Sexual Exhibition

Do you remember as a kid the first time that you stumbled upon a nudist sunning at the local lake, or even your friend’s sister coming out of the shower? Do you remember the rush, the sense of excitement found in that illicit moment? We all have felt that surge of adrenaline of catching or being caught in a compromised position, and there are a whole bunch of thrill-seekers out there who have tapped into this type of excitement, and have created a sexual lifestyle from it.

There are three basic types of exhibitionist-type behavior that you can enjoy with a little guts and gusto. First off there are exhibitionists who wish to display themselves sexually to other people, singly or in groups. Their intent is usually to surprise and/or sexually arouse the viewer, giving the exhibitionist an ego rush. The second is to display themselves and their partner sexually to other people. The third and perhaps most accessible to the general public’s more restrained tastes is sex in a public place, but without the intent to let others see. This version is more about the possibility of being caught than actually the desire to be watched.

The voyeuristic aspects of North America are fairly all pervasive. For example streaking at sporting events has become a common occurrence, and fairly accepted. Paparazzi have demonstrated the public’s almost unquenchable desire for nude or almost nude celebrities, whether on the beach on the French Riviera or on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Even more Extensive evidence of this exhibitionist popularity can be seen with the success of "Mardi Gras Flashing" websites, almost always featuring women (rather than men) voluntarily exposing their breasts, buttocks and/or genitalia. A similar, and more comedic but still overtly sexual, version of the same can be seen in the Girls Gone Wild enterprise.

We all have a small desire to be seen and to perform our sexuality for acceptance and ego boosting. Try it; you never know, you might just love it.

Getting Started

They say that to begin to do something scary you have to visualize it and then start in small increments. There are a number of different ways to acclimate ones self to the eroticism of being naked and exposed in public. By becoming comfortable to the act of exhibiting one’s naughty bits to the world, the pleasure derived from the expectation of discovery can be primary and not hampered by ill preparation. Watching videos that have exhibitionist fantasies can be familiarizing and potentially increase the desire and the wherewithal to carry out the fantasy. Some experts recommend starting off by either being naked in the privacy of a back yard or by making love to your partner with the blinds up, but lights off (this works best at night), so that it seems as though people walking by can see in.

Getting comfortable with the concept is what is important here. So any opportunity, like camping, or nature walks, that have the seclusion to reduce the possibility of being discovered to almost zero, should be capitalized upon. By practicing in this manner you and your partner can warm to the process and the ins and outs.

One way to increase comfort while preparing to perform some public lasciviousness is using masks or costumes. Sometimes it's easier to show off when your sure nobody will recognize you. Whatever it takes, a domino mask, or a full-fledged head mask to make you secure enough to shed your inhibitions and perhaps your clothes.

Another thing to consider is clothing. Sure, raising your shirt, lifting your skirt, or dropping your pants is always great for a quickie, but it's clumsy. To get naked fast you need clothes that come off quick, but they also need to make you look normal when you need. A trench coat is an obvious choice, but during warm weather a light button up dress is even better. Overalls are just as quick to get off, and can be used for basic exhibitionist shows too, if you find you're not ready to go all the way. You can also get tear-away clothes like those used by strippers. They're secured at the seams with Velcro so they can be removed quickly without any effort. If you can’t find such things and are not an expert in sewing, you can always try track pants, also known as tear-away pants.

Experiment with different ideas, keep it simple and try to enjoy it. The most important thing about this process is to remember that practice makes perfect, and that if this is something that arouses you, take it seriously, so that when you venture out into the real world.


Like any new activity you don’t want to climb Everest before you see if you enjoy humping up Kilimanjaro. Before you start humping in the middle of your chemistry class here are a few hints for the novice exhibitionist. When you have graduated from the small stuff, we have suggested a few more risky intermediate locations. Finally, as the student becomes the teacher you own creativity will be tested. We have sketched the details but have left the master 'strokes' up to you.


Not all of these suggestions are meant to be places or ways to have sex with your partner. Some are simply fun and exciting ways to show off a little skin and get comfortable with exhibition in general.

Joy-Riding – This is a great beginner, whether it is just getting naked in a moving car, or doing a little heavy petting while you or your lover is driving, the exposure is minimal and allows for easy getaways.

