when i did it to him while hes was driving.... i enjoyed knowing that there wasn not much he could do about it because he was driving.. He pulled over and fucked me on the side of the rode because i did this to him one time:)

Done this many times with

Done this many times with some ice and a peppermint, the cold and tingle made him go crazy, but I don't swallow cum, it's salty!!

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. She likes to get me in the mood by stroking my balls and shaft, then teasing the head with the tip of her tongue. She kissed my balls and cock up to its head and then took it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it and sucking. The sensation made me so hard! She then took the initiative by straddling me and doing me in the Missionary Inverted position. (go to “Missionary Inverted”). (Also, Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Cross, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, and Victory.)

Did this over the weekend in


me and my bf tried this last

me and my bf tried this last night and he loved it soooooooo much when i was done he fucked me sooooo hard i was screamin his name

I wonder if I can get this

I wonder if I can get this actually in a Cinema x3

love it

Me and my bf were in the cinema and the film was sooooo boring so i just unzipped his trousers and sucked hard!!! he was moaning so loud, some peeps started turning round and watching us but we didnt care! He came sooooo much..... mmmm yum... x

this is so fun to do to my

this is so fun to do to my bf while hes driving. i love it when i suck really hard and he cant help but put his foot on the gas because it feels so good. and he always fingers me when i suck his cock when were drivin cuz then i moan and he says it makes him want to cum right then. one time i was goin at it so hard that he ran us into the ditch and he didnt even care. after i finished him for the first time he ripped off my shorts and shirt and flipped me on my back in the seat, got on his knees, and fucked me so hard i was screaming his name. cars were going by and staring and honking but i was so wrapped in my orgasm i wouldnt have cared it someone recorded it, as long as he kept fucking me. i totally reccomend this position, that isnt the only hot sex this one has provoked! ;)

I'd be careful. Theres

I'd be careful.
Theres several people that have had there penus bitten off, due to car crashes.

Just as a forwarning x3

this is my fav position when

this is my fav position when i get a blowjob from my girl because you can do it in the cinema n i love it!!! and it feels good when she deepthroats my cock and i shoot my load straight to the back of her throat ;)

This position is great in

This position is great in the car