It sits on the horizon of man’s perfection, alone, holding the key to a life of bliss, free of stress and drama. It sits just out of reach, just beyond our ability to grasp it and enter the nirvana that we feel is due us. No we are not talking about enlightenment, world peace, or cold fusion; we are speaking of that widespread desire of males to give themselves fellatio (a.k.a. a 'blow-job'). Doing it to one-self is properly known as 'auto-fellatio'. Attainable to only the most talented yoga masters or well-endowed porn stars, autofellatio still stands as a source of lore, legend and urban myth. It is the height of masturbatory fantasy for some men, a morbid fascination for others and shied away from by others as a challenge to their heterosexuality.

Whatever your position on the topic of autofellatio, entire websites have been dedicated to both the most pornographic representations of the deed and its most artistic. Entire galleries in New York have been reserved for shows depicting the male form self-servicing in a wide array of locales. So why the massive interest here? We can see the roots of this absorption in this peculiarly difficult form of masturbation in history and in our particular sexual desires.

Men like fellatio; this is true, with some exception, en masse. They like the control, the eroticism of the removed source of pleasure and, obviously, the pleasure of a mouth on their genitals. Here is the disconnection from reality. In most cases self -blowing is incredibly uncomfortable, as exemplified in the Kevin Smith movie Clerks where a man dies, breaking his neck, during an attempt to get his mouth all the way to his penis. Though most likely not based on any factual basis, the point stands - bending in half to suck your penis probably is not the most sensual experience. It seems then that perhaps autofellatio is exactly what it seems, just a dream - a funny sexual fantasy that few can do and even less actually enjoy.

Autofellatio History

Autofellatio has had a history fraught with mythological god-behavior, and forbidden desire. In Victorian England many historical paintings depicting such acts were vandalized and led to the restriction of a thorough history of autofellatio from being widely publicized. Despite this, evidence of this sex act can be located as far back as ancient Egypt.

Archaeologists have found hieroglyphs and ancient paintings featuring men performing autofellatio. Academic David Lorton says that many ancient texts refer to autofellatio within the religious mythology of Egypt. He also notes that autofellatio was performed during rituals as a result of the sun god Ra's mythological birthing technique. Ra is said to have created Shu and Tefnut (Egyptian gods) by sucking himself into orgasm and then spitting his semen on the ground.

Egyptologists still argue about the translation of some hieroglyphs and the meaning of divine blowjobs. Some experts feel that the ancient wall paintings mean that Horus, son of the god Osiris, maintained cosmic order by ingesting his own semen and thus keeping the stars in their places. Despite this debate as to the meaning of these hieroglyphs, there seems to be ample evidence that self-fellatio was at the very least a topic of discussion in Egypt.

Current practice

From art galleries in the Upper East Side, to the porn studios of van Nuys California, perhaps the most famous spectacle of autofellatio is the adult star Ron Jeremy. Though it may be hard to believe, Mr. Jeremy (widely accepted as the king of porn) used to be quite thin. In the 1970’s a number of adult films were released showing Ron blowing himself. He notes in a modern day interview, that it was less for pleasure and more for the fact that it was so freakish.

Ior Bock, a Finnish rock musician, has talked openly about his own ability to autofellate. This practice seems to be rooted deeply in Finnish tradition, and is called “saunasolmu” or in English the “sauna knot.” The name likely comes from the practice of getting it on with yourself in the warmth of a sauna, which would relax and soften the muscles, allowing for greater ease of access!

Another interesting place that our enthrallment with autofellatio has taken us to is rib removal and ease of access. Probably the most common source for this urban legend is embodied in Marilyn Manson. The story goes like this: Marilyn Manson had a rib removed to make it possible to fellate himself. This rumour also circulated about Prince, and in another context Cher. In an investigation of this rumour it is clear that in no part of the western world has elective rib removal ever been recorded. This, obviously, is not to say that it could not have been done in secret, but there is no evidence of such a surgery ever being performed.

So with the right combination of flexibility and penile length, the feat is possible. Whether natural selection had something to do with it, ie all the self-suckers never bothered finding a mate, or not, the fact of the matter is it would take the average man years if not decades to be able to enjoy even the bare basics of fellatio. If we may suggest, the best way to get more fellatio is to get better at cunnilingus!

at all

Even if i wanted to do this, im not flexible at all

I've been doing this for

I've been doing this for decades - it's a truly amazing and wonderful thing for those of us lucky enough to be able to do it. It's not a substitute for sex with other people -it's it own thing. Imagine having someone giving you oral who can feel exactly what you're feeling and adjust everything they're doing to give you the maximum pleasure - it's incredible!
I have a Website at for those of you who are 18 or older and are looking for how-to tips and a community of guys who are really into this. We have an active forums section where we help men to get there, and also discuss some other solosex activities - there are a lot of us who can also get our cocks into our butts and get off that way.
It's your body - relax and enjoy it!