Off-Roading - Beside a busy highway is a great novice spot to show off your goods. The best is if you can find somewhere adjacent to a highway, like an access road or something that overlooks the highway but is inaccessible from the main road. This will reduce the exposure and contact with people. So if you want to do a little flashing, or a bit of bumping and grinding, this is a fun way to do it without risking too much. It is nice as well because you can choose location based on distance from the highway, close for more exposure and little further for the faint of heart.

Skinny Dipping - This is a great way to practice taking it off outside of the home, if you can find a private place that is secluded enough for your liking.

All Aboard: Lover’s Lane - Once people get settled in their seats they don't often move around. Choose a quiet time of the day, and wait until your train has moved off. Then start the show. Having a woman who can show off breasts or lift their skirts can be very arousing and easy to conceal. Using digital stimulation is easy in this situation without getting caught. Of course, you can vary the danger depending on the time of day, so that it is busier, with more people about.


Take the following suggestions as hints for increasing both the risk and fun of exposing yourself and your lover to the rest of the world. The more flesh the more fun.

Don’t Freak the Fish - A great place to get scandalous is in the water. Many times you can find beaches with varying degrees of population. The water provides great cover, and you can literally make whoopee in front of hundreds of people without them ever being the wiser, though some discerning beach goers may get what is going on.

Why, is That Acrylic or Oil you Wearing? - This is a great one for the solo- female exhibitionist, and even her voyeuristic partner. You can buy cheap body paint in toy shops, and a little bit of practice should result in a reasonable facsimile of a bikini top... People 'see' the bikini; they don't see that there isn't one.

Try Her on for Size - Go into a change room but leave the curtain just slightly open, so that if someone is at the right angle, they might be able to see into it. There are lots of levels of daringness here; the extent to which the curtain is left open and what you two are doing in there. You can go from just being nude to all out naughtiness.

When the Moon hits Your Eyes... - Start going out late at night. Especially in the summer, cool night air is lovely against the skin. Try walking along the road with nothing on under a light coat. Find somewhere comfortable to disrobe and then use your imagination. You can start by just being naked and move on to more adventurous things.

Just a walk in the woods - Take a walk in the woods, off the beaten track. It is good a place to get serious about exhibitionism since anyone who stumbles on you two will probably not be too disturbed.

There’s Enough Room for Two!... - Photo booths are not just for taking photographs to put into your passport!


This is the big league. Let it all hang, out, but be careful the stakes just went way up.

It’s a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood - Early morning, everyone should be in bed, but you never can tell. Use your imagination.

It’s a Party in My Pants... - Get a little too excited at an open air party… people don't usually care what happens when they're celebrating New Years, Fourth of July, or even listening to their favorite band at an open air concert.

When this Car’s a Rockin'... - Drive-ins, if you can find them, scenic car parks or even your local Wal-Mart parking lot, can make for some risky fun. Display, play, whatever, with a willing and enthusiastic audience.


The following are some suggestions on how to reduce harm and exposure and otherwise good exhibitionist etiquette.

  1. Do NOT do this in front of children!

  2. Check out the location before you start.

  3. Plan an escape route or explanation if the worst happens.

  4. Remember that other people may not like it, so be respectful of them

  5. Remember that you can get away with more than you think

  6. Have something available for cover up.

  7. Go at a pace that is comfortable for both of you. A daring exhibitionist is a confident exhibitionist. **This only comes as a result of experience, so don't rush it.

  8. Clean up after yourself, especially if you use protection (which you should!).

  9. Always be on the lookout for good sites

  10. Don’t be too surprised if you end up on a web site...

wide one
various locations

just a few places we've been in public
driving in the car, either her giving me a BJ while i drive, or me fingerfucking her in the passenger seat.
lifting her dress and fondling her ass while walking along a beach boardwalk, ended up 69'n on a secluded area of the beach
ate her pussy and gave her a rimjob while she was bent over the trunk of her car in her apt parking lot
ate her pussy while she sat in the passenger seat of my truck with the door open, in a busy airport parking lot.
ate her pussy in the pass seat in a restuarant parking lot afetr breakfast, door wide open
fingerfucked her under the table during a black tie dinner
middle of the living room floor during the holidays, her 3 kids were 20 ft away in another room playing.
on the back of my bike @ daytona in a campground, just as the sun was setting
in a tent in a busy campground, mid afternoon
fingerfucked her in an elevator after a formal dinner/dance
BJ in the garage while i was working on her car, with the overhead door open.

