Talking Dirty advanced guide

Dirty Talk - Advanced

Now that you should hopefully have awakened your partner’s libido, it is time to put on that final touch. Check out our Dirty Talk Basics guide (if you haven't already) first, then read on below to refine and enhance those skills. Keep in mind the basic guidelines; like deep breaths and sounds, your words should also be in sync with the rhythm you have just created. The inhale breath should almost always be heard by your partner and you should speak in the "sexy voice" on the exhale breath. Enunciate all your words to your best degree.

To begin you should focus on these following questions: Which of my partner’s skills or attributes turn me on? How do they make me feel? How am I feeling right now? Dirty talking is mostly concerned with momentous sayings, so you should try to let your instinct carry you. If you feel that your partner is hot, call it as it is: "you are so hot!" If you feel that their touch makes your genitals quiver, say it: "Your touch makes my cock/pussy quiver." If you feel that you are very hard/wet, state it: "I’m so hard/wet right now."

However, a good rule of thumb is to avoid the word "because." You are not writing an essay question. This will avoid sounding dull and it will also add urgency. In a sense, you may be cramming a long portion of a sentence in an exhaling breath so this forces you to say it very quickly, which emphasizes that urge. For example: "You laying there naked makes my cock/pussy hard/wet because I find you to be so irresistible." You may be feeling this, but this is a bit long. Try separating the fragments with breaths. Long inhale, "You lying there naked," quick inhale “Makes my cock/pussy hard/wet" inhale "You’re irresistible." This style sounds more natural than mechanical, which is the intention of good dirty talk.

Another added bonus of separating the sentence is that it allows you to think on the spot. You can simply state something with out wondering whether it’s long enough, or why you feel that way. State the phrase, breathe, and add to it.

To turn up the dirty talking a bit, you should focus on this question: What do I want to happen to my partner or to me? Do not be intimidated. Think about things like foreplay, oral, anal, the use of toys, different positions, being spanked, etc. The answers to this question can be transformed into very naughty phrases. These are all within you, for only you know what you want. Ok, so you can cheat if you really need to: if you draw a complete blank, watching adult films for inspiration is always a possibility. Nevertheless, you should look deep within yourself and bare all your dirty fantasies. (Long inhale) "You just got out of the shower (couple of breaths), I just want to fuck you until you can't walk anymore (inhale), Cum/spray all over you (inhale) ... (quivering exhale/inhale), get you all dirty again."

After letting out some of your wants and desires, you may want to consider adding some more emphasis on certain subjects. One option is to add those initial sounds as previously mentioned. "Uh (inhale), I want to eat out your pussy/suck your dick (inhale), aah." Repetition is used to emphasize the importance of an action. "Pound me! (Long inhale). Come on (quick inhale), pound me! (Inhale), pound me harder!" You can also use adjectives and adverbs. "My nipples want your soft lips to slowly suck them and then bite them hard."

Using singular adjectives or adverbs can also be a relief from always hearing the combination of an adjective before a noun. Make sure to stress the last syllable in the word to create more of an impact. For example, the word "wet" should be pronounced as "wet-te." (Long inhale) "I love it when I/you push my/your cock so far into you/me (inhale), I feel it touching all your/my walls inside (inhale), warm (inhale), wet (inhale), moist (inhale), tight."

To avoid sounding redundant with vocabulary, attempt using metaphors, such as "I want to feel my/your essence leaking out of me." For a more aggressive touch, using cursing can be quite thrilling. Compare “You are such a great lay" to "Holy shit! You are such a great fucking lay!" Other examples are "Fucking bang me harder, bitch/bastard," "Fucking smack my God-damned ass," and "Jesus, it just feels so bloody good that I want to fucking cum all over you." Here you are able to speak louder because these phrases tend to be more aggressive.

Be sensitive to your partner's responses - some people may find it incredibly erotic (in the heat of the moment) to be referred to in an unusual (perhaps even degrading) way, such as a "my little whore" or "my dirty bastard", but others may be very offended. If you sense shock (or feel it yourself), then talk about it afterwards and re-assure each other that it is just 'play'. In any case (as with anything new) start off slowly, monitor the response - and adjust accordingly.

