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Bulldog Sex Position

This variation of Doggy Style position is straightforward; the receiver is on all fours (but with legs closed), with their partner crouches holding on to the receiver's bottom or sides. Although Bulldog is popular with most givers, some receivers need time to open up to it due to the lack of face-to-face contact. That being said, once they do, they usually become big fans of it as well.

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My boyfriend and I do this

My boyfriend and I do this but he likes it when i have my legs open becouse i am a big lady and o.m.g i love this position we do it all the time.

Butt smacking

A sharp unexpected ass slap gets the adrenalin pumping, makes her heart pound and can give a more intense orgasm. You have to keep her in a sate of suspense. She should never know when to expect the slap. It may help to restrain her hands or legs so she knows you have complete control over her body. You can also grab a handful of her hair close to her scalp and pull. This is a good opportunity to tell her all the nasty things you are going to do to her now that she is under your control. Submissive women love this.

I LOVE confident men like you

I LOVE confident men like you! When a guy knows exactly what he wants to do to me and has the balls to just do it without asking i get sooo turned on and i become his submissive slut. I will do anything he tells me to do and he can do whatever he wants to me. It was a guy like you who made me do ass to mouth for the first time lol!

What's the hottest thing you

What's the hottest thing you've ever done for a guy?

you rule dude. i was too shy

you rule dude. i was too shy to ever do any more than just a small smack--thought i'd get smacked instead. but i recently did what you said here...the big smack, a decent hair pull, and i told her some really dirty shit. gave her very intense multiple orgasms, she loved it. i wouldn't say she's submissive tho, but has got a slutty side that loved it.

hell yes, I can attest to

hell yes, I can attest to that!

Incredible Position

I encourage all men/women to try this position on their partner(s) at least once in their life...very sexually intense position. There's a strong feeling of domination that comes with it as well which is hugely satisfying. 11/10 for this.

Bulldog position

couldn't agree more!! :)

a great position

still one of my favorites when having 3 way sex , my cousin takes the front and gets head while I take the rear position and wear that ass great for us!! Sometimes I share the rear with him........

I want to try that.

I want to try that.

this was so great! felt so

this was so great! felt so tight and he was so close.

My girl is so small only

My girl is so small only about 4'9 and she is so tight she makes me cum so fast when we try this or any other position

gone river

this looks yummy. i soooo want to try this. maybe ill find a man in my area who will do this with me and likes it rough.


My wife calls it the wolf because I usually wrap my arms around her waist. I can get in really deep that way.

Slight change to make it better!!

My GF and I love this position but call it "ratfuck" and change it up a bit. She puts here face flat on the bed and I put a hand on the back of her neck and one on her back to balance myself. She arches her back and puts her ass up so I can enter her pussy and then drop my weight straight down and slam my cock in her over and over. She reaches back with her hands and spreads her ass cheeks for the added visual effect.....its hot! **Be very careful** If you pull your cock out too far, it can popup and slam in her ass! Believe me...its not good!! lol! As the giver, you better be in shape cause if you last a long time it is exhausting! Well worth the effort though! Try it...enjoy!

I love fucking this way....

I love fucking this way.... I love the feel of the guys balls hitting me, oh that gets me sooo hot!

this position looks hot.

this position looks hot. can't wait to try it with my boyfriend!

never done anal before is

never done anal before is feeling good

Get lots of spankings in this position!

This is a great position to spank a woman's ass (Because she's holding it up high for you), while you are pounding her deeply, and getting her pussy as tight as a drum. If you're well endowed and a woman starts to loosen up after having sex for you for awhile, put her in this position and she'll be tight once again.


Why do guys like to smack the girl's butt? the first time my bf did he was like "is that ok" and now he does it all the time and he loves doin it.

Speaking for myself, there's

Speaking for myself, there's nothing quite like the feel of a beautiful ass under your palm. ;) It just adds excitement to the encounter, especially if the girl enjoys getting spanked. Plus, some girls tend to tense up (if you know what I mean) when you slap their ass.

:cool: Wyldnight :cool:

OH MY GOSH i love this style

OH MY GOSH i love this style i gives my bf a wounderful view of ever thign n if h gets tired of thurstign or whatever u wana call it lol i can start doing the work lol

so much better when the

so much better when the girls legs are open and u are repeatedly hit with his bolocks in just the right places... hmmmmm so good

oh my god so true. like the

oh my god so true. like the harder he pushes, the more his balls hit my pussy everytime he goes in and out. and the farther my legs are spread the deeper he can go and it feels sooo amazing.


We usually end our love making with this one. Once my wife has climaxed enough, and wants a break, she will turn around and let me go at it in this position. As you pointed out, she likes the way my balls hit her bum as we reciprocate. Awesome!