a guide to analingus

Analingus Guide

A small word of warning ... before you start poking around their backside, make sure that your partner is ok with it. Some people are not, and won’t react gently when they feel an "intruder”". Some men will be uncomfortable with the idea initially, because of taboos of supposed Homosexual behavior. Let us put your mind at rest; anal play is thoroughly enjoyed by heterosexuals as well.

If you want to try analingus, but your partner doesn’t, don’t try to force them! You have a much better chance that they will try it if you have their cooperation, rather than arguing with you. Bring the topic up gently on occasion, and help them open up to this experience by getting them comfortable in the area and with the idea.

Cleanliness is essential with virtually all forms of this type of play. Before engaging in Analingus, make sure to thoroughly wash the area. A bath or a shower is a great primer, and can be the start of the festivities. Once clean, licking this area of the body is virtually no different than licking any other, and can be very stimulating for both you and your partner.

Without going too close to their anus, explore their inner thighs and bottom with your hands and mouth. Some people (especially women) have had bad experiences with anal play in their history, mostly because their partner moved much faster, or less gently, than they should have. If this is true in your case, getting them to talk about the topic is a great way to start. By learning where they went wrong, you can prevent that experience from happening again.

A great way to start performing analingus is to move into it after the giver performs fellatio/cunnilingus. The area is really sensitive, so run the tongue around in circular motions, use the tongue to tickle, and when you are both ready for it, even to penetrate.

Access to the anus is a little tougher than to a vagina, but there are several positions that are ideal: laying the receiver on their back with a large pillow to arch their bottom up; the receiver sitting on the giver's face; the receiver bent over with legs spread; the receiver laying on their back pulling their legs back, and the receiver upside down with their legs spread.

Once any part of the giver has been inside the receiver's anus, it should not be put in anywhere else until cleansed. For Analingus a mouthwash/ teethbrushing should suffice. Carelessness in this regard can cause a very serious infection.

There are many nerve-endings around the anus that can make this form of sex-play an absolute blast for both men and women... turn-off the taboos and get totally turned-on!

You need to get used to the smell

The first time I did it with my wife, it was totally spontaneous and both of us were a little drunk. We were out the whole evening and when we go back and started fulling around, she was on the bed facing away from me and she sort of just pushed my face to her ass. Her ass smelled strong and it tasted earthy. She seemed to have been enjoying it, so i carried on for as long as I could, but it was not easy.


I recently had the pleasure of licking my wife's asshole for the first time. It was late one night. My wife only showers in the morning, so by the time I got to lick her, let's just say it was quite ripe! Her ass usually has a sweaty, musty smell that I like even more than her pussy. And let me say, when I licked her asshole, it was delicious! I had no idea what it would be like, but she tasted so good I almost came in my pants! Just thinking of it makes me rock hard!

I agree! I love licking my

I agree! I love licking my wife's ass after a long, hot summer day. The last time I licked her it had been hours and hours since she had showered and I could smell her ass from a foot away! It was so good. I can't wait to taste that wonderful asshole of hers again!

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getting your ass lick

First thing I had never had my ass lick into last year. At first I would run away. Now I am getting used to it but last night something happen that I did not know could happen my mate was licking me and I was so excited that I just wanted to cum but my mate climaxwwithout us putting his penis in me only by just eating me out in my back door. I am happy but confused is this a good thing. Also everytime I think about it I get so horny I want a repeat but I am afraid it was a one time thing.

anal play

I love giving anal pleasure to my girlfriend and would only like the same in return. How do I in a nice way ask her for the same and why is she apprehensive?

A little TIP

For all those that are trying their best to figure out how to get their partner in on this, I'll drop a couple of tips on you.
With my first experience with someone who wanted to provide anal there was two problems: one he absolutely REFUSED to even let me touch anywhere CLOSE to his anus: (anything past the balls was too close). which just reinforced the idea that anal wasn't good (so hint 1: if it's not good for you how can you convince them it's good for them?? -durrr) and two before our second year together he refused to do any sort of preliminary on me (porn and lube had better be good enough!?!?)- it was sometime after this he discovered he wanted to try out anal- by this time most of our sex life consisted of the basics and me having to scrub him off me everytime (not a good relationship by this time)- but maybe he thought it would renew our sexlife????. However, lemme tell you by this time I figured sex with him stunk and why the hell would I let him ruin another form of sex??- let alone trust him with such a sensitve part of my anatomy (so tip two, if you are having selfish sex- it's unlikely you will be convincing that another form of sex will be any different/better).
I have since found a guy that is amazing in every sense of sex: oral, vaginal, manual, etc- and he was able to convince me of anal. First it was only licking while he was down on me, he is skilled, confident, and conforting; he convinces me I'm amazing and beautiful and sexy; he compliments me when we do something new and never makes me feel uncomfortable when I express a desire- whether new or old, unusual or timeless (so tip 3 if you have ever made them feel uncomfortable about asking for something with sex- don't expect them to respond any different). Soon he moved on to the "shocker" while fingering me- and it was because I was shocked on how much I enjoyed him doing it. We graduated to a small dildo and eventually HIM. I love him in my ass now, sometimes more or as much as vaginally. We are now to a point where he is comfortable enough to tell me that he enjoys anal play (which some guys say they will allow done to them the same as they do- but never really mean it- well he does). (which is why I'm cruzing these sites.. i've never been with someone that has been honest enough to admit it).
So the moral of this strung out story, love and patience, encouragement and consideration. If you are trying to get someone to do this make sure these are a part of your everyday life as well as your sex life. that if they have ever hinted or come to you with a unique request- try to fulfill it, they will most likely reciprocate the favor. if your sex life has gotten boring, it's not because there's no anal play- there's no anal play because your sex life is boring(spice it up, do something outside the bedroom to make them feel amazing (do a chore they hate or have been hinting at you to do-take them out somewhere nice, etc.), then continue the acts inside the bedroom). Most importantly if you want it sooo bad never try and convince them they can't touch you in the same area (if you feel uncomfortable about it how do you think they will feel about it, especially if you make a big deal about it- ("if anal play on you is sooo dirty why the hell do you want to do it to me??")) If you are having sex (any kind) with someone you are both sharing something, whether long term or short term you are both entrusting pleasure and a certain level of trust with another person, sometimes we bring past encounters in with us that must be overcome or put aside in order to find what we need-so respect that as well, a poor encounter can last longer then a good one- but a good one can erase a bad one if done correctly.