Role-playing can also be considered a section of dirty talk because even though you may be acting, there is massive dialogue. Role-playing basically concentrates on acting on your or your partner’s fantasies. This tends to be more difficult because you need to fully understand your fantasies by knowing the role of both you and your partner. For example, you need to know if your partner ought to be dumb, wild, shy, mean, etc. An easy angle to start with is the dominant and submissive roles. You choose one of these roles while your partner must choose the opposing role or vice versa. The dominant figure tends to be more aggressive in their wants and desires. They must take charge: command and demand. "I am going to handcuff you to the bed, and you better not squeal." "Spread your legs now!" There are two sides of being submissive: the willing and the refusing. As a willing figure, you may decide to either solely perform the actions or perform with the purpose of liking them.

If you are a refusing figure, you may decide to perform the commands while begging for mercy or perform after intense threats. In a case you are finding that your partner is having difficulty taking on the role of a dominant figure, you can then ask defiant questions. "What are you going to do if I refuse to even kiss you, never mind suck your cock / eat out your pussy?" If the dominant partner is still not responding, then you answer the questions. "Will he/she smack me, or pin me down?" Here the submissive partner is offering material that the dominant partner would hopefully be able to work with. There are many situations where dirty talking can be used in role playing: nurse and her not-so-sick patient, the student begging for a better grade, a master and his slave, Cleopatra seducing Caesar, popular cheerleader with the average guy, etc. Remember that the trick to having a great role-playing session is to act out exactly what you crave as long as it is to a safe degree.

It is absolutely necessary to practice dirty talking with a partner that you are comfortable with. This will allow you to say exactly what you are striving for and in the end satisfy your wants and needs. Everyone has the potential of being a great dirty talker as long as you remember to work with your own instincts and try to be as natural as possible. The techniques and tips here are not etched in stone so feel free to add your personal style to them and to focus on your partner's feedback. Please keep in mind that practice makes perfect and that variety is the spice of life.

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I love phone sex!

The only time I've ever really gotten into dirty talk was when I had phone sex with this guy I like. He's got a deep voice and a really thick Israeli accent, which is nice, but it leads to a lot of things getting lost in translation:
"I wont to catch your boobs when I'm facking wiz you, my dear, and to pull your hair and to hit your ass."
and also:
"Do you watch porn, my dear?"
"Yes, of course."
"A horse?!?!?!?!?"
But I never really had a planned initiation into dirty talk. We had had playful bouts in conversation before (us exchanging syrupy "mmhmm's" for several minutes). I just called him one night, he happened to be a little drunk, and I loved his voice. We were talking about something benignly sexy but the implications were definitely there. I was alone and horny and his voice became too much to bear, so I began touching myself as he talked.
"What are you doing, my dear?"
"Oh nothing. Just lying in bed."
"Are you touching yourself."
He caught me. "Yes," I said sheepishly. "Are you?"
"Yeah." He said in a long, drawn out breath. That was it. That was all we needed to go in full force. He told me all about how he wanted to eat my pussy, to suck on it, as well as every other part of my body. How he wanted to bite my ass, how he wanted to fuck me in a million different ways, and most of all, how he wanted to do whatever I wanted him to do for me.
"Keep talking." I said. I always find that masturbating while talking to him is incredibly fulfilling, better than when I'm on my own and I always reach orgasm, and it lasts longer, too. I can tell phone sex isn't his favorite thing to do, but he definitely enjoys the play and it's also a great way to get acquainted before sex.

I always day dream in advance of what I want to say

I've just started seeing someone new and I obviously want the relationship to last, but at the same time be *hot* and special. Between dates I like to dream up things I want to say to my man the next time I see him. When I see him next we'll enjoy a classy dinner and I always dress well for each date. This time I want to tell him on the street afterwards, as we are waiting to hail a cab...I'll pull him close from behind so my arms are around his chest and my mouth is hot on his neck and I can whisper..."You smell so nice....mmmm....I want to make you hard...make you cum...mmmmm?" Knowing him, he'll run onto the street and wave his arms at the cabs while I watch and bite my lip and imagine the hard on I've just given him. What works for me in dirty talk is being a bit coy but at the same time being explicit and do it completely out of the blue, right there on the street. He has the sensation of you right on his neck, you get to smell his scent, your husky voice and words will send shock waves.

