anal masturbation

Anal Masturbation

This form of masturbation conjures up all sorts of misconceptions. Some assume that a person who enjoys anal play is perverted or immoral; others believe that partaking in it would somehow compromise their sexual orientation. There are also those who keep the ‘back door’ closed because opening it might make them feel too vulnerable. It is easy to see that perception can have a major impact on a person’s experience with anal exploration.

Being open to anal play is an indication that a person feels comfortable with his or her body. It also suggests that they don’t let outside influences affect the expression of sexuality that feels natural to them. With this spirit of openness, this article will focus on anatomy, sex toys, tips, and methods as they relate to anal masturbation. The information will apply to both men and women, apart from the section about prostate stimulation.

The Anus

The anus is a bodily orifice that is rich in sensitive nerve endings. The primary purpose of the anus it is to eliminate waste from the body (see Sexual Anatomy ). It is an anti-posterior slit in the skin, meaning that it runs from outside of the body inwards. It is one part of a complex system that combines voluntary and involuntary contractions of muscles and other sphincters. The anal canal, which is situated between the rectum and the anus, is about 4 centimetres long; the length varies among men and women, but women’s canals are usually shorter.

The tissue of the anus is very thin compared to the vagina and can be torn if forced. The anus is a one-way valve, meaning that it passes feces out and is not normally designed to allow things in! It is therefore very important to take things slowly, never to force penetration and to be mindful not to over-stretch it. Read our articles on Anal Intercourse , Anal Fingering and for more detailed information.

Does Anal Masturbation Hurt?

Anal masturbation creates a wholly unique sensation. At first, it might seem uncomfortable, but that’s because the sensation is so distinctive. Moreover, a tremendous amount of tension and nervousness can easily manifest in the constriction of the external sphincter; thus, the anus gets tightly clamped, making it difficult to pass anything through it. The best thing to do prior to play is to engage in an activity that can alleviate these stresses, like going for a run or getting a massage. If you follow all of our tips and it continues to feel uncomfortable, don’t be hard on yourself. It may not be an activity that is right for you at this time.

Why Bother with Anal Masturbation?

Anal exploration plays a role in human sexuality, mainly because of the erotic pleasure it can bring. If a person is very aroused when they commence anal masturbation, they can experience quite a range of titillating sensations. With the right positioning, anal masturbation can indirectly excite a woman’s g-spot or man’s p-spot (prostate gland), even to the point of climax. There is also evidence that an anal orgasm can be experienced independently of clitoral/penile or g-spot/p-spot stimulation. Even just the idea of anal penetration can be highly arousing; its provocative reputation and unconventional role in the bedroom can be a real turn on.

There are other great reasons to try anal masturbation. As with any form of masturbation, it is essential to the development of a person’s sexuality to discover the sensations their body responds to, at a pace they feel comfortable with. Playing with the anus is also an excellent way to work on letting go of control and over-constriction; some people are so tightly wound that even a genital Orgasm is difficult to achieve!

Anal masturbation is perfect preparation for anal play with a partner, whether you’re the one that wants to introduce it or are working your way up to a partner’s request. Exploring the anal region on your own may also alleviate any embarrassment you might feel if someone else were there. Since relaxing and letting go is essential to pleasurable anal penetration, solo play may be the only way you gain more confidence at the onset.

Sex Toys

Anal Sex Toys serve a number of useful purposes and are highly recommended for the real explorers. Anal specific pleasure objects act as an extension of the hand, allowing one to easily reach the anus while providing a high level of manoeuvrability. Individuals can select virtually any size they want and can even opt for toys with graduated sizing. Don’t forget about clitoral and penile stimulators; they can be ever so useful for arousal, relaxation, or even distraction!

There are plenty of anal options to choose from, such as anal dilators, butt plugs, and anal beads. These toys can easily be integrated into couple’s play or remain reserved for solo use. The other major advantage of using anal toys is that they are by-and-large produced out of hygienic, body safe materials; they can even be sterilized by means of boiling or putting them through a dishwasher cycle. If you’re sharing your pleasure objects or if hygiene is a concern, incorporate the use of a condom. Only use toys with a flared base. This will prevent the item from slipping all the way inside the anus by way of involuntary sphincter contractions.