I wanna do this help any

I wanna do this help any ideas?

Red Ninja

My boyfriend could suck his own cock when he was younger but has not been able to for years now. I'd really like to see him do it again. I'd get right down there with him and lick his balls and ass to intensify his pleasure.
I would LOVE to be able to eat myself out. I love the taste of my pussy when he puts his wet fingers from my honey pot into my mouth ... so sticking my tongue into my cleft myself would be heaven.

Don' knowfosho
I really want to try this

I really want to try this any tips

teach me

im 15 and my dick is like 6 inches when erect. i'd really love to do this but i can't reach. any tips? im like 5'8 btw.

I am 18 and I can do it ...

I am 18 and I can do it ... Im a dude

haha thats great!

I had an ex-boyfriends who could do that. It was kinda crazy and kinda hot, but whenever he never really did it b.c i love giving head so i did. HAHA! But, i can eat my pussy and i'm pretty tall for a girl. I don't do it often, but i def can still do it =)


if you wanna see real self suck tell me and i will send you a video with me

i would

i would love to see i have not heard or it until now

Very curious and would love

Very curious and would love to see! ;)


... that's impossible!?

i used to go to school with

i used to go to school with a guy who did was kinda odd but hey what ever makes u happy.

Any tips? xD

I've been wanting to try this and I can't really reach lol xD I can only fold myself to where my knees are next to my head that's it xD So any tips rofl


You have to stretch almost everyday to let your muscles get used to it and then go further and further.Dont forget to warm up before stretching.Maybe you can take a warm bath.You must be totaly naked and try to concentrate only on your penis.If you are uncut you can try not to wash your cockhead during the warm bath and don't use any soap.The smell of your body and penis will turn you on more and more which will help you to get closer everytime.Maybe you don't like that too but that's what I do.And try to be alone without noisy people in the next room.Try to put on some relaxing music,not too laud and c o n c e n t r a t e.Take some short breaks.After each break you will get closer to your Boy.Don't forget to relaxe your mind and body en Concentrate.So...........Go for it.

omg i can do this n m bf

omg i can do this n m bf love it when i can lick my self lol as weird as that me b i can lick my clit n some of my pussy lol he loves it

eh confused

hell i'm 10 inches long and even i can't do it, no fair. my last gf watched me try to and then to taunt me she (whos a dancer btw) folded herself like a page and licked herself out (flash bitch). oh well i'd rather have a women do it anyway lol im not sure i'd really want to

sucking dick...mmm...

Okay... guys...

i think its hot that a guy can be flexible to suck their own dick. but why in the fricking world would you want to suck and suck and suck until you cum?

i actually love giving blow jobs. i am probably a pro (shouldnt be bragging, but i am). i think guys like to just lay or sit there while a girl (or guy- whichever floats their boat) goes to town on their dick.

i'm hella flexible. but i am not gonna eat myself out. i will leave that up to my boyfriend. i love to masterbate tho! :) haha! btw- i'm 18. lol


dang thts hot

dang thts hot

well maybe you could like

well maybe you could like meat in the middle and both lick his dick or her pussy... there's a lot of things that turn different people on... personally I think it'd be fun to go down on a girl while she's tlicking her bean. by the way, it's ok to admit it when ur a pro. haha


Any tips on how I can learn to do this? I'm a bi guy n this sounds really hot I wanna try it

From what I've heard

You can try sitting on the edge of something and leaning over but just to attempt this you have to be fairly well endowed and in good shape flexible too this is just what I have collected

I'm pretty well endowed I'm

I'm pretty well endowed I'm just not flexible


My bf couldnt either cuz flexibility try yoga


Wierdly enough lol I actually think this sounds kinda hot My man can't do it even tho he is pretty well endowed (8 1/2 in) he just isnt flexible and has some chub lol he got centimeter away I could probly bend all the way to my pussy but I am not into that lol

Autocunnilingus is also possible...

Even though I've only seen it done once...a few years back I went into a strip club. She had been doing some amazing things, then at the very end of her show...I could NOT believe my eyes! She actually bent and twisted herself in such a way, that she was actually able to lick her clitoris!

