Public Sex

Public Sex

What is public sex?

Having sex in public is a very common fantasy and all over the world couples are discretely committing sexual acts in public places. Public sex consists of intercourse or any other sex acts performed in places where others could potentially see the participants. The thrill of taking leave of your senses and gratifying yourself in a spontaneous act of love seems to be happening more and more often now because both men and women often find it a turn-on to think that someone might find them in a "compromising position".

Why do people want to have public sex?

A couple’s lust for one another might simply be too overpowering to wait and they must have one another at that exact moment. Some couples find the heightened adrenaline rush associated with the possibility of being caught greatly increases their arousal and thus they purposely and habitually seek out semi-public places to commit their naughty deed, because a little bit of fear or nervousness can make the scenario of sex outside of the home very exciting and stimulating. Others perhaps engage in sex in public places such as an airplane washroom purely for bragging rights to the infamous "mile high club". Whether the motives for making love in public are lack of private space, urgency, sexual variety, or down right naughtiness, people will continue to do it... so here are a few tips.

Is there anything wrong with public sex?

Couples engaging in sexual acts in public should be aware that most states and provinces have laws against indecent exposure and it is certain that any fantasy will be dampened if there is a serious danger of getting arrested by the police. So if you engage in public sex do so in situations where the chances of actually being caught and/or offending anyone are very low. As well, make sure that if you are in the sight of other people, that they aren’t minors.

What are some exciting places for public sex?

  • Apartment Roof Top
  • Balconies
  • Beaches
  • Building Elevator
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Hiking Trails
  • Hot Tubs
  • Library
  • Lover's Lanes
  • Parked Cars
  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Public Washrooms

How to know if your partner is ready?

Men are certainly known for their sexual enthusiasm; the promise of thrilling sexual gratification will make most men willing to commit this act despite the consequences. A sexually confident and liberated woman may also be eager to experiment, but the fact of the matter is that public sex is not for everyone, so don’t pressure your partner.

If you are unsure about your partner’s feelings about engaging in public sex, there are several approaches you can take. The first is the PDA test (Public Displays of Affection); your partner’s willingness to participate in public acts like holding hands, kissing, or full fledged making out are often the best indications of whether or not your partner wants to play outside. A second approach to measure her promiscuity is to bring it up directly. Whether it be brought up as a direct question, or undercover through a “what are your fantasies chat”, this approach is never a bad one, as communication is the key to every successful relationship. A third approach would be to go to a nice little spot and just go for it. To succeed with this approach, you are best off taking your partner to a location that is outdoors, but as secluded as the privacy of your own home. For example, take your lover on a hiking trip. Have everything you could need in your back pack, and find a nice little place to take a "rest". Start things nice and slow, especially if you are unsure about whether you partner likes the idea.

For those couples who are naturally adventurous simply putting the moves on your intimate other in a semi-public place might be all the work that's required of you, and hey you'll never know unless you try... If you are in a healthy and sexually adventurous relationship, and are sure you’re partner would be up for the challenge; simply go for it. Make yourself as sexually attractive to your partner as possible; flirt, tease and make them want it as much as you do with prolonged foreplay. Do the things that you know turns them on and make them feel as though you must have them then and there, so it seems completely spontaneous. However don't forget to have protection (condoms) with you - if appropriate - and almost as importantly, don’t leave the used protection behind!

Final Words of Caution

As fun and exciting as public sex can be, it is not without possible pitfalls. For example, you must be completely responsible about making sure children are not around! As you dive deeper into this world, remember that the riskier you get, the higher the likelihood of being caught by an unwanted viewer, such as the police! Exercise caution, play safe and enjoy!

wide one
many many times

our relationship started out long distance, (1200 miles seperated us) we'd visit each other about once a month for a long weekend, we fucked and sucked whenever and wherever we felt the urge.
fingering and licking in airport parking lots and garages
had her for "dessert" in a restuarant parking lot, with her door open
on a beachside catwalk
on the beach and in the water (wasnt the most comfortable time)
under the xmas tree in her (ground floor) apt, with the door 1/2 open and all the blinds open.
hotel elevator with her formal dress around her waist.
fingerfucking her at a black tie awards banquet, nobody at the table figured it out. later that night in a dark corner of the lounge, she lifted up her LBD and rode my cock until i exploded inside her.
during race season, we fucked everynight on an air matress on the trailer floor.
bike week/daytona, fucked on the bike in the campground several times, as well as the tailgate of the truck
on the desk at her office
BJ in the garage while working on her car, with the door open.

