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Bridge Sex Position

The Bridge position is similar to the Arch, but with the receiver's arms behind/below them to hold their upper body off the bed or couch, while their partner enters from a kneeling position. The Bridge is often overlooked because of its additional difficulty.

I do something close

I am standing with her standing on her head on the floor.
I have her feet up on my shoulders. I can suck her toes as well from this position. I usually end up giving it to her up the ass while standing. I can also stop a second or two and bend my face down and eat her in between pumping into her.
When I'm done I throw her feet down and she does a little flip before she finishes me off with her mouth. It has been the favorite of 4 girls I have been with.

omg amazing

did this with bf last night and OMG ITS AMAZING
gets me sooo wet the way he shoves me right hard
he does me for a bit then i lie down, he eats me out then he fingers me and we start again
fucking amazing and once we had his friend come in and he was doing me and i gave his mate oral

when i start with the arch

when i start with the arch position i always end up at this position when i CLIMAX.

sexyangel 1

I want my bf to do me like this!!! He's Italian, so it shouldn't b 2 hard 4 him!!! ;D


Im sad, I dont get to try that position anytime soon>.< Dont got a partner...anyways, I rather wait and find the right guy.


hey i was reading ur comment and i too am looking for a partner to try that with but im looking for the right girl to do it with was just wondering if yu give me ur number mayb we could go out to dinner sometime.


Deep penetration. Screamers beware- neighbors will think you're being murdered.

oh darn. ;)

oh darn. ;)

would this be good for my

would this be good for my first time??? im not very confident about me pleasing her. she says i will but idk... plz help im lke really nervous and well yah

fuck you should be worried

fuck you should be worried my first time was bad i couldnt get hard but she still wanted sex it was horable

mm. Deep penetration with

mm. Deep penetration with this. ;)

i love it when my bf does

i love it when my bf does this to me he slams it soo hard and i scream soo loud...i want it so bad rite now omg


i like the way his dick slams his dick into her vagina!,gosh it's making me really wet. i just want to haf sex! Anybody got a guy for me? that loves to sex?

i tried this one with my

i tried this one with my boyfriend and i orgasmed so hard that it gave me an asthma attack! don't worry though, he's a lifeguard so he knew exactly what to do ;)



this 1 is amazing. me and my

this 1 is amazing. me and my gf did this 1. she loved it soooo much. soo much in fact she almost orgasmed but we had 2 stop cause my dad came home! had 2 act fast!

Naked Boy
This position is great. The

This position is great. The only problem is that she cannot hold herself for very long. The extreme pleasure makes her very weak. she always orgasms in this position though.

this feels great!

me and my boyfriend have done this but it is hard to stay up cause it does feel great!

y wont the clips play???

y wont the clips play???

i have tried this with my

i have tried this with my lad and we lved it!!

barbie is smoking hot...

barbie is smoking hot...

Anonymous (not verified)
When me and Tim do this he

When me and Tim do this he massages my boobs. This one is his second favorite.

Anonymous (not verified)
chica chica yeah

this positon is amazing. i have done it.
we're in control and define how deep we go and she loves the feeling


i have done this many times with my bf and it feels AMAZING!!! very very deep

Anonymous (not verified)
love it

i like this one except for the way she puts her hands i do it wit my elbows on the bed so dat i can have good balance of the impact he's stroking me with........its exoctic bcaz ur clit is slamming against his body makes me wetter and even cum faster