Love dirty talk, but how to initiate it..?

Wow! I love dirty talk. Had the most amazing sex the other day for ages..would hate this outta the bedroom, but love being called a dirty little whore in the bedroom ;) Was an amazing night; as the guy was so dominant, and initiated it, so I completely opened up...I think he was a bit surprised..
...Just need a way to get the guy I am seeing to be a bit more kinky like this. He is great and makes me cum, but...well, I like to be kinky, but I'm not much of an initiator...any tips on how to get him into this?
Also, would a guys find it hot if the girl how she wanted to be taken..? I want to change positions sometimes, but I'm not strong enough to make it happen, and too shy to ask .. :/ Wish he would threw me around the bedroom like my one night stand the other night :P ...or maybe I should just turn that night into a fuck buddy ..

words I should say?

Okay, so I'm a girl, 17 years old, and I've been with my current partner (he's been my only partner and I've been his only partner) for a year and two months about. We've done dirty talking, where he's told me what to say (yes we have a dominant and submissive thing going on where he's dominating) but he wants me to describe what it feels like to have him inside me...
I'd like to, but I'm not sure how to describe it or what words to use, any tips?

just say it how it is...

just say it how it is... close your eyes and think about the best time you had with him and what was running through your head... hope this helps

My man beggs me to talk

My man beggs me to talk dirty to him but i'm kinda shy about it. But when i start to talk dirty to him he will say something to rush me or that what i'm saying aint exactly what he wants and he'll turn me off

how to get him to talk dirty

I have no problem talkin dirty but he don't kno what to say. What are some kinky things to say to a girl tht can help him talk dirty to me. I'd really like the help :)


I want to talk dirty to my bf but I get so nervous. I really don't know what to say. Sometimes he says weird stuff to me and it turns me on but I'm not sure how to respond. If he's acting abusive, which I do like, am I supposed to fight back or what? I'm lost

Just go with the moment. My

Just go with the moment. My bf is really in to the acting abusive kind of thing. I just go with what i feel at the moment. I usually fight back a little and my bf really enjoys that.

I am the talkative one while

I am the talkative one while making love with my boyfriend, he is usually quiet and just breathes heavily. But it's a plus when he responds back. Talking dirty to him is what I love to do. I know it makes him smile big, especially when I emphasize on how much I love him moving inside me. The only time I don't really talk with words is when I am on bottom, where its just moaning and heavy breathing.

The F bomb

I think its a turn off when my guy uses the word "fuck" when he's talking about sex or making love...I think that word is for whores...which I am not. It might just be me. But I don't like that word when your talking to someone you love.

John Smith
What not to say Girls

want to know what is really f**king annoying girls.

when your man says something like "f** your sexy" or "your so f**ing hot baby"
and you reply with somthing like: "ohhh I think i look fat at the moment" or "you really think so?"

I have actually had girls do this, like wtf? you serious we are about to do it and you just ruin it, just like that, all over for me. Such a turn off!

I completely agree. not so

I completely agree. not so much with the last part but more about girls asking "you really think so" or calling themselves fat. If we say you are beautiful and hot we mean it

I Play Rough
There's nothing wrong...

With my partner being a "dirty, little slut" especially when I tell her how good it feels when she "drags her wet tongue up my throbbing cock" and she usually asks me "FUCK ME HARDER, SIR, PLEASE!" Since she's a good little girl, I "give my little whore what she wants". When I reach my climax, I make sure to tell her what a "good little fucktoy" she's been.

It's kind of like playing Horny Mad Libs, haha. But yeah, talking dirty is a wonderful thing that can add to the passion levels in the room. Now if only my girlfriend and I could find those elusive "SINGLE BI CHICKS" I hear about, I'd be set.