Camping Sex

On the last day of a camping trip, we had spent many days nude in other camps and even found some nude time in the last camp before heading home. During this last camp, we enjoyed some camping sex in our tent. The thing was, we didn't bother to zip up the door since we were trying to catch some breeze coming through the tent. But that did leave us open to being caught if someone walked by in the right spot. We were in the middle of a nice fuck session when we heard some people walking by and I had to pull out quickly not knowing if they might be in the right spot to look into our tent. My wife told me to zip up the screen and get back to her. We went right back to fucking and after we finished, I pulled out with hard cock covered with cum and slowly shrinking back to a flacid cock. I notice a couple hiding behind a bush and looking into our tent. I didn't let on that I had seen them watched them on and off as they continued to check us out laying in the tent nude trying to cool off. My wife's pussy looked lovely with white streams of cum running out and I enjoyed seeing my cock covered in cum. I wondered if they could see that much detail through the screened tent door. Finally I watched them sneak off about the time we were getting up to clean up. The sex in public was so exciting and for some reason, knowing we had been caught added to the eroticism of the moment. I didn't tell my wife what I had seen since she may be hesitant to do public sex again knowing we had been seen. I don't know how much they had seen, but know they must have come by at least in the middle of me pumping in and out of dear wife's pussy with my cock. They most not have minded seeing us since they had stuck around to enjoy the show.

My wife started to play with

My wife started to play with my cock as we were driving home one night. So I stopped at a park on the way home. It was dark and late and we headed for a spot under some trees which happened to be by some swings. There was another couple there flirting in the swings, so we headed to another spot. Once there, we stripped down and started to give each other oral and then moved to fucking. It was great to be outdoors enjoying some hot sex and my wife didn't even care if the other couple saw us as they left. It ended quickly when the sprinklers came on and we made a dash for the car with the blanket and clothes in our hands. Drove home in the nude and played with each other at every red light. Once we got home, we ended up fucking for an hour.

goin back to the forst

I was quite suprized to see hiking trails on the list. I didn't realise that could be a pulic place. But having sex in the woods is such a turn on for me. I'm just curious if anyone else has done it in the woods? Does anyone else feel... different doin it in the woods vs in the bedroom? Maybe sexinfo could do a mini article on that?

The smell of the moist dirt just after a rain sends sparks down my spine and sends fireworks shooting to my fingertips. When me and my boyfriend hike, all i have to do is inhale deeply and he seems to understand my intentions. We just go off the trail a bit to a semi-open area and get down. Theres something primal about moaning loudly in the woods. Its such a turn-on to hear our moans echo through the trees. It is something to try. We never get interupted. I may sound like a hippy, but its almost like goin back to nature.

Forest Action

Some of our first sex outdoors was during a hike. We hadn't planned on getting busy, but stopped and sat for awhile. Things started to happen and it didn't take long to start removing clothes. Some good foreplay with stroking her pussy and then my cock, followed by some oral sex. We finally moved to fucking and it just seemed so nice doing in the open like that. We lost our concern about anything around us and really got into each other. It does have a different feeling than the bedroom.

i want to start having sex

i want to start having sex in public but im always afraid of getting caught any advice?

wide one
yea, dont let the cops, park

yea, dont let the cops, park rangers, ect catch you. they really dont care for it. we've had passersby nearly catch us

Thats the turn on for public

Thats the turn on for public sex, wonderin if you might get caught. Its almost like when you used to secretly make out in highschool, "will we get caught by the teachers?" except now that we're grown up the question is "will we get caught by the public/police?"
If your uncomfortable with the idea, but you still wanna try it. Start low, by making out and take sex back to the bedroom. Then get more adventurous and reach into ur partner's pants. Just ad more touchy elements until you are comfortable being naughty in a public area. The thrill of the game is; to go as far as you can without being caught, so getting totally nude may not be an option.

