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Bent Spoon Sex Position

A variant of the Acrobat position, the Bent Spoon position is one of the favorite positions for intimacy. Unlike its close cousin, regular Rear Entry, this position offers incredible access to the receiver's chest and neck while offering less penetration angle. To get into the position, the giver lies on a bed with their partner lying on top in line with them, facing the same way and with knees bent. Note: since the receiver doesn't have very much leverage, movement is mainly the giver's responsibility.

So much fun

I just tried this one the other day and I loved it.

His hands were all over me, it felt super great, and he had me moaning in no time at all.

This position is so dam

This position is so dam awesome !

i LOVED this position but

i LOVED this position but half way through i accidently fanny farted on him......


5 minutes ago i finished in this position... it was awesome. We were doing anal, and my damn dog was watching us. That wasn't enough, my mom and dad came inside and they also joined... me with my gf and they did it together.


thats differnt having a root with your parents!!

I did this position

I did this position yesterday aftertoon with my bf. we were doing anal. my bf's dad came home early from work and saw us and started cheering us on! he saw everything! it was embarrassing but it felt so good we couldnt stop.


If i could be his dad, maybe i could masturbate while watching you. wow so hard


seriously? he just stood there and watched? lol

not very long. i guess he

not very long. i guess he was just proud of his son!

thats just creepy

thats just creepy

I definately agree, slightly

I definately agree, slightly creepy there :/

Need a few more inches

My sweetie and I did this after I had a dream about it, but I'd need a few more inches to make it worthwhile. Try Pearly Gates instead.

these animations arent very

these animations arent very good i honestly think that they should use real ppl , me and my bf did this one last week , i didnt enjoy it much , im not sure why

why cant the stupid

why cant the stupid animation move his knee a little bit?! lol ;)


yo idk if i should try this with my gf cuz im a guy that likes tryin new things but idk if shell like this position :(

Show her the site let her

Show her the site let her pick something new, thats my plan for next time my boyfriend is round.

this is soooo good once i

this is soooo good once i had it done by two guys at once one in the front one in the bak it was an amaziing time

that would be something that

that would be something that would be major fun. i thought about that the other day. haha

i am not sure how this one

i am not sure how this one could work, plus i am not a small girl, i would be too scared of hurting the man i am lying on

this is actually easy for me

this is actually easy for me and my bf and i have a big ass :)


my lover has a realy nice ass to but saddly we have never done anal >.O
i was gona show her this sigh and see how she feals about it afer

Jack Thomas
Big Ass

Really big ass is an asset of beautiful female. I like big ass girl.

big ass

big asses are so hot!!

my girlfriend has a nice ass

my girlfriend has a nice ass too and this is great for that =]

I can't wait

I can't wait to try a lot of these positions. Look really nice.

I'm a virgin so I'm excited but it will still be a while. This one I would like to try recent after my first time.