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Butler Sex Position

The Butler is Forbidden Fruit stood up. However, it is not quite as intimate and sensual a position as the receiver is not as totally exposed to the giver. It is nonetheless very pleasurable! The receiving partner stands while their partner kneels behind and between their legs. The position is particularly suited to analingus and other anal play.

the best for oral

one of the best for oral i find. love that you get access for both holes. she has to bend down a little bit so i can tongue her clit

i love this because i rub

i love this because i rub myself at the same time. as my girl does this. im a girl btw

i want to but she does not

so i want to eat her butt hole out!! but she wont let me near it lol i only eat her pussy out i will sometimes try slipping my tongue down there for a secoond i also want to try anal eventually and im willing to go slow with this proccess how do i get her to be interested in this all??? help

First time

I did this position for the first time with a girl who was a little heavier. She had a beautiful face but had some extra weight. I had been single for a while and suffering from dangerous sperm backup levels. A bunch of us were at the bar and she was a friend who used to work at the same place I did. At the end of the night her and a few people headed back to my house. After the other two left, we played some pool and started flirting with each other and exchanged a few kisses. She started talking shit and told me I couldn't beat her at pool. If I won she would suck my dick, but the catch was, If i lost she got to pick something for me to do to her. I agreed and she ended up winning. She said I had to give her head since she won but first I had to kiss her big ass. She stripped down naked and bent over putting her ass in my face. I was so horny by this point I just buried my face in her ass and let her rub her ass all over my face. After she finished rubbing her ass on my face she stepped away and said I had to pay off my bet. I told her just to bend over the bed and I buried my face in her ass and started eating her pussy in this position. The feeling of her ass cheeks bouncing against my face felt so good. I finished her off and she said I would get my chance for revenge in the morning. We went to bed and I'll admit, I woke up in the middle of the night looked at her laying there in her underwear and just buried my face right in her pussy in the middle of the night. We spent the rest of the weekend betting on different things between poker, pool, and darts with all of them having sexual consequences. I think by the end of the weekend I tried most of these position but this was probably my favorite, especially the second time we did it and she sat on a plate of whipped cream before I went in.


I need to go to the bar & find a guy like uu! ;D

I'd love to do that to you...

I'd love to do that to you....anything to get a girl shuddering... ;)

This Position

My girl does not like anal and will never try it, yet she wants to try this position so bad! I don't understand. I think she just wants me to eat her out and not touch that region at all. What should I do? What if she likes me licking her ass, should I ask her about anal?

this felt so good the first

this felt so good the first time i did it, but i got carried away with the orgasm and accdently farted in his face... he refuses to go down on me now....

I would let you off

with that but we would have to change position for a bit to you sitting on my face instead. ;-)

This postition!

I love feelin my bf tongue all wet and licking out my vagina and anus, before i covered myself in chocotle and made him lick it off before i gave him a blow and handjob!

im the exact same i love

im the exact same i love anal but my girlfriend dont

i would love to try this

i would love to try this position and get my bf to lick my ass..i love anal play but he isnt into any anal stuff..any suggestions on how to change his mind?

Tell him that you kinda like

Tell him that you kinda like the idea of him gently licking you ass, and judge his reaction. It might be a good idea to see if he would be interested in trying it while you shower together that way he (or you) can wash everything and that might loosen him up a bit. As well to sweeten the deal you can try some edible lotions to make everything smell and taste quite delicious ;). And if you really want to spark his interest tell him you would be willing to do him a sexual favor ;) good luck

well, thanks for your help,

well, thanks for your help, i tried talking to him about it and he said he just doesn't feel comfortable with it so i guess i'll just have to deal with it..thanks anyways

anal play

ask if hes up 4 a threesome i like anal play

you should ask yourself why

you should ask yourself why is he not into it i could be a smell or something like that is why he might not want to travel down that road ask him why he want do that for you and if all else fells i would be glad too help you

This would not be a position

This would not be a position that would interest me. And anal sex is something that I simply am not interested in.

Love Him
Dont get it

i just cant get why my bf wants 2 do this. but judging by every1s reactions...i guess ppl really like ill go for it...i guess.
it just seems so WRONG!

Tonguing Anal

It may seem wrong but believe me it is fantastic especially after you have taken her from the rear and then lick and suck her clean. Try it once and I guarantee you that you will want more. It's the next best thing to 'Apple Pie'.

Oh, I love this

Oh, I love this position...
It helps a lot to get her ready for some serious anal play...


It looks like the girl is either rubbing herself or using a bullet vibrator whilst she's being licked out. I would love to try this. Girls PM me.


This Is 1 of my favorite I get to lick my girl's Ass&spank her butt while teasing her clit too and I love it when she start cumming and I lick her sweetness

i love to do this

i love to do this position..i love eating both her pussy and ass out and then swallowing the cum just to make her scream some more..hit me up girls if you wanna find out


i will do all these i dont give a dam hit the aim kreiouss

does anyone else think it

does anyone else think it looks like she's fingering herself while he licks her?? at least i like to think so, it turns me on, yum...need a man here pronto :)