Camping Nudity

We were camping and had one of four campsites all to ourselves. I started to walk around nude and soon my wife joined me. We spent a few hours like this before there was a car that came by and she hurried and grabbed clothes to put on. I just grabbed a towel and covered until they left. Then continued on nude. the next few days I spent most of my time nude, but she only went topless.
The last day we were there, another couple came by and took one other campsite. I thought this was the end of my nude time but was surprised. I was walking by their campsite and stopped to talk. During the conversation I had mentioned about our clothing optional enjoyment having the campsites to ourselves. They told me to continue on if I wanted since they had done enjoyed clothing optional camping and had no problem if we continued. In fact she suggested I surprise my wife by walking back nude which I thought would be fun. I stripped down and did just that. Boy was she surprised when I walked back nude and upset thinking we would get into trouble with this other couple. I told my wife it was their idea. She was hesitant to join in until she notice this other couple joining in. He was nude and she was topless for when my wife had walked by their camp on the way to the restroom. My wife was nervous when the other woman said hi to her and walked over with her tits fully exposed. My wife was embarressed seeing her like this. During the brief conversation, this woman confirmed the enjoyment of clothing optional camping. A little while later, my wife decided to join in and took her shirt off and joined in being bare like this. She was nervous about this but also was enjoying the top free experience. A few hours like this and she was becoming camfortable. We needed water and so that meant walking to the restroom area and past this other campsite. My wife jokingly dared me to do it nude which I took her up on that dare, but told her she had to join me. She wasn't going to go but gave in and off we went. We walked by their campsite and they waved at us. My wife commented as we were filling our water container how comfortable and exciting it felt to be nude like this in front of other people. On the way back, they were following us and waved us over. We went and there we stood talking to each other, me totally nude and my wife topless. I was pleased to see both of them nude and got to check out his nice cock and I especially enjoyed seeing his wife's nice tits and pussy. I noticed them checking us out also and it felt good. We spent the afternoon and the next day nude in camp until we packed up and left. Even had a visit from the couple as were were ready to leave and I enjoyed on last time seeing their nude bodies and my wife has opened up to more clothing optional camping with the right situations.

One time we had gone driving

One time we had gone driving on a dirt road and came to a nice little lake at the bottom of this hill. We drove down to the lake and it was nice and sunny and warm when we got out and went for a walk by the lake. We started to makeout and ended up naked by the lake having sex. When we finished and were getting dressed, we noticed a car parked up the hill from us and there was a couple watching us getting dressed. We don't know how long they were there, but at first we were embarressed, but then it was a little exciting thinking they had been watching us. Apparently the road took an unexpected turn we hadn't know about to the area they had parked.


I love the idea of having a secret double life, as far as my friends know i'm extremely innocent (or as innocent as someone who lost their virginity at 14 can be), however my neighbours know a contrasting side to me, as I live opposite flats that are rented to different people every week; I feel no shame in stripping with the curtains and windows wide open (often I enjoy to do the same with my legs). Depending on who dares to glance over from the flats, i may feel obliged to put on a little show for them, rubbing myself, or having a shower whilst they watch. I love the feeling of exposing my big tits and tight p***y to those I will never meet again, doesn't matter if they're male or female as long as they're hot and up for it.
Alexia xxx

big guy
My wife loves to dress sexy.

My wife loves to dress sexy. She loves wearing miniskirts without panties, black stockings or crotchless tights, along with blouses that show her titts and cupless bras. She loves for guys to want to fu** her and so do I. I love to watch her act like a slut when we go out, especially when she has told me before hand that she wants some new dick. She is so sexy and such a tease, she lets guys touch her, while she touches back. Eventually she wants to taste their cock and fu*** their brains out. Very sexy and HOT!

parking lot

parking lots are great !!


this is hilarious because i used to be streaker back when i was younger I would skinny dip all the time, in a lake in a pool in a water balloon fight... pretty much at any time my panties would get wet I would take off my cloths like a dummy... There is a lot of pictures of me on the internet but I don't care I was just having fun.
I stopped when I met my boyfriend though he didn't like it too much when wee were at his friend's condo and I jumped in the pool absolutely NAKED! He hated that.
I felt ashamed so I never did it again, until maybe Halloween when he went away to L.A I took of my cloths at a party...
I obviously got a problem with streaking.
But I couldn't imagine going out in a trench coat that would scare me because I don't have a car, I only take the train. I'd be scared of getting raped.

sexist during sexual exhibition

why is it that a lot of people find it offensive if a male exhibitionist is around, but when a female does it its "fine".. or a lot less offensive?

sexist !