Tantric Principles

The principles of Tantric Sex are extremely useful as they relate to anal masturbation. Erogenous zones, such as nipples or genitals, are areas of the body that are highly sensitive to touch; stimulating them can elicit a powerful sexual response. There is a particular Tantric Sex technique that endorses a systematic stimulation of erogenous zones, where parts of the body are stimulated in a certain order. The kiss, lick, caress, massage, and hot or cool breath can all be used to achieve this effect. By the time the last zone of the body is stimulated, an enormous amount of sensual energy has been generated in the individual.

The anus is classified as a tertiary (third-level) erogenous zone, as it is meant to receive stimulation last. However, it is not designated as such because it’s less sensitive; as a matter of fact, the case is quite the opposite! The anus is so sensitive, that stimulation would feel very uncomfortable unless the person was extremely relaxed. This tantric technique demonstrates the close relationship between relaxation and arousal. In order to enjoy anal play, one must patiently wait until the body is in a high state of arousal before pleasuring this area.


There are a few things to do before you try anal masturbation. It really helps to have a full bowel movement before engaging in play, but make sure you wait at least four hours after before attempting penetration. Proper hygiene and good grooming also play an important role, whether you’re alone or with a partner. Wash with gentle soap and skip the smelly shower oils because they have the potential to irritate sensitive tissue. If it makes you feel more comfortable, trim or Shave as much of the genital area as you see fit; if you opt to wax, give it at least a day to rest because the anus may be too sensitive to be touched. Don’t forget to trim your nails if you choose to use your fingers.

Prepare your accessories; this may involve sterilizing your toys or setting up your mirror. The following items with also be useful to have around: towel, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and plenty of lubricant. You can also try an anal desensitizer, which is meant to help to relax the anal sphincter. Products like Apronal Anal Spray by MAKE GmgH are non-anaesthetic and can be used in conjunction with condoms and lubricant. Next, relax! Go for a walk, have a glass of wine, or get a massage; do anything that alleviates nervous jitters. Lastly, run through a couple sets of Kegel Exercises . This practice will help you gain control of unintentional anal contractions. Once you’re ready to play, treat the experience like you would a thorough regular masturbation session.


Massaging others areas of the body while you simultaneously explore the anus will help relax the sphincter. This, along with masturbation and the use of sex toys, will also aid insertion. Find a comfortable position and start to massage the rim of the anus, slowly circling it with a toy or your finger. Spend ample time getting comfortable with this sensation. Using plenty of lubricant, massage the entrance of the anus in the same sensual manner. This will feel similar to Analingus, except that the tongue feels much softer.

On an out breath, penetrate the anus with tip of one finger (or small toy) as you continue to pleasure yourself. Once your external sphincter gets accustomed to the sensation, slowly begin to pump it a little further in, and focus on the pleasurable sensation of the massage. At this point, you can either practice deeper penetration or stay shallow and add more girth. When using an anal toy, build your confidence with smaller items. You may want to massage the anal rim with the object in order to accustom yourself to its rigidity. Instead of simply thrusting the toy, vary the pace of the anal massage and experiment with different angles and different depths. When you sense that you’re about to climax, get ready to slowly pull out the toy: as you orgasm, you’ll find that this creates an extremely pleasurable sensation.

The Prostate Gland (applies only to men)

The prostate gland is surrounded by a thick fibrous covering and is located right underneath the male bladder directly in front of the rectum. Physiologically, this part of the body is essential to the functioning of the male reproductive system. In addition, it secretes a fluid that makes up almost one third of seminal fluid excreted upon ejaculation.