My fb always wants to hear stories, and so I'll start off with us in some kinky place going at it. But mid way through she wants me to "add more people." So I bring in another couple, or another girl etc.. She gets really into it. Then she tells me to switch it up and tell her something I've done in the past and how hot it was. She orgasms SO much when I get these stories going.
Do you think this is a good or bad thing?

naughtygreen eyes

I love hearing a good dirty story from my fb about what he wants to do to me! He makes these sexual stories and he always makes me SOOOO HORNNYYY!! I love it! Anyone who loves sex should try!!........Its even better when i cant have it right away!! then we do it together its so hott! we'll praticlly ripe each others clothes off!

How to talk dirty?

What is the top thing to say when talking dirty to men?

1. Tell him what you're wearing under your clothing.
2. Put on sexy lingerie and give him a tiny peek when he first sees you. It'll drive him mad to want to see more of your outfit all night...until you allow him to see more.
3. Leave him a voice message when he is away
4. at a gathering
5. at your parent's house when you go by him
6. right before parting for work
7. Email him some sassy notes
8. Fax it to him
9. Throw hot little texts on his cell phone while is at a sports game with his buddies

Damn this article just made

Damn this article just made me horny.

meaning of easy

you might be so easy that you don't know what it means... here's the definition:

easy: a person who needs little persuasion to perform sex acts

then your easy

then your easy



I love it when guys talk

I love it when guys talk dirty to me. One of my biggest turn on's.

nice :)

nice :)

I Love It!

Dirty talk is a great way to get your guy even hornier - a bit like teasing him a little. During forplay I tell my bf exactly what I want him to do to me, "I can't wait to feel your hard strong cock push into my hot wet cunt...", which makes him even more desperate too! It makes everything more fun when you've been anticipating it ;)
Dirty talk of this nature CAN be done outside sex, like a naughty text telling someone exactly which body parts are missing them... But I agree with guruguy when it comes to namecalling or dirty talk done in dominating role-play. I get a weird kick out of being called a whore, etc when my bf has me tied up and were having sex - but this trust in him to respect me, whilst dominating me, would end if the namecalling was taken outside of the sexual context. Hence I think abusive dirtytalk should def stay in the bedroom...

I want your, warm, wet pussy

I want your, warm, wet pussy in my mouth, your hot sweaty body on top of me. Mmmm so horny

pitterpatter goes my heart -

pitterpatter goes my heart - hot talking ;)

that's hot, very hot. Got

that's hot, very hot. Got any more?? ;)

haha bf and i use dirty

haha bf and i use dirty talk... it's fun :D

but i read this and was like... wow... i do this already... lol


oh wow, dirty talk sounds like so much fun, ive never acually tried it but i would like to. haha just moaning really loud gets him off in seconds, i wonder how he will react when i talk dirty to him. ;)

i understand it

im 13 and today i learned the most valueble thing...what love is make a long story short...i have more affection to my gf...i learned bcuz i just sat in my parents car works...i really miss my gf...i think ill go call her...maybe ill plan a date...or ill plan a meeting...dunno ride bikes together or to her about stuff...i cant call her tho...dont got a phone...hell ill walk like 6 miles to talk to ex wanted to screw like a nail to a board....well...prolly not the best place to put this cuz everyones talkin about dirty talking lmao...i guess i wanted to share with you all my fellings...and...yeah ur bored reading this...okay wood it stir it up if i said i wanted to f*** her hard? reply if so, lmaoooooooooo

ur lucky

hey Im 13 I havent even got a GF geez I want one though ask her if she wants to shag or something btw nice phrase "wanted to screw like a nail to a board" sounds errotic


ok, so I am only 16, and i've only had a hand full of partners, but here is something that has really been bothering me and I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight?
like any other kid my age i'd been looking forward to my first for a while, and when it finally happend, I was ready, and I cant really think of too many ways it could have gone better, I had had the concerns like what if im not big enough, what if i dont last long enough etc, when the time came i wsant concerned etc, anyways, getting to the point, I was recently with a new partner that I was not in a relationship with, getting used to the other persons preferences can take a lil adjusting etc, but I noticed something I never noticed before, and it seemed like she was faking

she was talking dirty, but feeding my ego, but the way she was doing it, made me angry almost, anyone else expirience this?