My venture into this has

My venture into this has been to have sex in a public place with the intention not to be seen by others. The fact that we might be seen is one of the exciting aspects to this, the other is to just enjoy sex in a place other than the bedroom.

I have also come across people having sex out in the open and have enjoyed watching them. Usually it has been at a distance, so I really don't see much, but I still know what they are doing.

I do have a fantasy of being in a hot tub somewhere with another couple. I start to enjoy feeling my wife with my hands and the other couple starts the same thing. Before long we remove our swim suits and the other couple does the same. Before long I have my wife on the side of the hot tub giving her oral and they also join in. Then as I am fucking her I get to look over and watch the other couple fucking each other also. But this is just a fantasy since she is very shy about doing anything if other people are even close to us, let alone in the same hot tub.

One of the first times my

One of the first times my wife and I did sexual exhibitionism was driving in the car. We were on a road trip and I unbottoned her blouse to expose her tits in her bra. After awhile, she reached behind and unfastened her bra leaving them totally exposed while driving. I enjoyed the view and I think some of the truck drivers we passed did also. We finally pulled over on a side area and got to fuck each other. If someone had pulled in the pull out, we would have been caught, but got away with it.

Did a walk in the woods once. Well it was actually a picnic and we had driven on a dirt road to find a nice secluded place. I was naked with her rubbing my cock with her hand. She had on a nice sexy lingerie and was sitting up working on me. I heard a noise and looked over and there was a couple walking up the road. I just rolled over on my stomach with my ass exposed. My wife layed down on her side. Probably gave them a good ass shot with her thong teddy, but there wasn't anything else we could do. Once they went by, we went back to getting it going and enjoyed fucking each other outdoors. Never did see the couple come back, so they must have found another path.


I think Lizz is a bit outrageous. She is really going for the sexiest in exibitionism. My GF is an exibitionist but in her own right. Dressing scantily in public, no undies, and making sure that there is limitation to her exposing and sexual part of her body naked. She enjoys doing this but prefers this type of dress code when she is in my company. As far as sex is concerned, she dont mind we do it in a say hotel room with the curtains open enough to give the public a view. By the same token (when she is with me) she normally goes braless on the beach and at home very seldom will she be clothed to cover her whole body.The neighbours has some tounges wagging, but because it's her nature to be like that, she is quite comfortable. We have tried some kinky tricks, have been spotted, but really most people just overlook the scene.Exibitionism can be fun, but lets restrict the outrageous ones out of the way of the under age and always be respectful of others.


A little more has now come into play as far as my wifes kinky tricks are concerned. She is now in the habit of actually pushing her finger in her pu..sy and licking it off, or rubbing her mound (masturbating), fondling her clit etc. all this done while watching Tv or doing some house hold chores. Also these days she blows me fully, but it must be somewhere where a view is slightly open to an adult public.(like in a cinema)

oh lizz! please post more! i

oh lizz! please post more! i get so wet when you talk like that.

Haha, my family has left for an appointment and I'm at home alone and sitting at my computer naked. And if someone dropped off a package on the porch, they'd have to have seen in the windows at me naked. ooh this feels so nice! Lizz you must post more! I want to get even wetter!


Another tip for exibition. Get a good seat in a restaurant and be visible by alot of people (not children). Dress scantly and like me with no panty on got my Guy to sit opposite me. While enjoying a meal his foot fondled my mound in half view of the public. Great feeling especially when this turned other couples on.

wide one
we were inattendance at a

we were inattendance at a black tie formal awards banquet.
large round tables with long tablecloths

her LBD, heels and hose were too much for me to ignore. several times during dinner i reached under her dress to fondle her, i soon realized she wsnt wearing pantyhose, but thigh highs. i kept reaching farther, and farther, i was so close to her pussy, i could feel the heat.
she excused herself to go to the bathroom, when she returned she laid the black lace thong she'd been wearing on the edge of the table, and said " i thought you might like this" i put it in my pocket, and continued on my quest for her pussy under the table.
i passed on dessert in favor of her sweet pussy.

