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Basset Hound Sex Position

The Bassett Hound variation of Doggy Style is so-called because of the closeness of both partners to the floor. The position is straightforward; the receiver on all fours with their partner holding on to the receiver's bottom or sides. Because of the low position the receiver's rear is pushed right back, while the giver's knees are placed to either side of the buttocks. The low position requires a degree of flexibility in both partners hips and may not be comfortable for many... but for those who can, the effort is more than worth it!

fun during yoga

This has often happened while I'm doing yoga in the living room. It's easy for him to slap my ass from this position too. Being down on the ground like that also kinda makes you feel like a little sex slave which is hot if you're into role play. be careful that he doesn't get carpet burn on his knees though!

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how can i download this

how can i download this photos

Feels great !

This position feel so great, I've tried this so many times and I love it !!! Especially when the dude pushes down on my back and I can feel him go even deeper than before.

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It looks

It looks head im a big girl so its going be head for me to do it

in NW NJ

My GF loves it from behind. But being a large guy, sometimesI have a hard time with the doggy style....
We both love this's a keeper


Before you could take the html-code and put it in a wordpress message on your blogg and the picture would come up with the movmenint but now you cant. Why? Or am i missing something?

joel r
rear entry

Looks fun and I bet it feels so good. Especially an orgasm with that position. I might have to try it tonight with my current gf.

my bf nd i have tryed soooo

my bf nd i have tryed soooo many different positions nd this is one that we really like , he has a HUGE nd THICK cock nd when he fucks me like this he spanks me nd i can feel his balls slapping against me (;

this is the first one my

this is the first one my hubby and i couldn't wait to try! it was great, felt so deep.

must try this with the

must try this with the hubby!! this will probably be the position for first time anal also!!!!!updates coming soon

joel r
Good position

Yeah. Thats all I can say.

wow :_ need to try this!

wow :_ need to try this!

my bf had jsut got home from

my bf had jsut got home from a deployment and hes always so horny cuz he hadnt had sex for months. i was scrubbing the floor and he just pushes me down and gave me anal.and that was my first time having anal too! at first i was like what the fuck and then he went and shoved his dick into my pussy. it hurt at first cuz i wasnt wet but then he bent over and started talkin dirty to me and that did the job. it made me moan and the more i moaned the harder he went. it was the kinkiest thing hes ever done and i was so turned on by it we ended up having sex right there. he needs to come home soon!

anal hurts sooooooo bad omg

anal hurts sooooooo bad omg i almost died.


Sure? It culd be fun if handled properly

i agree with you.

i agree with you.

If it hurt, you were doing

If it hurt, you were doing something wrong.

Hurts: Agree!

Even with lots of lube and my hubby going s-l-o-w, I TOTALLY do NOT like Anal. Plus, he HAS to cum in my ass and it's so MESSY! I'm not a prude - I love almost all of the positions suggested. But It's just not my "thing". So, I decided that, since it felt so good to Hubby and I didn't want to, I bought him an anal masturbator. It's really tight - I hold it while he fu**s it and then he can slide into my vagina and go back in forth. Win-win! He loves the feel; shop around and get a quality one. it's so worth it and you'll both be happy :D

cor this is good!!! i came

cor this is good!!! i came out drippin after this 1

When my boyfriend and I do

When my boyfriend and I do this I almost always scream in pleasure. I like feeling submissive to him, as if I gotta surrender everything. I don't know maybe it's just me but I love it!!!

one of my fav

one of my fav

Basset Hound Variations

This is one of my wife's favorite positions as it is very submissive and allows her to fantisize freely. She has strings of orgasms in it sometimes leaving her sweaty and exausted. She says that she can feel the head of my dick up near her navel while I am buried deep and the leg position makes everything tight inside so that she can feel all of my hard shaft when still or the ridge on the crown sliding the length of her 'tube' when I am thusting.
She feels very submissive and helpless when I pull her arms out to her sides, palm up, and hold her wrists while grinding my hips in circles, a movement she calls 'stirring the pot'. The movement slides me across her sensitive cervix and hits all her deepest hot spots.
She likes it when I finish while hooking my elbows over her hips for leverage to drive myself as deep as possible. She says that she never feels sexier than she does after we both finish in this position.

Also ......

My wife also likes it when I hold her feet under my thighs in this position making her feel trapped and helpless. Sometimes I will put my knees on the inside of her knees and push them farther apart also making her feel more open, vulnerable and violated. If I take my time getting into her this way, I can tease her until she is dripping in anticipation.

My ex liked this pose alot.

My ex liked this pose alot. and she broked up with me because i knew too many positions and she though ive tried it on other ppl =/ o well her lost.

i loved to do this with my

i loved to do this with my gf she loved it and i could get right in even though im a foot taller than her