Aqua Sex

Aqua Sex

Some couples add extra excitement to their sex lives by getting all wet. Coitus à unda, or sex in water, is a form of sexual activity carried out in, or around, water. Adding another body to the equation - water, that is! - keeps the thrill factor high, but it can make penetration trickier to accomplish. Luckily, our Aqua-sutra will guide you through the slipperier sections.


Indoor aqua activity is a great opportunity to pay special attention to your lover's body. The most common locations to practice aqua sex include indoor locations like the shower, bathtub, hot tub, pool or Jacuzzi.

Sex in the shower (or bath) is steamy, not to mention easy to initiate. Many couples take pleasure in this style of pre-coitus contact as a way to unwind, get clean, and commence fooling around. Even just the sight of sudsy water slithering across one another's body is extremely arousing!

Using a soft cloth or bath mitt, take turns lathering each other up. The feeling is intimate and invigorating, especially when your inner thighs, belly and chest are being washed. To build anticipation, explore everything but your partner's genitals which, once rinsed, can be savored during Oral Sex. On the other hand, make use of the slick soap suds to perform manual stimulation over all of the other erogenous zones.

Catching the erotic wave outside is often a spontaneous venture. When you want to take this activity to the great outdoors, try the lake, an ocean shoreline (so the tides can lap up water all around you), or in the rain.

No matter where you choose, it pays to be prepared. Before you dive into erotic splash play, check out these tips to keep you safe and afloat.


Getting wild while you're wet is sure to be a thrill, but it comes with challenges in protecting against pregnancy and STD/STIs. The major downside of water sex is its effect on Condom use.

Those who find it challenging to put on a condom will have no relief when trying to do so under water. Not only is it difficult to maneuver the rubber, it's hard to get a good seal around the base of the penis.

There's always a chance that a condom will shift or slide off, even in the best of circumstances. Condom slippage is especially of concern when you're fooling around in or around water; the odds of this happening increases significantly, as it's easy for liquid to penetrate past the base of the contraceptive. A condom makes a good raincoat only when it isn't actually wet out. Joke!

There's also no telling how pool or hot tub chemicals affect the efficacy of prophylactics. If there is any concern over pregnancy or STD/STIs, it's best to keep activity limited to a safer sex variety (e.g. fondling, Mutual Masturbation) and save intercourse for post-water play. As a final option, reserve wet sex for monogamous, STD/STI-free sexual partners.


Water might be slick, but it sure has a drying effect on a woman's natural lubrication. This can make penetration uncomfortable or even impossible to do. Water-based lubricants can wash away too easily, so stick to the silicone-based varieties while you're submerged. If you like playing with sex toys in the bath or shower, make sure your lube is compatible with what the toy is made of.


Be cautious of the products you choose to clean the shower and tub enamel. They can leave behind a waxy coating, turning your tub into a more of a skating rink. On that note, using certain soaps, massage oils and bubble-bath while you have sex can create slipping hazards. Lastly, exposure to these soaps and oils may also degrade latex condoms.

To prevent accidental falls, throw down a towel or rubber mat beneath your feet if your shower or bath isn't already equipped with a slip protection. It'll give your feet a bit more grip, though if you're being rambunctious, there'll still a chance either one of those can get pushed to one side.

Be wary of sex in a public tub. In the heat of the moment, this rule might go out the window, but the aftermath might come in the form of a nasty infection. Because women's urethras are fairly short, they are vulnerable to latent bacteria travelling up that way and supplanting itself, eventually causing a urinary tract infection. Yeast infections are also something to be aware of. Germs in unclean water can upset the delicate balance of flora in the vagina, though irritating soaps and bubble bath also have this tendency.


When it comes to safe sex in the shower or tub, common sense dictates that standing intercourse puts you at the risk of falling, and in the heat of the moment, anything might happen. Save advanced stand-up poses for dry land, and consider safer alternatives that keep as many feet on the floor as possible, such as Ben Dover, Bodyguard and Dancer.

Seated and kneeling positions work especially well if you have a larger sized stall or tub. If it comes equipped with sturdy handrails, ledges and bath seats – bonus! They provide extra leverage and support, and add variety to the moves you can accomplish. Consider trying Lotus or Teaspoons next time you want to make a splash.

Final Thoughts

Although there are a challenges associated with aqua intercourse, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some form of erotic splash play with your partner. Go ahead, ride the erotic 'wave'. In the end, we just hope you get wet – in every sense! :)

When I was in Japan, my wife

When I was in Japan, my wife and I got our dive certs. We ended up having sex 30 ft below the surface. It was awesome!!

my bf and i stayed at his

my bf and i stayed at his parents house to dogsit while they went on vacation. we went skinny dipping and had pool sex. it was great to feel his body like that and it was romantic.


Ahh...shower sex :D did it today, although somewhere in between, in the heat of the moment both of us went crashing in the anti-slip mat is useful for accident prone couples like me and my bf ^^ otherwise...would love to try in actual deep water!

i did

its alot of fun i have a 5 foot pool and my gf is a little bigger then me and im not strong at all so at least there i can pick her up and have my way i def recommend it


is sex in the shower better than in the bedroom

it can be better then the

it can be better then the bedroom. from my experience its been better.


I don't know if it is better, but my wife and I have lots of fun in the shower. We use it as a to have fun. There is nothing better than washing off my wife and she returns the favor. When we're in the shower, we only wash the other person. This can't help but lead to some fun. We also use it as a way to clean each other off before some oral fun. Nothing turns me on more than my wife rubbing her hands through my hair as she lathers me up. It is just a fun place to have some fun with your significant other. It is actually tough to have sex since she is quite a bit shorter than me, but we use the shower or bath as a warm up. Then since we are both clean, it's time to get dirty!!

Hot tub

well haavent had sex in a swimming pool yet, but really want to. But i have in a hot tub, we were at a party with one, everyone was drunk, i was off my face. Then some of us got in the hot tub, me n my gf started kissing alot, and so did this other cupple could only fit 4 in) and then we saw the girl get ontop of the guy, so we thorght they must be fucking, so we did it to. We fuck so much that night, later on we fucked sitting on the toliet lid too (it was down and very clean) and few other plces, was one of the best nights ever.

that sounds like a lot of

that sounds like a lot of fun, i've always wanted to have sex next to another couple. I have had sex in a pool and it is amazing I would definately recommend it

:) ;)

Fooling around in the shower is fun!! Can start the act in the shower, but best to finish out if it. Washing each other can be rather romantic.

My boyfriend and I tried

My boyfriend and I tried this over the summer. We used the Lotus position in the shower, got the condom on, all was well. But when we got into it, our wet bodies squeaked and made other weird noises. We couldn't stop laughing, it was so ridiculous. In the end, we postponed the rest until we got out of the shower =)


imma soooooo do this 2nite(: he gnna cumm all ova me hrd!!!!! (:

Sex In the Shower

Height depends a lot too, some positions are harder to do in the shower depending on the couple. Me and my bf have only had sex in the shower once but we have done a lot of foreplay in the shower that really heats us up ;)