Anonymous (not verified)
Change room

I like this one and always make some heads turn when fitting on new clothes. Normally I hate wearing undies so that issue is easily resolved and just for kicks, i like choosing some type of sexy knicker, but obviously the wrong size.Conveniently i forget to draw the curtains and I like the timing to be right. a busy shop and alot of people in and out of the change rooms. At the right moment I just fit on the oversize knicker, lifting my skimpy dress up to expose by clean shaven p**sy. i am quite surprised at alot of woman who actually stare in amazement and judging by the looks on their faces wish they could get me down for cunnilingus.If they ask I may oblige.

Anonymous (not verified)
Great Fun

The greatest fun I had with exibition was when I let a body artist use matching washable paint to create a ficticious bra and matching panty on my stark naked body. For obvious reasons I has to shave off all p**s hair and then the artist got working to create an almost true life bra and panty painted on my body. I got into some high heel shoes and did my normal shopping at the beach front store and hardly anybosy noticed the change.It was only on two occations that someone realized that I was starkers. The first was when I bend forward to retrieve something and there was my fanny and bottom mound fully exposed. The second was when I sat down to retrieve something lower down and I could not hold back or cover up my exposed vagina lips. It was great, it was fun but I need to tell my body artist to blend his colors a bit more realistic LOL.

Anonymous (not verified)
Another Way

In sexual exibition it's not always the p***y that counts. The cleft between the t**ts are also a great turn on for men.Especially if those clefts shows signs of having been penis penetrated. With time the tits starts protruding more and if you dare make it visible by wearing lower cut dresses and continously rub your forefinger in between to simulate a c**k, it makes other men wild. As I am bold in adventure, I do risk at times to get a hard c**k actually do some simulation for me...it's great until your guy s***ts then you need to get dried out as soon as possible.

Anonymous (not verified)
Sitting Positions

I am obsessed with exposing, especially my p***y and more particularly if I dont have my undies on. Time and again, during working hours, I have this habit of sitting on my haunches when looking for something that may be located lower down or say on the floor. When my dress retracts backwards, the whole world can see my exposed mound. Great to get others turned on by exibiting my bottom.

Anonymous (not verified)
Lizz is my HERO

Oh you make me so wet when you talk about exhibitioning! You're my hero Lizz! Come and teach me your ways!

Anonymous (not verified)

Sara, if you really want to drive guys wild, it's not parading naked in front of them. What men seem to enjoy most in a woman is to see those things that are partly obscured, but at the same time you sort of become a c**k teaser. You can than decide if they advance you for a f**k, ( I normally do if I am sure it's ok), but the choice is yours. Try this one: With your legs crossed wearing a very short skirt, undo your skirt front buttons and expose your p***y but make sure you dont have any undies on.Do this sitting in the company of men and see how many have the guts to aproach you when you alone. Go ahead thereafter and give him a screw to think about, or a BJ and then tell him to spread the word about how an exibitionist portrays her desires.Good Luck.

Anonymous (not verified)
No Hangups

I still say that a woman should have no hangups about her p**s or tits. The more I expose mine the more petite I look in other mens eyes. I am not into total nudity in public, but I love men to know that I have a mound and tits that can be fondled profusely by any male who has the guts. I am an exibitionist and proud of it. All a man needs to do is feel under my dress! LOL

Lizz I love you

there are not enough women like you in thei world Lizz!!

Anonymous (not verified)
More Comments on exhibitions

This is a topic I just love. It brings my womanhood to the fore and as much as I like to show it off the more I get horny. As I may sometimes drive a man wild by performing those things which invites him to me,(like fingering myself and licking it off) I would also not like to tease his ego too much and if he has the requirements I desire and we are private, I have no problem in opening up and getting laid. For obvious reasons I will tell my hubby about it and this in turn turns him on like a maniac. The best session will than take place at home LOL :)

Anonymous (not verified)
Walking in the house naked

This is another way that I just like to expose myself. Knowing I have a body to be admired, sometimes, when I get home and the urge developes, I just strip and go about doing some household chores. Obviously there will be no fun is someone in not watching and I normally leave all the curtains open so the whole world can peep in. As I have a very large mound and p**sy area, if i bend down it almost seems as if it a hanging garden !!! LOL. I finger it sometimes if there are some curious onlookers.!!! and wow!! the neighbourhood just talks....Maybe some of the others are doing the same thing.

