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A unique twist on the Dancer position, the Ballerina position is a lot of fun if you are looking for something with more face-to-face contact. Both partners simply stand facing each other, the receiver raises one of their legs to give easier access while their partner helps support it. If the receiver is not very flexible, you may want to try putting the raised leg onto the hip of the giver.

i like to do this to my wife

i like to do this to my wife a lot but she has a wooden leg so i accidentally pull it off and if i don't make her cum fast enough she beats me with it

I love this!

Being in Gymnastics and Cheer made me super flexible and I LOVE this position. It makes me wide open and super tight so I can feel every movement.


thats why i love short women you can easily do this position with her.

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I'm glad you said that!


You try with me on phone

What a pose, but alas I am

What a pose, but alas I am not a gymnastic person. May be sabyasachi and his wife try this out

me and my ex used to do this

me and my ex used to do this position alot because she was a dancer.. but the girl i'm with now isn't really into it... shame really :(

THIS IS SO HOT. You pussy is

THIS IS SO HOT. You pussy is just open for the taking. I've never tried it but I am flexible enough to know I can. I'd love for a guy to just fuck me silly in this position. If you can't stand alone you can always put your back to the wall that way he can thrust and not stumble and bumble while you try to stand on one leg unsupported. YOUR STILL WIDE OPEN!


hell yeah put a bitch in that and im smashinq all day .

try this exact same thing

try this exact same thing but lieing down works much better

I want to try this because

I want to try this because it looks sexy but my girlfriend isn't flexible enough. To bad

i was in the shower

i was in the shower yesterday and my i saw my bf stripping outside the door, then he came in and put his penis inside my vagina and he fucked me in this position.

Me and my gf tried this

Me and my gf tried this humping and it was fun but hard to keep balance

As a girl of many talents

As a girl of many talents cheerleader/coach gymnast and dancer for over 10 years my flexiblility is my claim to fame and let me tell you this makes you tight and if you have a large cocked man like I it feels unbelievable! Have fun but if you are unlike me you may want to stretch before this... don't want y'all tearing something!

Me and my bf did this but

Me and my bf did this but laying down because I couldn't balance standing!

he's suppost to hold you wtf

he's suppost to hold you wtf went wrong and had to hurt like crazy

It feels soooooo goooddd

So I'm a dancer. And my boyfriend and I have been dying to try this position. We came home from a late night out and our parents are out of town. So we got in the shower and he started fingering me and rubbing and suckin my tits. And it felt really good. And we moved out into the living room, he took one of my legs, pulled it up into this position, and just started moving in and out. It feels really goooood. The penetration is AWESOME. Then we moved onto the couch to try the other positions. We basically fucked each other allll night.

im a cheerleader and i cant

im a cheerleader and i cant wait to try!

Ass down

Dayuum that gurls a hoe, a strap on and do that too my man!!! I dont play that!

Thank god for being in

Thank god for being in cheerleading, dance and gymnastics for almost my whole life! :) my ex and i loved doing this. i'm super flexible and he loveddd it. :D

age restriction

I suggested doing this position with my wife but she is in her late 50's and couldn't get her leg up far enough. I have a younger woman friend (unknown to my wife) who is 48 and more flexible. She was not 100% flexible but we managed it after a few attempts and now this is added to our reppertoire-she and I absolutely love it.

cant do this one not

cant do this one not felxible enough:(


nice position but difficult to do this for girl


im 5'6 and my boyfriend is 6'2 can this be possible?
he knows im flexible so he wants to try

Stand on a platform

Honey, just stand on a platform that gives both of you the same height or you a bit taller than he is. The penetration is awesome. My hubby fucked me the other time and I couldn't stop kissing him. He pounded me and he felt much bigger than his already big black dick.