Manually stimulating one’s own prostate is difficult to do, unless you’re very flexible. This is the reason why it’s customary to use a sex toy to stimulate the anus. If a partner is available to assist you, position yourselves in front of one another, have them insert one or two fingers into your anus and commence a “come hither” motion to give you intense Prostate Stimulation. The circular rubbing motion should be slow and gentle to start with and can increase in speed and intensity if the receiver is comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Anal exploration is a sign that a person is open to exploring the pleasure their body is capable of. If you decide to challenge this area of your sexuality, leave your expectations at the door. It may likely take you a few attempts to get comfortable with the process, so stay positive and be patient with yourself!

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Looking For Younger For Mutual Anal Masturbation

I would love to find a younger (18-30) male/female so that we can enjoy masturbating each others assholes. A person's asshole is the most overlooked sexual tool for gratification in an unique way. I live in Las Vegas NV.

Wrong kind of squirt.

I've tried anal masturbation and it feels really good, But It makes me makes me pee. I've tried peeing before i play, but for some reason that doesn't work. Any sugestions?

Really looking forward to this

I'm really looking forward to doing this properly. I've had a few things up there before and it's been amazing. I've been reading up on proper lubes and the toys for beginners. Just worried I'll get a toy that won't fit back there.


I have been trying to do Anal Masturbation for a while now and i am not sure how to massage my prostate. Any tips?

need help

so lets say thers this 16 year old who likes anal he has no toys and he whants them but he dose not want his parents to find out what can he do plz help this boy :p

Keygan Silver
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Thoe i am not quite sure why

Thoe i am not quite sure why i feel this answer is for your personaly i cna answer that. You don't especialy need a sex-toy: use thing such has tooth brush handle and much more. Try to be creative about it! i'm sure can find something that looks mostly like it can enter the hole :P

So my girlfriend and I have

So my girlfriend and I have been dating almost three years now. She said she will not try anal but in the begining she said that she wouldnt try a lot that she has since became open too. We are eachothers first and only. But recently I have started experimenting with anal masterbation and have really liked it. I told my girlfriend and she was totally ok with that but said that she would not finger me. How can I get her into the idea of putting something in there and how can I get her to think about letting us giving anal a shot on herself.

so hot..

ilike this forum

Problem with Anal Masturbation

So recently when using a rather large 7" dildo when I hit the point of orgasm I am now peeing instead of pre cum or actual cum. I still feel the orgasm greatly but it is only urine that is coming out and a TON of it until I am done orgasming, making clean up a real pain in the A**! Any clue here?

pee before you play

pee before you play

anaalll <3

I Lovvvee Annal Sexx ; But Recentlyy Meh and My Bf broke up and Now I'm AlL Anall Horneyy : Anyy Advice On How To FulFill My Selff ?

i can help

contact me i can help you

get some beads and a

get some beads and a dildo...sorry nothing can replace the feeling of the real thing


I like talking to women about this do any girls sweat while they masturbate and anal I do is that weird or what? Any girl wanna chat i have questions please

Do girls like anal sex

Do girls like anal sex because i have been wanting to try it but my girl is only 4'9 and she thinks it might hurt it would be great in any girls could give me some advice

Not all

Not all girls like anal

Some Caution, some advice - Part2

Another thing I was a little concerned about was people asking how to clean out their 'behind' of excess lubricant afterwards.

You don't need to do this. While there is no harm in trying to get [clean] water into the rectum to clean it out afterwards, it's completely unnecessary. Many people will notice a build up of fluid after inserting things into their rectum after about 5 to ten minutes. Often this is mistaken for excess lubricant, but actually its the body's natural way of lubricating you. When you put something into your rectum, after a while the body responds as if you are having problems with a difficult bowel movement. The result is you will find a build up of clear or lightly coloured brown liquid. It can be jelly like in some cases, and some may not notice it at all. This is totally normal.

If you're worried about this you can always pay a visit to the bathroom and eject it by pushing firmly. Depending on how 'hard' and long you've been playing, the liquid can build up in your rectum over an hour or more, so you may find another visit to the bathroom is necessary.

Don't feel you have to 'wash' this out though. Your body will naturally deal with this in the same way it does with any other waste.