Don't worry about being

Don't worry about being caught. Just take some good precautions about the time and place. Part of the excitement is the fact someone may see you. I had one partner that enjoyed some light sex in public, kissing, caressing over clothes and it was nice. We progress however and I had her pants unzipped, partially down, and my hand under her panties when someone came by. Once they left, we were so horny from being caught that it sort of enhanced the sex. I went straigt back to finger her and she was so wet. She finished me off with a nice hand job.

I used to have sex with my

I used to have sex with my ex at the park. I'd sit in his lap and he'd put his fingers deep inside me if I wore shorts. God I'd get so wet...and I'd straddle him while he sat against a tree and he'd suck on my tits and finger me really deep while I sucked on him. It was really fun! Such a thrill! People would pass by and we'd just pause and try to look casual...thrills...omg.

my ex and i were at a

my ex and i were at a friends party one time,( our first time at public sex) his hand was on my thigh, he started pushing my dress up and as i was only wearing a g-string he started playing with me. we went over to an empty seat in a cornor, and he unzipped his pants i rubbed him till he was hard and lovered my self self on to him, and was so much fun we did it in the car on the way home

college sweetie

My boyfriend and i happen to have had sex in my car behind our school. it was my first time every having sex but it felt so good and the feeling that we might get caught was all the more exciting. I also recomend public sex!!!!!!!!!!


Me n my gf really want to do stuff inn the cinema anyone got a tips of positions to do?
Also anyone got any stories?

cinema sex

she defiently needs to not wear any panties, and a skirt, that is the easiest way. I have gone down on woemn in the movies before. Usually takes some warming her up to go that far. I even had a girl take her pants off once so I could kneel in front of her and go down.

fingering in public...

A few days ago, I saw a good guy friend at the mall. He and I were both very excited, so after wandering around Dillard's for a while, we sat at a bench in the very corner of the mall, hidden by a wall or two, by a woman's bathroom, and I put my bags on my lap, and he unzipped my pants, and put his hands in my panties. His hands were super cold, but it felt good as he fingered me deep. I kept moaning and moaning really loudly...and I came instantly, and people kept passing by, and every once and a while, he'd pause and we'd both laugh. It was such a thrill. I came all over his fingers! Goddd it felt sooo good. After he fingered me for about a half an hour, I had such an adrenaline rush. People were passing by a lot, and we tried to make it look as unsuspicious as possible :P

Then, he opened my pants a little farther up, and when the mall closed, I grind up against him and sat on his cock, and pulled it out and stroked it. fun!!!!


This kind of stuff is so hott!!! did anyone notice what was really going on?>

Parents had no idea

Ok, My Boyfriend and I were out with my parents for a graduation dinner. He kept touching me and moving his hand up near my area. I was getting wet. My parents were right across from us and had no idea. I exused my self and said I had to use the washroom. He said the same thing and followed me back. I wasn’t sure what he planned on doing. He pulled me into the washroom and we started kissing. I Hadn’t worn any panties so he Began to finger me. He bent me over and pushed up my skirt slapping my ass. He pulled won his pants and boxers and was inside me. I Was moaning so loud I was surprised no one caught us. Sex in public is something I recommend ☺

hell yah

love it I've got to tell my boyfriend about this!!

has anyone tried doing

has anyone tried doing public sex on the school bus? Say high school?

sex on the school bus

I had an hour ride on the bus every morning and night whenI was in school. The girl that was ny neighbor at the time was the last one off and the first one on the bus I was the second so we had the longest ride of any body. Since we always had about 15 minutes to ourselves we would play with each other until the next stop. One afternoon I told her I was going to start on her as soon as the bus left the high school, and to be ready for the other kids to watch her cum!! Her last class was gym so when she got on the bus and sat beside me I flipped her skirt up and realized that was all she had on! I started fingering her and she went off instantly as the kids across the isle had a full view! she was so hot that she was being watched!!! I got so turned on by her that I pulled my pants down and picked her up placing her on top of my rock hard the kids around us syared with gaping mouths my girlfriend told them to crowd in closer to block the drivers view and to get a betterlook as my cock pumped in and out of her. That was the nost powerful orgasm that I have ever had!! We are married now and still have adventures in public.

