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Atten-hut Sex Position

Incredibly versatile in terms of locations where it can be performed, frequent visits to the Atten-hut (Standing Fellatio) position are a part of every man's ideal life. The receiver simply stands or leans against a wall while their partner performs oral on them from a kneeling position. The position offers great access to the receiver's scrotum and anus (if they are ok with some anal play).

I love doing this one at the

I love doing this one at the start of foreplay... I start by softly kissing his lips and massaging his shoulders and then slowly work down his body, licking and sucking his nipples and working down lower with kisses until I remove his trousers and start kissing all around and massaging the tops of his thighs until he begs me to suck him then I tease a little bit more by licking and kissing his d**k until he starts moaning and whimpering then I start sucking and he's on his knees within seconds......

wide one
our 1st time together

we had chatted via the 'net for a while, and she invited me to her place, 1200 miles away, to help her celbrate her 1st post divorce bday.
within 30 minutes of her answering the door, her dress was around her waist, her boobs were out, undies were wadded up on the floor, and she'd already had 2 orgasms from my fingers and tongue. she stood up, took me by the hand and was leading me to her bedroom when she suddenly stopped, and started to unzip my pants.
she dropped to her knees as she pulled my cock free.
watching her slowly sucking, i pulled her long blonde hair back to get a better view of her as she expertly worked my cock.
i didnt want her to stop, but i didnt want my 1st load to down down her throat, i wanted to deposit it deep inside her pussy.
we made it to the bed, she got on all fours, i gave my attention to her pussy and ass until she was begging me to fuck her.
who was i to say no?


So, I have a new boyfriend and I really want to blow his mind when we do this. Its been awhile, but any guys wanna share what is the best tricks to try and do to make him so hard and cum so good.

Love this!

I love when my wife gets down on her knees and sucks my dick. Watching her lips slide back and forth over my dick and seeing her tongue the head of my cock is a huge turn on. Love finishing this off either by cumming in her open mouth or by giving her a facial.

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haha yep this is like the old standard bj position

spent more time than i prolly wanna admit in this position lol. this is totally how i learned to give head tho and its still fun

Spent a lot of time in this position

The classic blowjob position. In college I spent a lot of time on my knees like this and I love it! It's so much fun to look up at a guy while I make him squirm and groan.

I love this one. I did this

I love this one. I did this in Sturgis last year. I think I had an audience. But I didn't mind at the time.

wide one

the last time we were in daytona, she gave me a mind blowing BJ when we returned to camp for the night.
full moon, star filled sky, leaning against the tailgate of my truck.....
we seemed to fuck hard and fast for hours, when we finnally finshed, applause was heard from several of our camp "neighbors"

i love to fuck her mouth in

i love to fuck her mouth in this position, while she strokes my balls with hand

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I'm new to this and only have done it once. Are there any guys that can give me some tips? I want to give a really good blow-job. But I'm not sure I can.

Fav variation

This has got to be one of my alltime favorites. My wife and I do a variation where we put a mirror on the floor and I make her squat instead of kneel. There is so much visual stimulation. I can hardly stand it for more than a few min. I get to see my cock in her mouth, her tits, and in the reflection I get to see her pussy spread wide, the bottom of her tits and her mouth around me from bellow! Most of the time she puts her hands on my hips to keep her balance if she is in high heals but sometimes I hand cuff her hands together and connect them with a strap to the ceiling so her arms are straight up... Enjoy!

active and passive

when i am on my knees, then sometimes i am active and he
enjoy what i do with him and sometimes i am passive and he moves in my mouth.

giving head is fun

i love this so fwb came over and i started sucking him off right at the door.he was going crazy telling me i was sucking it like there was a prize in the center. he was grabbing my hair and going balls deep making me super wet by time we started fucking

I wanna be your fwb! Lol

I wanna be your fwb! Lol

Head high

My boyfriend Nick loves for me to suck his dick on arrival at his house. He says the idea of me a married woman giving head to another man drives him crazy. But I never suck him off because I want to save that love juice for my pussy.... Plop, smack, yum yum .....

Alice Of Eroticland
Corner Job

This is my Lovers Fave. He likes putting me in the corner so that I can't get away and goes to town. I like being naughty just to be put in the corner. (Word from the wise) Be sure that the walls are very strong you don't want to go through them. Because sometimes they start feeling so good that they start pressing you against the wall and don't know their own strenght til the wall caves in a bit. LOL.

michelle arnold
angry pirate

my guy and i started playing angry pirate? wasn't sure what this was until i looked it up, he doesn't kick me in the shin but cums in my realy is a turn on for both of us now and i look forward to the power of making him cum in my face.

I want to do this with my

I want to do this with my boyfriend. I love him so much I just want to make him happy...I love to feel like he's in control of me and I have to give him the best pleasure or ill be punished I love his friend ( thats what we call his penis lol) so big and long it barley fits in my mouth without pushing deep ..I feel like he can dominate me in this position I can make him feel so good ,ill feel good I love giving head but only to him idk if its cus he's the biggest dick I ever had or if I'm his first so I feel comfortable..or just if its because I love him so much...thinking about doing this for my lover makes me excited ..i just wish hed appreciate me more outside the bedroom,like he used to :l hate feeling like this for nothing in a'd be cool to be like that with someone who realised how special it rly is..

Thats true, my GF loves to

Thats true, my GF loves to do it clean, without a trace. She even does it in public bathrooms,and i love it.

love it

i do this to bf when ever he comes by. one time i got real late and we were kissing in the drive way. i reached down, unzipped his pants and started stroking him. then i started sucking him but i dont use my hands. i love it. one time i was into it that i was wet when we got it on.


Love this one. My BF loves it to. Every BJ I have ever given started like this.


Hey,Iv had,I wouldn't say gf more of a fuck buddy for the last 7months now,and I only recently got her to finally give me a bj but she seem uncomfortable and un-confident any advice on how I can higher her enthusiasm?if you can call it that

aten hut story...

One time I had to leave to go to work, my wife likes when I'm home cuz I make her day by spending time and being her man. I'm not one of those looser guys that just wants sex. I take care of wife...cook, clean, do laundry, give massages, give compliments and tell her I love her. So I was all dress to go to work my wife begged me to stay home. I told I couldn't..had meetings and other things at the office that day. She was sitting on the sofa and and said..." ok well come here so I can kiss you good buy" When I walked over to her (expecting only a good buy kiss) she grabs my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulls out my soldier and starts with a real good BJ (attenhut). I was standing and she on her knees just as the picture shows. WOW...what a way to start the day before I head off to work! I was late for my meeting no doubt ;)

brings back memories

this reminded me of my first: after she did this to me, she told me she loved the taste of my cock and cum. that blew my mind!i thought all girls hated the taste of both! after that my confidence swelled as did something else

I love this position because

I love this position because I get off on the reactions he has when I play tonsil hockey with his cock. He gets weak in the knees and has to grab on to something. This is also a good position for face fucking - which is such a turn on.