As far as "searching around the house trying to find something to play with", here is my advice. Use your imagination by all means, but for goodness sake THINK about what you're putting in there. Some things are suitable, others are definitely not. Anything with a sharp seam or edge is not recommended. The anus is vulnerable to scratching, as is the rectum and it is easy to break the skin. While this might not be a serious injury it can be very uncomfortable and will put a swift stop to your playful activity that you had planned.

Think about sanitation. Sure - it's your bum, and poo goes through there right? But that doesn't mean your bum is 'dirty'. You don't want to be introducing foreign bacteria to your rectum because you can end up with a nasty infection. Always thoroughly clean any object you plan to insert into your rectum or anus.

Lastly - THINK. Think about the shape of the object you're planning to insert. You don't want anything that can "spring" open or get jammed inside you. So use your brain and have fun.

Some Caution, some advice - Part 1

Hi there, all.
While much of the advice given in these threads is helpful, I'm concerned over a couple of things and just wanted to offer my advice. I'm a 30something year old straight male, and have had plenty of practice in the area of anal masturbation.

My concern came about when I saw some people asking questions like "what can I use at home", and "I don't have any lubricant, what else can I use...".

By all means, experiment. I think that's important. But have caution and think about what you're doing. One person suggested shampoo as a lubricant. DO NOT user shampoo. DO NOT use soap either, or anything for "cleaning". When I was in my teens I tried this on my penis and I was incredibly sore for days. I hate to imagine the irritation you might cause your rectum if you use shampoo or soap up there. Shudder.

While I appreciate that many younger people might not be able to afford expensive lubricants, If you find yourself searching I want to strongly suggest that you do try to get your hands on 'KY jelly', or 'probe', or any type of personal lubricant which is designed for the job. If this is absolutely out of the question, there are a few Ok suggestions which I can suggest:

1) You can use (preferably) unscented hand moisturiser. Not great, but OK.

2) Did you ever make flour and water paste as a child? Corn starch (or corn flour) with water and then gently heated. It's thick and slippery, but no where near as good as proper lube, and it dries our fairly fast. Harmless though.

3) Vegetable oil (eg canola, sunflower, cooking oil. NOT animal fat. Vegetable oil will give you reasonable lubrication and will not hurt your body. Can be messy, and might stain clothes and sheets (use a hot wash with plenty of soap if that's the case).

anal sex

I am a male that enjoy anal sex. I use dildos and vibrators. I have anal sex with another man more than 30 years ago. I do not have sex with another person in 4 years. I feel abnormal , maybe I am pervert. Maybe I need help. I want to know the safe way to practice this. No one knows about this anal masturbation.

I did it

in the secret of my room. I used anal plugs to relax my ass and I finished up with a thick dildo that make me feel complete and I have an orgasm. Then i felt guilty but I was satisfied...

not for self but for other ways

i find it strange that i dont like to masturbate by my self with my arse. but if im having sex with a male i would do it i a heart beat with no regreats idk why but i dont like it when i do it to my self doesnt matter if i use a dildo of some sorts i still dont like it... is that weirid or not?

yea that happens...i always

yea that happens...i always finger girl's ass while eating her pussy feelss really good...and she loves it when i perform analingus on her...

cleaning out lube from your butt

now I have never done anal masturbation before so I was wondering what would be the best way to clean all the lube from the inside off my arse? any helpful comments would be highly appreciated thanks


go take a shower....and

go take a shower....and stand staight up...lean toward front and let the water run through ur ass ...then with your hand spread your ass so water can run through your ass this for good 5 min. hope this helps..

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice


ok so i want to analy fist myself but canot get ahold of any lube so wot do i do? any comments wile be very welcom


The best lubricant is a base water lubricant astroglide. You can buy it at any pharmacy like CVS or Wallsgreen.


I use some Vaseline as a lube and it worked great anal fisting is now one of my fave forms of masturbation I had never done it before so I decided to go slow bt I managed to get all fingers and thumb in about quarter of the way as I was interrupted by my mum walking up the stairs (yes I live with my mum I'm only 13)so I quickly had to stop so I might try again tomoz but I am running out of Vaseline.

