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Booster Seat Sex Position

The secret to executing a successful Booster Seat is to attain the right momentum; although, it does help if the giver has arms powerful enough to make it happen!

This rear entry position is also ideal for anal, and is intense and physically exerting. The receiver looks as though they’re sitting in a chair, but in reality they’re held up at the waist by their partner. The receiver uses the structure under their feet for balance although they are also free to bear some of their own weight (this'll take part of the strain off the giver); however, it requires a couch or bed that's low enough to do so.

Here's a tip for the standing partner - keep your abdominal muscles engaged, your back braced and knees bent; above all else, don't overdo it or you'll be sore in the morrow!

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Booster Seat

This position is awesome for anal penetration!

the best

this position is the best for anal. i love it

i would love to try these

i would love to try these out but my misses dont like anal and most you have to do it by anal

lol, yeah, the first thing I

lol, yeah, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was, "Wow, okay. That is an anal position. No question."

i think it would feel better

i think it would feel better on vagina specially if he has a long dick.

I want that!!!

It looks tough and intense soo I like it!!!! It looks likr it would feel so good!!!!!

would like to

I would like to try it but looks tough for vaginal. I would also need to start working out agian lol

Did it work?

Did it work?


Love it!!

Looks awsome......

for anal, but, from the angle, unless you had a very long penis, looks a bit difficult for vaginal entry. I guess we need to try it and see. ;)