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Sex Book Reviews:

Anne Hooper's Sexopedia
Sexopedia - by Anne Hooper

There’s no better way to learn the ABC’s of sex than with Ann Hooper’s fully illustrated guide to everything sex. Very highly recommended!

269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Men
269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks...

A mini book packed with mega amounts of sex tips and alluring erotic imagery; it’s sure to earn a place on your nightstand! Recommended.

Female Ejaculation and the G-spot
Female Ejaculation and the G-spot

Curious how to stir up your (or your girlfriend's) natural-born ability to squirt? This is one book you can't pass up! Highly recommended.

Art of Sexual Ecstasy
The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

In this illustrated guide to Tantric Sex, you'll reach the peak of 'High Sex': the pathway to whole body orgasm. Recommended!

The 5 Love Languages
The 5 Love Languages

When the 'in-love' euphoria fades, this insightful guide to communication explains how to nurture what really lies beneath. Highly recommended!

Art of Sexual Magic
The Art of Sexual Magic

Curious where Tantra can take you? Embark on a path of sacred sexuality that can transform every aspect of your life. Recommended!

Joy of Sex
The Joy of Sex

A classic dish that’s delicious, explicit & still well worth a read, this was a trailblazing 'sexual cook-book' during the sexual revolution.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Men are from Mars, Women...

Get practical advice from this best-selling self-styled guru on love and relationships. Worth a read.

The 5 Love Languages
Kama Sutra - by Anne Hooper

Classic lovemaking techniques are reinvented for today’s lovers with this modern take on an age old erotic practice. Recommended.

The Game by Neil Strauss
The Game - by Neil Strauss

To 'pick up and conquer'; but can anyone do it? Here is one man's journey from unconfident nerd to master Casanova. Recommended!