Any tips on what else I could use as lube?
any comments will be appreciated thanks.


What can a guy do I stick my

What can a guy do I stick my fingers while I jerk off i seeat and all but it's boring any good positions? I do it in front of a mirror all the time? It's boring for guys!

is there any household items

is there any household items that i can use

I used to do this with hair

I used to do this with hair brushes etc. All lubed up. I've done some reading and decided to move to the next level - proper anal lube and some starter toys. Can't wait. Hairbrush felt amazing can only imagine what a properly lubed toy will feel like.

Anything you can put lubey

Anything you can put lubey type stuff on like the backend of a razor or anything to an electric toothbrush

Make sure it is clean before you use it!!


Don' knowfosho

I'm I guy Who has triEd it and it's kinda getting old I mean I've tried a. Lot if stuff would a vibrator work or would it just be like another dildo

me & my bf

My bf and i loves anal sex. He would put alot of lubricate and then use d tip of his penis to play around my hole first before putting in...then he wuld insert slowly and in and out slower.. This way it feels great and less pain :) and i love it!

When we do it we start by

When we do it we start by having reguler sex first so I can get relaxed. Then we used a toy so that I get used to the feeling. It hurts a lot less. Also, the more it is done, the less it hurts.

when we do it...

when we do it i first do oral sex wid my gf...meaning first i like her ass and then play around with my fingers...and after licking her ass for sometime i start to insert my finger and then i insert my dick so its comfortable for her..

Raven of love
I don't have a toy, what can

I don't have a toy, what can I use?

Don' knowfosho
What to use

Almost anything me and my gf have even used the handle of a bat but make sure your ready

Try these solutions....

Best option is to go to a local pharmacy for a back massager which cost around $5.00. That is my toy of choiceee :) and also try fingering it works just as well but lube up before. If you don't have lube use something simple like shampoo. Also another idea for a toy is an old vibrating toothbrush. Remove the head of the toothbrush to eliminate the cost of health risk.

Anal fisting is the way to go. It's easy and you can even do it in the bathtube
:) just put a hand in and slowly to prevent tearing. Email me sometime and i can help you out (:



How can I work my way up to that? I have a ton of toys! I am a guy that loves to have fun.


Idk about guys not my thing

srry cant help you but the female anus seems to differ from male because girls enjoy beads and vibrators guys only enjoy plugs n stuff

Idk about guys


i enjoy anal with my boyfriend but sometimes it hurts so we have to stop is there any way that i can do to help myself get ready for him to go back there and where it wont hurt or should i tell him just to go slow and hold it in there so i get used to him more?

My gf and i enjoy anal sex

My gf and i enjoy anal sex alot and if you take it slow use a good amount of lube and not slam it in its great. Hold it in there not moving really fast untill you relax and then when it feels comfortable he can pump away and its amazing.

I am a little new to anal

I am a little new to anal mas. and was wondering if anyone knows of any household things I could use as lube other than Vaseline? Any objects that would work well too?

Spit, hair conditioner,

Spit, hair conditioner, cooking oil. I have stuck many household items in my ass. hammer handle, screwdriver handle, plunger handle, carrot, banana. ne thing round and long that wont get sucked in and lost! :)


what i like to steal little lube packets from the docs lol and i have this tube of lube i found in my parents car ive had it for a long time and i love it to death im real sad that im almost out

sad times :(

sad times :(


I'm a guy having problems masturbating anally. I use a ribbed object that is free of seams and sharp parts.

I use it in the tub, but when I use it I feel so alive and a throbbing feelings shooting around my body and round my dick.

But then stuff keeps coming out and ruins the moment and especially the water in the bath.

I need help :/

I have a shower handle on a

I have a shower handle on a hose and remove the hose and flush out my ass really good. You can also increase fiber to bulk up your shit.

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Anal masturbation

Anal masturbation works best in a relaxed position and by gradually building up the feelings width gentle caresses by means of fingers, dildos or other rounded smooth tools.