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Book Ends Sex Position

The Book Ends Sex Position is a variant of the common Missionary - one of the first and most popular positions people try. The simplicity and the high level of intimacy experienced are somewhat offset by the poor angle for penetration. To get into the position, the giver and receiver simply kneel down facing each other, with the receiver holding their legs slightly open (to adjust for relative height the giver will probably need to spread their knees also). This can be a good position for intimate genital contact without penetration (known as Dry Humping).

this is my absolute

this is my absolute favorite!

I looove to look into my gf's horny eyes while she thrusts her pelvis and grinds herself to an orgasm in this position...
for a man this is a very hot but reasonably controlable position (until you see your gf reaching orgasm ofc :D) we've also suceeded in orgasming together like this.

It works for us because she is tall 1.78m and i'm 1.82m
brrrr just thinking of this... yummie :)

OMG... is that possible? I

OMG... is that possible? I could only see that done with two really skinny people and a guy with a 10 inch dick.

this is such a great you get

this is such a great you get to be up close and personal kissing and feeling her up very sensual

Yea good luck with that one

Yea good luck with that one ...

haha yeah it says for dry

haha yeah it says for dry humping!!

it is possible with long dick

with a long dick is possible, but with the shorter one forget about it.

it is gooooddddd




i love this position

i love this position



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I'm adding this one!!

Definitely wanna try this with my bf!!!! I'm wet now.

we are doing it with my gf,

we are doing it with my gf, pretty cool gives more sensual feeling

another position

I invented a new position that is sort of like this. I don't know how exactly new it is, but It sounds neat. The woman continues to kneel on the bed, while the guy is standing on the floor facing her. the movement is the same. I've decided to call it "Fuel Her Up"
It reminds me sort of like pumping gasoline.

Me and my gf are using

Me and my gf are using positions similar your but she is kneeing onto the desk spreading the knees wide. I'm tall and standing on the floor and moving, she is holding my neck and saying the dirty words to my ear. Now we'll call this position by your nickname. Are you agree?


I'll have to try your new position. LOVE THE NAME! HAHA. Sounds like it would work


hmm looks hard to get into this one. is it?

r u kidding? you'd have to

r u kidding? you'd have to have a periscope cock for that one!

This one is hot.

This one is hot.

Anonymous (not verified)
Me and my Bf

this a great position to play with each others butts while we do this ... and we just love to makeout when we do this!!

hehe i agree ;)

hehe i agree ;)