Anonymous (not verified)

I often like to take a scenic route where there are a lot of tourist buses around. I love to open my blouse and expose my tits especially is I am overtaking the bus or standing next to it at a stop sign or robot. I don't usually wear a panty, but if i do i normally remove it and roll my dress right up to expose my P***y. When pulling up next to a vehicle where everything is visible to those who dare to look, I just act totally innocent and oblivious sometimes even digging a finger in my p**sy. I love to expose and exhibit. LOL... Make other men get c**k stands,,,,,,,?????

Anonymous (not verified)

I love this and I must comment more. When I am on the beach I normally wear a skimpy dress as opposed to a bikini or tanga. Obviously I am pantyless and after speading out a towel sit with my knees up thereby exposition my mound ... but only to those walking past me and crossing in front of me. I then rub in my tan lotion and I can tell you that those that see my nakedness at the bottom just go crazy. Sometimes if a guy crosses my path more often than once I merely respond to him by saying "do you like what you see?" Expressions, expressions go along way on strange mens faces. LOL!!!! I love being an exibitionist. I will post more later.

Anonymous (not verified)

I got my strange ways of showing off that I am a sex exibitionist. Firstly like I mentioned elsewhere very seldom do I wear a panty. A couple of reasons here I have mentioned that as my appetite for sex is overwhelming, it's convenient for me to play with myself or use an aid or get someone during the day to finger me. I also go pantyless to enhance my appearence as I dress up very scantily for work. I may also purposely bend or sit in enticing positions and instantly people would see or get a glimpse of pussy. Like reaching out for high places or standing open legged on a balcony.

I dont use swear words in a rage but I love to use them in everyday language. like if one has a conversation about money i would say something like "I think I must go and get a quick f**k for cash around the corner or if anybody here is willing to stick his cock up my ass it will cost him one dollar". Another way of showing off sexual exibition. Experiment and plenty ideas come to mind, but implement them and make it work LOL :) I feel good when I hear the people say "There is Lizz the c**k sucking specialist"

inspired by you (allbeit accidently)

i had my first taste of exhibtion lizz and your right it feels incredible. i live in a dettached house on a country road. one other house is on the same road and it's right next to my bedroom window. a family of 3 live there, 2 parents and an 18 year old girl. shes about 6ft tall with blonde hair and pert 34dd breasts. i'd known her for a while and knew we were both single. her room has a window that faces mine and they are about 4ft apart. one night we both had our curtains open (by coincidence). one week when i was alone at home (parents were on a cruise) i had just taken a shower after a run so i was steamin, wet and naked. as i walked into my room i saw that she was leaning out of hers. i paused in panic and didn't move. she looked at my cock dripping with water and i saw her bite her lip so i locked my door and walked over to my window. i through my towel on the bed and opened my window. she sat upright admiring my form. i decided to be bold and grabbed my cock and started to masturbate. and i saw her eyes light up as it got bigger. i stopped when i was fully hard. i put my hands on my hips and said "your turn". she stood up smiled and closed her window and pulled the curtains. i watched as her sillouette was stripping. the shadow of her perfect figure changing from a girl in a dressing gown to a girl with full rounded breasts. then the lights went out in her room and i could see the curtains opening onto darkness. suddenly her 2 breasts pressed up against the glass with her hands pressed up on the glass beside them. i began to wank again and i could see the faint view of her smiling. so i lay back on my bed and continued to wank. then i watched as her right hand moved down the window and faded into the darkness. she pressed her mound against the window this time and began fingering herself. i couldn't hold back any longer, she was such a cock tease. my head threw back and i came right in front of her, the cum squirting over my window sill. then i heard her window open and she leant out, pressing her breasts together with her arms, she said "looks like you need another shower". i smiled and said "same time tommorrow then?" she smiled back and said "why wait". to be continued...