feel ya

yea i think sometimes girls and guys also will try new things with new partners to try things out and in your case maybe the girl thought she could only orgasm using methods that might offend you, most likely it will stop once she realizes it's not to your liking

thanks but it was a one time

thanks but it was a one time thing, she's the same age as me, but has had older partners, i myself have only had a few partners, most of which were virgins, so i must say, she was really very good with things like ear nibbling, sensual kisses, lightling running her fingernails up my back, its the things she said, maybe I was being modest? maybe she was sincere? but that wouldn't be my first thought


if you don't mind me asking, what kinda shit was she saying.
i can't imagine any girl talking up to me and it making me angry.

I guess insincerity is just

I guess insincerity is just a pet peeve of mine, i don't mind you asking, it was just the usual compliments like you're so good at that, youre so big, not only the things she was saying, but like arching her back lifting her hips, over-selling it, i don't know, i understand it sounds strange that it made me [not angry] but a little upset and confused, it made me think im so bad she had to lie i guess, does that make sense?

She probly thinks itl turn u

She probly thinks itl turn u on

i agree. faking it is really

i agree. faking it is really not the way to go though so i understand, although im not a guy haha

umm just wondering but is it

umm just wondering but is it bad if my
boyfriend started calling me a whore when
we make love? i mean im only 16 and he is 19 and
im new at this but he isnt and im too scared to
tell him not to cuz i dont no what he would say

Thats WHORE-able...

Thats WHORE-able... absolutly WHORE-afying

I call my man a callboy, if

I call my man a callboy, if you know what i mean... and he calls me his callgirl.... hahahaha, and we would always laugh about it...

not in the least. my

not in the least. my boyfriend loving calls me his "dirty little slut"


like the person before me said. my guy says it too. but totally in a joking way. like im his little whore. if he is saying it to be mean then yea it is bad and he is wrong.

My bf calls me his freaky

My bf calls me his freaky little slut and he's my love slave. It turns me on so much when he calls me that.


It depends how he says it really. If he whispers it in your ear softly and sweetly then in my opinion it's okish. But it really depends on how you feel about it, if you don't mind it then I would leave it. But judging from what you've written I'd say you're not happy with it, in which case I think it is vital you talk to him about it. Just tell him sorry but you dont like it.
If he respects you and cares about you he'll stop :)
Good Luck

dirty talk suggestions

ok ok, I love dirty talk. I love to give and take it...but I am running out of fresh stuff. I use some play words like naughty, dirty, nasty, rotten (lol). I demand him to bang, ram, f*ck, slam my p*ssy, c*nt, tw*t, *ss... I love yelling F****CCCCKKKKK MMMEEEE HARDER!!!! I love the C word. I ask him if IT is good or tight enough for him. I tell him I love, like, want his fat, pulsating, throbing, veiny, hard, big, large, D*ck, c*ck, penis. I love telling him to slap or spank my *ss. Pull my hair. Grab my hips, shoulders or ankles. I am running out of ideas - PLEASE help me - what do you like getting said to you or told to do???


maybe you would like him to call you foul dirty names i have found namecalling to be very erotic or vice versa u can call him names i hope this helps also try it over the phone and act it out later

Dirty talking

My girlfriend and I have been sexually active for a couple months now, her and I just started to talk dirty to each other. and ive just got to say, nothing gets/keeps me harder than her talking dirty to me/ the noises she makes.

Sexy Noises

Nothing gets me off more than hearing my woman make a really hot groan or moan or any number of other noises a woman makes when in the throes of passion. Dirty talk gets thrown in every now and again, but I enjoy hearing the sexy noise more.

my bf says that to me too,

my bf says that to me too, he loves hearing me moan. last valentine's day i gave him a card with voice recorder and moaned very sweetly... he was so happy, he plays it over and over, he's a professional boxer so it is very seldom he hears it and looks forward to hearing it after every fight... he said that the most important thing for him is to leave me satisfied... because i always leave him satisfied and much more...