Best position to get pregnant

Q. What is the best position to get pregnant?

A. When you’re trying for a baby, your primary objective is to deposit semen near the cervix. This sounds simple, but sometimes the road to conception gets complicated.

If you consider it purely from a systematic standpoint, there are indeed optimal positions and locations for conception. The ones that retain the most amount of ejaculate in the vagina are generally male superior poses such as Missionary or Folded Deck Chair; just try to stay in a resting position for as long as possible afterwards. Positions in the 'Standing' and 'Women on Top' (Cowgirl) categories feel undeniably good but they do allow cum to seep out. “Splashy sex” is really fun, but it isn’t advantageous in getting fertilized; pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, and showers are great places to initiate sex but you’ll want to finish on land.

In your quest for parenthood, avoid over-analysing the sexual process. When it becomes more about proficient fertilization, rather than being spontaneous and sensual, you actually run the risk of it becoming less effective! Fertility specialists agree that the best method for achieving pregnancy is to have sex that makes both individuals feel comfortable, relaxed and turned on. For a woman, being able to achieve an Orgasm is also extremely important for conception; this intense state of pleasure causes her cervix to contract, which permits more Sperm to pass through the mouth of the cervix.

Our advice is to enjoy getting pregnant! Practice a healthy lifestyle, make your sex life a priority, and miss no opportunity to engage in “procreation recreation”.

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