Yes I fucked my gf on a huge

Yes I fucked my gf on a huge bus she dosent make any noise and we went slow

Happens alot sit in the back

Happens alot sit in the back !!

All natural

My girlfriend and I like to go an alot of outdoor walks together. We came across an outdoor bird sanctuary which is really beautiful.It has little covered areas with benches so that you can look at the wildlife and they cannot see you.Well this one time while I was looking out from a peephole in the covered area, my girlfriend zipped me open and began sucking on my cock, before I knew it off came her sundress and we were both getting it on fully naked on the bench. I do not know who was louder the birds or us. first time doing this, we enjoyed so much we will be doing it again I am sure.


i had sex outside at a river today, NO ONE EVER WALKS DOWN, or did......... a boat drove by, me and my freinds gf couldnt stop laughing, shhhhhhh dont tell him

We were out boating and

We were out boating and found a nice quiet spot. I stripped down to lay out and was on the back of the boat. My wife soon came up to me and started to stroke my cock. I reached over and removed her bikini. We then took turns giving each other oral. Finished with fucking each other. A few boats came by but they were not real close, so we just kept going. Once finished, we went skinny dipping. As we were climbing back in the boat, another boat came by and got a nice look at us climbing in the boat nude. They just honked the horn and kept going. Ten minutes sooner and they would have seen us my wife sitting on top of me riding my cock.


The 1st time i tried public sex was during my junior year at my high school (im 23 now) it was easy cuz one of the stairways doesnt have cameras and no one interrupted us cuz everyone was in class, oh how i miss those days ;-) or when i did it under a bridge it was amazing i could be as loud as i wanted and no one could hear me cuz of the cars driving over us

rocket fuel
The thought of havin sex

The thought of havin sex some where totally random excites me !!!!


im always watchin and waiting to get caught but never have i have done it all over and love it i jus wish we could go for hours in those place no instead those place are more for quickies whick i dnt mind but! i think my next stop is to do it ooutside in the woods. i cant wait till my man gets back in 2 and 1/2 months hope hes willing to get kinky!

big guy
My wife is a bit of a ho,

My wife is a bit of a ho, which is actually why I married her. I frequently enjoy letting her screw my friends or sometimes random guys she meets at bars. I remember one time she sucked my friends dick in the back seat where everyone could see all the way home in our car. She once fingered herself in a movie theater, while wearing a miniskirt while me and a friend watched, then went out and had sex with him in my car in the parking lot in broad daylight! She really likes giving blowjobs while i'm driving. The sexiest thing she does is dress up in lingerie and high heels when my friends are at our house or dresses really sexy when we are out with another couple so she can seduce the husband. I really enjoy watching her get ready when she wants to screw her friends husband, thats sexy! I know every time she puts on a skirt and high heels she wants some new cock.

You have quite the open

You have quite the open relationship, huh? Not to be offensive but DAMN!


How to you think is the best way to persuade my gf to have public sex, like we've done some things e.g. sucking off, but we havent had sex. It was really hot as we were walking bk to the car park to get picked up and we were both drunk, and as we were in a field we were talking about sex, i i basicly said tht she would e to scard to do anything in public, she said she wasnt and she then proved me wrong by getting my cock out and sucking it for a wile, was so hot.

I did this basically when my

I did this basically when my ex and I started having sex we atcually had to stop because we were almost caught by security. But fun and recomend it


I remember last year me and my gf had sex on a beach in gran caneria omg haha it felt seriously out of this world! the beach was quite packed and there was people to the right of us but not to the left haha my gf was just laying down on the blanket wearing her amazing swimwear, and i just climbed on top of her, slipped the panties down and got it on haha... I don't think anyone noticed it lasted about an hour... we both loved it but i could tell my gf was trying not to scream too loud haha still amazing, it was like 40 degrees that day and i think i got sunburnt on my back hahahah people you gotta try this!!

