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Brute Sex Position

A variation on the Reverse Amazon, this time with the man on top; the Brute can be one of the tougher man-on-top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the giver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the giver squats over their partner (facing away) while resting on the back of their partner's legs, which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the giver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation.

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not my man's fave

umm yeah everyone who said it was hard to get into this position was right. my bf had a really tough time making this work, and once he actually was able to get going and get a good rhythm going and everything he stopped after maybe 10 minutes because he said it was uncomfortable. i did play with his balls a little and i enjoyed seeing him enter me from this position, pretty hot, but he was totally not into it

Painful but enjoyable

My boyfriend found it very hard to get in in this position and when he did it hurt do much I screamed really loud but it did turn me on. I played with his balls a lot. Any pain they give you girls give it back by pulling their balls. This position made him feel so much bigger

Wicked position...

Tried this a few times with the missus... She loves it because of the view she gets of me sliding in and out of her pussy, and I get my balls played with (:
Its a bit of a challenge to get into though!

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Not sure I would enjoy this position. I like to be in control when me & my wife get busy. No complaints thus far...

that looks like he could get

that looks like he could get hurt pretty easily :S

this is my favorite sex

this is my favorite sex position. i like to lower my penis into my wife. when i do this she screams my name. i like that a lot. sometimes my penis hurts when we do this. i like it. i am a robot.


Looks fun................but uncomfortable at the same time.

the brute

Hello. You said the brute looks fun. Maybe you would like to try it with someone?

Very Hard

This is hard to perform and can be really uncomfortable for both. Be careful because of potential injuries.

oh! really... Thanks.

oh! really... Thanks.

My wife saw this and said "I

My wife saw this and said "I like that one " I thought she was only joking until later that night when we were having sex she told me we were going to try Brute. It turned me on hearing her give the comand. It took some positioning but we made it and from what I heard she really liked this position.

looks a bit uncomfortable

Im not sure I would want to try this one, it looks uncomfortable not only for the guy but the girl as well. I would much rather 69 or cowgirl position.

A Hybrid Solution

There is one position that I do not see on this site, and it's a hybrid of "The Brute", the "Ex", and the "Pile Driver Reverse" positions.

Some have commented that these positions look (or in fact are) uncomfortable. Try this: start in the Brute position, and instead of the man squatting or sitting on the woman, have the man lean forward onto his hands and knees.

In this way, the man is not bending his penis in a potentially uncomfortable way for him, and the woman is not forced to bear all of his weight.

An additional feature to this position is that the woman can fondle the man's balls and anus, and has a wonderful view of the whole experience!

And just remember, not everyone is built the same; some men's cocks do not stand straight up when erect, so they do not have the same issue with "bending" in an uncomfortable way.

Ur position

U are absolutly right. Please send me your mail id. I have a clip for the positions told by you.


Yeah this is really hot stufff, me and my boy toy practice this one all the time in the dumpster behind Taco Bell! I love his juicey man thang (all 3 inches) up in my durrty kooter!!

f**k me now please
dont try

once we were uste to eachother, and were ready for more than missionary... we were on here and my gal pointed this out. tried it and found that, event with a spinn of of this... its not cofertable. there is little penitration and it leaves my cock soar



looks like she's fuckin him

looks like she's fuckin him in the ass, only I suppose she's not?

raunchy gal

would be something my man would like,but i don't know if his dick big enough ,only 7" might try it anyway and see if we can make it work for us

id like to do this but it

id like to do this but it seems like it might be painful

vagina lover123

you would have to break your dick to do that pleasurably

not if

A man has a relatively flexible penis. Larger cocks usually are.

I will not try this one.

It reminds me of silence of the lambs. "I'd fuck me!" Haha.


Looks hard to do O.o

how can we direct downwards

how can we direct downwards a rock hard dick :S? i dont think it gives pleasure

Just lean a bit

I haven't tried this position (yet). I think if the giver would just lean his upperbody forward a bit i think it wouldn't hurt too bad. Similar to having use the restroom with morning wood.

He loved it.

My Man and I tried it a couple of weeks ago (he initiated it) and he absolutely loved it. It usually takes him more than an hour to get his first one but after about 15 minutes he went to this position and WOW. He is a musuclar guy with a 9 inch penis too. I was shocked. For me, it took more for me to hold him up with my legs but it wasn't to the point to where I was uncomfortable. He totally controlled the penetration on this one.


Lovely cecee so did u enjoy alot or? U seems u like 9 inch dick babes. u nawty lady and i like dat lol

It's realy working! Me and

It's realy working! Me and my gf just had done it a minutes ago. It's funny, it's hard for me, there is a difficult momet of directioning of erecter penis downwards, but it's working! We got good orgasms and was very satisfacted by our decisiveness.

We also love it too

We saw this position first in DVD of Seductive Sex Positions. Watch that DVD. U wl learn more positions like this.

the guy would need a super

the guy would need a super long and flexible dick

Good Position

WE cpls 28/25 perform this everynight. We do it in front of mirror. Can u imagine how my hubby changes the position from this to doggy style by pulling m e from bottom.


I've done this one before and it wasn't that bad, really. My legs were tucked up to my chest more, and he was on his knees and holding himself up with one arm. :)

Is that not impossible?

Is that not impossible? Unless the guy has a huge, very bendy penis and balls made of steel? The pic looks like when guys tuck it behind to look like women...


screw that man this look like it really freaking hurts bro

youd need a big cock for

youd need a big cock for that, and it would hurt, ouch

How a guy can bend his penis

How a guy can bend his penis down like that when he's hard is beyond me. I know I couldn't.. You also need a huge penis to do this, wich I don't have.. Though, it doesn't look pleasurable.. wouldn't try it anyway.

what if the guy farts in

what if the guy farts in that position lmao


Bent baguette...ouch...

sexyangel 1

OW!! No Thanks!!!

ok I well see your work

see and tell you

This is something I've never

This is something I've never done HOWEVER looks like it could be fun but the man must be careful or I think he will hurt himself??

This just scares the crap

This just scares the crap out of me, so many possible injuries

not a fun thing for the male

not a fun thing for the male ouch!


how can i download all the positions? Thank you...


just fuck her anyway does it really matter????


me and mah man been doin this everynight for a week!
it's the best one ever! & yeahh you do need a long dick, ,so you know what that means! (my man got a big dick)!

How big of dick

How big of dick u think is neccesary

My husband and I tried

My husband and I tried this.
He is 10 inches but he just cannot bend his dick down that far without pain.

don't believe it

don't believe it