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Ben Dover Sex Position

The Ben Dover position is essentially Standing Doggy-Style but with the receiver bending over at the waist. In a venue where lying down is undesirable, this is a great position to practice. It is advised that the receiver place their hands on the floor, or grabs their ankles, to balance themselves; this will allow for a more enjoyable experience, faster thrusting, and less likely-hood of falling over. Bending over pushes the pelvis back against the giver allowing easier and deeper penetration, but is otherwise less intimate than the regular Standing version.

For variation the receiver should try spreading their legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther you spread your legs the deeper the giver is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to burning quads. To overcome height differences, the giver should try squatting, or the receiver should be given something to stand on.


Me and the boyfriend do this one in the shower. It's a little difficult, but it feels GREAT. Guaranteed to make me scream with pleasure. My boyfriend can go really deep this way. He usually pounds me when we're in the shower. Love it...


ugh my gf and i love this one. we love to do it in the shower... its great and the hot water i think adds a little to it as well... it always brings her to her knees afterwards...

this position is great

this position is great except i didnt see this until after i did it ;)
i was in my friends car (not even a boyfriend just a friend)
and we were alone just talking and laughing and suddenly he pulls over the side of the road. hes always liked me a lot and i hav too but we didnt want to ruin our amazing friendship but he had this long talk with me. like how he really loves me and wanted to do it with me. so i agreed bcuz i like him a lot and so cuz the windows are blacked out, he just strips naked and i do 2. then hes on top of me and well went from there.of corse he wasnt wearin a condom and so yea, nnow about 5 years later we have 3 kids together. our first one was concieved right there in his car. we hav been together since.

Really turns my fuck buddy

Really turns my fuck buddy on when we dress up.
In my skirt and stockings, bend right over and let him tease me and fuck me.
Great fun for those more flexible people x

kind of uncomfortable for me

kind of uncomfortable for me


i've done this with my man. over the bath tub. it hurts my legs if it goes on too long. but its still a good pos.

this makes me so wet i want

this makes me so wet i want it so bad right now

I absolutely love this

I absolutely love this position. I know she can feel it very deep and I love watching her ass bounce off my dick.

Just did this for the first

Just did this for the first time last night. IN-CRE-DI-BLE! I ended up falling over when we were done though...

Felchmiester Oner
its all about getting

its all about getting felched!!!

fuck ya'll lames!

i know a chick that loves

i know a chick that loves this postion JAR lol

Didn't Think......

I didn't think I was flexible enough for this, but boy was I wrong!!!!! Boyfriend and I did this the other day....We were riding around in his truck, he turned down a path between a field and the woods....We got right to it, starting out doggy style standing where I was leaning on the tailgate, but I ended up just backing up and touching the ground. Is excellent for anal!!!!!!

omg yea

that happened to us 2 except we were in TERRIBLE traffic so then he pulls out his cock and tells me to get in the back seat, the windows were blacked out, and we start doggy style. it was soo good omg i wanna do that again. we were stuck in traffic for about an hour or 2 ;)

yeah same here, me and my

yeah same here, me and my not-even-boyfriend went on a roadtrip and we got stuck in dead traffic for 3 and a half hours, and we just had sex the WHOLE time, it was so fucking hot and felt amazing, this position especially felt soo good.

M$. Cynnabonz

My bf and I tried this but

My bf and I tried this but it didn't work out because I'm not flexible enough yet.

This is our problem also

This is our problem also along with the height difference. We just don't seem to line up properly. So we usually do a different doggy style to fuck than this position. But it does look a lot of fun. I do enjoy watching her bend over and exposing her pussy to me like this. Gets me hard and ready to do some fucking.

This looks like an excellent

This looks like an excellent position to stretch hamstrings.



my gf h8s doing doggy coz

my gf h8s doing doggy coz she saids it hurts her but its my fav position

try this

you can do it with the girl lying mostly on her stomach with her but up abit doggy useually hurts me to but i love it this way plus u can easliy reach round and get some clit action in there


I agree. That is my favorite


Try this with the girl leaning over the bed.
You can balance better.
I love it when my boyfriend bangs me really hard in this position.

You and me both. pound it

You and me both. pound it in!

oh damn

this is awesome! my fiancee and i did this in the shower last night and i'm still tingling from how it felt. and it was even better when i was able to rub myself as he came in my from behind. try it!