EDIT: I would love to try it in a library hahaha that would be sooo jokes!

Public sex is fun and

Public sex is fun and exciting. One of the hottest times was on the beach at dusk. Just enough light to see each other clearly and someone walking on the beach, but not enough light to make things out well in the distance. We sat down and she said she felt like getting naked which was a surprise for me and she stripped down and just laid down. I did the same and joined her laying there nude. Before long we had both reached over and was manually working each other. I finally moved over and went down on her licking her sweet wet pussy. She loved it. Then she needed my dick in her so I happily followed her wish. What a great time that was.

Another time we were enjoying sitting by the indoor pool at the motel we were staying at. No one was around and so I reached over and slide my fingers under her swim suit bottoms. It wasn't long before I could feel her getting wet. I pulled her bottom to the side and slide my finger in her and gave her a nice finger job. She wanted to give me some action so she reached over and grabbed my cock through my swim short. I was hard as a rock, but having her rub me through the material wasn't real great. So I interupted my fingering action and pulled my swim trunks off. We then went back to work on each other. She made me cum and watched me squirt cum on my stomach and then I finished her off. We jumped in the pool to clean up and never did get interupted.

public sex

My wife and I have had a few public sex encounters, it usually happens when we've been drinking, but at least it happens. The first time we had sex in public, we were out with a group of friends and I could tell my wife was getting frisky. She walked away from our group and headed towards the womens bathroom at the bar we were at. I asked her if she needed any help. She turned and winked at me and motioned with her finger to follow. I was instantly turned on. As soon as we shut the door, she dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out of my shorts and began sucking my cock. After a few minutes, I puleed her to her feet, kissed her and slid her skirt up and pulled her pantied to the side. Her pussy was so wet! I picked her up and put her on the counter and fucked her pussy for a few minutes. I was about to cum and she pulled my cock out of her pussy and spun around, bent over the counter and spread her ass cheeks and said "I want you in my ass" That was her first time anal, and she loved it!

Another time we were out and we both looked at eachother. I paid our bar tab and we left. We were parked in a parking garage. We no sooner got to the car, she turned and we began kissing and touching eachother all over. She unzipped my jeans, and then she quickly pulled off her pants and panties and I picked her up and fucked her on the trunck of our car. A few cars drove by as we were going at it. The passer-bys just smiled and waved.

I want to have public sex

I want to have public sex really bad, im just too worried id get caught.

Thats the best part!!! The

Thats the best part!!! The thought of getting caught, while engaging in sexual extacy. My wife and I have a wedding to attend this weekend. She told me that she's going to not wear any panties, and intends to fuck my brains out anywhere we can find to do it!
Just go with the moment and enjoy eachother where ever you can. Most people usually look the other way about it, but the next day they have a great story to tell their friends. I had never thought to much about public sex until I saw a couple going at it in a car at a rest area along the highway. From that point, I thought about it all the time.

Down the interstate

My gf never wears panties so it makes it super easy to have this kind of fun. One of her favorites is to drive down the interstate giving me head. She kneels on the seat with her skirt hiked up to expose her p*ssy and a*s then leans over to take have fun. Listening to the truckers as we pass, on the CB, makes it that much more fun.
Public is awsome.

Love enjoying sex outdoors

Love enjoying sex outdoors and in public. We usually find a secluded place to enjoy this. Have been caught or almost caught a few times.
On a picnic I was naked and she had on a nice sexy lingerie outfit. Couple came walking up the road and walked on by.
Camping with a group once and we hiked away from camp to be alone. I was between her legs giving her oral and we spotted another couple hiking on the trail. We stopped before they saw us.
We were having car sex at night and were both naked alternating giving each other oral. Parked at a meter and the meter reader came along so we started up the car and left. Had to get dress once we got back to the hotel.
We were nude in a hotel hot tub and heard the door open so we had to stop. Person just looked around and left, so we got to finish.

best places!

