Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal Method


The withdrawal method has been practiced for centuries and is always convenient and available. All it involves is the man attempting to withdraw his penis before he ejaculates.


Control over ejaculation is not very easy and the withdrawal method is known to be the least effective form of birth control. For the average couple, the withdrawal method is at best only 82% effective. This is due to the fact that some men find it difficult to control the point of ejaculation and accidentally release sperm into the vagina. Accidents like these are particularly pervasive in younger men with little sexual experience. Failures can also occur because the clear liquid discharged from the Cowper’s gland before ejaculation is rich with sperm cells. Since it is difficult to tell if this pre-ejaculate is leaking out of the penis, the withdrawal method is deceptively unsafe.


Before ejaculating, remove the penis from the vagina.


The withdrawal method depends on one thing ... removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. If a man neglects to do this then this method will undoubtedly fail. Secondly, there is no way for a man to restrict the flow of Cowper’s fluid from his penis, and thus no assurance the method will work. Furthermore, if a woman doubts the man's ability to withdraw his penis in time, she will not be relaxed and able to enjoy the sexual experience. This is not a highly recommended form of birth control and should not be practiced unless it is absolutely the only method available and the risk of pregnancy would not be considered a disaster.

It offers no protection from STDs.

also using the same

me and my wife both are using this one, although this is told that this is not safe but for both of us it worked till date and we don't use any precaution. i ejaculate outside her and till date we are enjoying safe sex.

one of the good one.:)

the withdrawl method

This method is only effective if the male can control himself and actually pull out before he ejaculates. Sure, pre-cum has no sperm, but if he isn't careful, there is still a risk of pregnancy. I have practiced this method with my partner for some time and have not gotten pregnant. However, it should not be practiced by everyone, especially young couples that are just beginning to have sex. I would say that it is more effective with couples that know what they are doing and have more experiance than younger couples that do not.


i read in the book "why do men fall asleep after sex?'' that ''studies have shown pre-ejaculatory fluid does NOT contain sperm and therefore cannot be responsible for pregnancies. although there is no sperm in the pre-come itself, there could be some residual sperm in the urethra from a recent sexual encounter or ejaculation. therefore, there is the risk of pregnancy with any intercourse.''

This needs rewritten

Several studies have came out to say that there's no semen in pre-ejaculate yet this article mentions men can't control secretions of Cowper's fluid. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12286905 is just one study on it. The only reason pre-cum would contain semen is if a man recently ejaculated. But withdrawal is perfectly effective at preventing pregnancy as long as the man has washed and urinated hours before ejaculating and does indeed pull out before cumming in the woman.

withdrawl method

I agree with dmr.
Withdrawl method is very risky and does not work.
I tried it with a g/f and I thought I had gotten out in time,but,I didn't.
Then we thought she was pregnant,but she wasn't.

i have been having sex since

i have been having sex since the 8th grade. and now being a recent graduate i have only been on birth control for about one year and i hardly ever used condoms, only this method alone, and i have yet to get pregnant..


Mostly it doesn't work, but there's a big chance it will.
My husband (who I'm now separated from) done it for nearly two years, and no pregnancy.