However, she wasn't able to get her tongue much further than just at the top of her pussy, but it was still amazing she was able to lick at her clit!

Now I've never wasted money on getting a lap dance from a stripper, as I've always seen it as a waste of money...having a woman grind herself onto my lap and cock, making it hard...and not getting to penetrate her! lol

But I just had to get a lap dance from her, just so I could in the hell can you bend and twist like you do! I already felt I knew the answer, and I was correct...she had practiced yoga pretty much all her life.

I'd rather eat a creampie ;)

I'd rather eat a creampie ;)



my gf

my gf can eat herself out but she says it doesn't feel nearly as good as when i do and its not really a turn on for me anyways

whoa, if i could eat myself

whoa, if i could eat myself out, i would on the dialy basis ;)

People can seriously strain

People can seriously strain their back doing this though, you've gotta know your limits.

Oh ya.

Btw. While sucking the top half I stroked the bottom half. Felt eve better xD....... Lol ......

Holy Sperm!!

While reading this all. I tried it. I fit half. I was like. Holyyy Shiiiiiit This feels GOOD. My penis is Almost exactly 8 inches. I am 14... I stroked it for a while. Then sucked it.... I achieved the greatest orgasm I have ever had.... And this might be nasty.. so dont read if you get grossed out easily. My sperm. Tastes REALLY good. Im not trying to be weird or anything but.. It tasted like... like... gatorade almost. Warm gatorade. kinda salty... Guys. If you can suck your own penis. DO IT. I don´t think im weird. I think im fuking awesome xD.

ShiPanda, It's not nasty at

ShiPanda, It's not nasty at all. Cum is a natural part of life and if any guy says he hasn't licked at least one finger after beating off, he's lying. I like my own cum too. I've sucked my own dick every since i could get it hard. Of course it's better when someone else is doing it, but for those in between times, a little self-sucking is a handy way too ease tensions. And it doesn't hurt anyone so gobble your cock and don't worry about it. BTW, i'm 8.5 and have always been able to put the whole thing in my mouth.

i love 69
i have been trying to for a

i have been trying to for a couple days and i finally got it it can only get like a little more than half an inch in but i'm just gonna try getting further

i love 69
i've tried several times

i've tried several times but i still can't reach it FUCKING SUCKs

too far? too short?

ugh i am sixteen and still cant reach. im 6 ft tall so i figured the distance is just to far. then i thought maybe my dick is too short. how can you tell? how do guys usually measure themselves?

not too far.

I'm 21, 6'3, athletic build. My dick is 8.5in . I Don't remember how it started but I have been able to lick/suck myself since i was 13 or 14. I haven't done it in awhile but I remember I measured once and I was able to get about 4inchs into my mouth. Its not too far you just have to do the occasional stretching its not gonna happen over night, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.

yeah not weird at all, i

yeah not weird at all, i love how a website to give advice has become a meeting place for horney teenagers telling eachother how they get off, kinda gross tbh

wow i would to see this done

wow i would to see this done :]

too far? too short?

ugh i am sixteen and still cant reach. im 6 ft tall so i figured the distance is just to far. then i thought maybe my dick is too short. how can you tell? how do guys usually measure themselves?

lick your pussy
almost there

im 14 and have a 6 inch penis and i can only just lick the tip... soo close now :)

i nko a dude tht can do

i nko a dude tht can do tht

but im not sure why a guy would want to suck himself...idono....i wouldnt want to eat my self out if it was physically possible...

I sure would eat myself out

I sure would eat myself out if I could!

i know this question doesnt

i know this question doesnt belong here, but i figured this is where I'd get the most responses for this...
me and this guy ive kinda been seeing for a few weeks wants to sex text, and i said thats fine, but i dont know what to say to really turn him on? What would turn you guys on loads? Thanks for suggestions :)

cyber sex

You have to have a really good imagination..get comfy and start flirting with him, text sex is tougher than phone sex.. maybe you should do phone sex first.

ive done this alot and just

ive done this alot and just keep telling him what you want to do to hom or what you want him to be doing to you if they where there. it will work trust me!

emphasize on how wet your

emphasize on how wet your pussy is and all all of that stuff. It'll work!

i once reached my head with

i once reached my head with my tongue and if i could i would try it...but fuck, who would want to cum in their own mouth? eww

Why ewwww?

Ive cummed into my own mouth before... its not that gross... but then again, i am bi, so...