I've had sex in public a lot and I want to share with you the best places that I have found:

hotel hallways
phone booths (if you can find one, amazing positions!)
parks (the bigger, the easier to not get caught, for example I've had sex in Central Park many times)
secluded parking lots
trails/boardwalks in the woods
empty classrooms/lecture halls


Some of the best places I've ever had public sex:
Cinema - no, we didnt get caught, but yes it was uncomfortable! So worth it though!
Public woods - kinda muddy, and we did get caught! But it was an old man which for some reason just smiled and carried on walking his dogs...
School (outside councillors office) - this was after school, so not quite as daring, but we are waiting for the oppurtunity to do it before leavers day!
Car - luckily i live in the countryside so there are lots of backlanes to explore ;p and also a range of different positions can be used for deeper penetration. My personal fave is leaning against the side doors (while in the back seat) and being drilled as fast as possible!
All in all, public sex is AMAZING, so thrilling!
And yes, the possibility of being caught DOES turn me on! ;)
Have fun trying some out for yourselves! :)

y would you do that

Sum of y'all don't have no respect for yourself

public sexx

Omg!!! My Bf And I Were Boared One day At His Job- A Boring Accountant- So He CAlled Me Over And He Said " Here, Now, Please!!!!" We Did It. Then His Fu**ing Boss CAme In. Luckly We Were Like Done. His Boss Yelled At Me. I Kicked Him And Told Him To Chill. Then Out Of No Where My BF His Boss And Me Were Having A Threesome!!! In My Bf's Office!!!! It Was Like SWEETT!!!!!!!!! Then We Got Boared And Stopped. We Did It For The Next 3 Days.

the most outrageous public

the most outrageous public place i have had sex would be the police station of the college i go to. my boyfriend works there. he was working one night and i came to hang out. after a little while of watching t.v. he got bored and decided that he wanted me to be his entertainment. and it was really it was.

School xD

My boyfriend and I had sex in the upper parking lot of our school during our state assessment. We've both already taken it but my parents thought I was going to school early for this class.
Instead I skipped and we just chilled in his car. He brought a blanket so we could sleep, but... Well, sleeping didn't happen ;D

It was so exciting because it was a place where I knew everyone. But the risk of getting seen was relatively low. Especially with the fogged up windows haha.

Public sex

If you wish to have sex in public places, it's got to be quick, daring and half dressed. For a woman, no undies, for a man a loose fitting pants. A woman must realize that semem, which is a sticking point when moving on is best if ejaculated fully inside the vagina or if oral than swallowed cleanly, got cleaning material...
If you into anal sex , than public sex is relatively easier as it's only a protuding Ass that requires an erect cock opened through a zipper fly. Pushing it in from behind is not so noticeable and it's fun...but only for those whose anus's are stetched to accomodate a penis without pain.

Cheating in Public

Now this is what I call exotic. As I am in a semi-open relationship with my wife (threesome etc), un beknown to her I found her "cheating" on me in a public place. I happend to be at her workplace and in her office , she was doing oral with her boss. It was great watching, as what she does on me I can't see,but what she did on him gave me an insight of what she feels and how her expression is when she does oral on me . Now I can actually see how she manipulates a penis and at the same times extracts semen professionally. I don't mention it to her, but often now I know beforehand that she has been up to something, when we make love together. I mean traces or taste of semen in her mouth, A semen stained panty etc.etc.Got no hangup about it because I started the open relationship.

So Lost

Hey im 16 and i have a newer bf and we have been dating for about a month now. He says he is ready for sex and so am I...we are going ice skating on friday and he wants to have sex and im not a virgin but im really nervous cuz we've never done it together before. idk what to tell him. i want it soo bad but the thing is he wants to do it in his parents car or behind the building somebody help so lost idk what to doo!


public sex has to be the best. the first time i tried it was by some railroad tracks in the middle of winter -- it was new years eve, and his parents were home -- and in that relationship, it moved onto in a park, in the high school a few times, public bathrooms, the beach, and, my favorite, the dressing rooms in stores.
it's exciting, the thrill of being caught and all that. i suggest this to anyone who is having relationship troubles. That is, a boring sex life with their partner.

Oh the wonders of public sex

Several places at the high school I used to go to (behind a stairwell, in the theater prop closet, behind the curtains in the amphitheater), car sex is always phenomenal, and in the hot tub :D