Second this

If you expect to get anal, you need to get real with your life and also experience it. Once you have your girl do it to you, you will have a new found respect for what she is experiencing. As a guy if you are not homosexual, doing this wont make you homosexual. It just means you care for your partner.
We often hear about the G-spot, well men have a P-spot and if you learn nothing from having your partner penetrate you, you will learn of this P-spot. I forsee in the next month after you find it, you will be calling in sick from work so you can be alone and really explore that P-spot. Once you do you will be very thankful your girl insisted she penetrate you.
Speaking from the perspective of a VERY Hetero male.

i want to but she does not

ok so im more i guess radical in bed like i want to try different things and take things far haha and i want to try anal sex but she is very sure she doesnt and i have been like i guess trying to temp her like ill be eating her out and slip my tongue down there trying to see if she likes it or not or ill joke about anal idk i feel afraid to talk to her about it to though so idk what to do advice?? im willing to take things slow its just getting her to be intrested in it

Getting her off anymore

Ok so I've been having a lot of trouble getting her off thought eating her out and the main reason I'm asking for advice is because I've done this with her numerous times. I was able to get her to cum once and even multiple times before but not the last three times. I don't get it like I'm becoming upset over it cause I feel I'm doing something wrong and she either won't tell me or she doesn't even know so if I could get some advice or more tips cause I've tried all of these on this site on the oral page in the last three times on her and it's still not working. It's on this page cause now she wants to try anal and I feel it is because I can't please her anymore throught eating her out. I have to eat her out because im too "big" to fit in her and shes only had sex once and it was with me but she was drunk( i know that sounds bad but we were dating for 3 months prior to this and decided on doing it that night before we started drinking) so I had to just stuck with bj's an hand jobs from her.How many times on average does it hurt a girl having anal sex? I'm wondering due to me wanting her to enjoy it more then be in pain? Also for anal sex, condom or no condom, does it matter shes on the pill(just in case something were to slip in or down into her after I came this is also before we just stopped trying to have sex) and I'm using lube?

Take it slow!

I think that your first problem is that you've been having a lot of trouble trying to please your girlfriend. Sex should never feel forced or troublesome, the main thing is to feel good. You can always ask your girlfriend (or boyfriend) how they're feeling and if they like what you're doing.

Some people don't always cum no matter how good they feel, that's not a problem. It becomes a problem if it's your only goal in sex.
The best thing for you to do now (I know it
's been months since you wrote this) is to take it slow and concentrate on making yourself and her comfortable. Have fun and enjoy, everything feels a lot better if you don't rush and if you have your heart in what you do. And communicate, that's essential.

What comes to anal and your questions... anal sex doesn't hurt if you do it right. The main things you should do are: take it slow, make her relaxed for example by giving her a massage and then by licking or stroking around her anus before even trying to penetrate. Use lots of lube and once more, take it slow. She won't get pregnant if you cum inside her butt and after having anal sex you should never put your penis in her pussy, you don't want any nasty infections. Condom or no condom... it's up to you. Maybe best start with condom and lots of lube.

I hope everything's gone well with you, just wanted to reply just in case someone else is reading this and looking for advice.

Anal sex

Use lots of lube! Ive used a condom once and the rest of the time we perfer not to because the condom catches and hurts her when lube starts to dry up. Its all about communication and moving at her pace. Try preping her with licking her ass and fingering toys also help loosen up. Try different positions to what feels good for her. It takes time and you gotta be patient. Let her be in charge of it so she can go as far as she is comfortable with. Sex is a special thing which has many different areas to explore.


do you just play with the anal area as you wud with a dick? My bf really enjoys playing with himself with toys, but I want to be apart of the action. I'm open to the idea, but I'm not sure about the technique(s) involved. any tips?

Was uneasy... But now im not so sure.

At first anything having to do with my ass creeped me out. The first time I was ever confronted with it was when guy just put his finger in my ass without even consenting me. He told me he could t help it my ass was just amazing and smelt just as good as my pussy, that was when I was 15. But now im 16 about to turn 17, and ever since I confided in this site im ending up having changed feelings. I havent even had penitration sex yet but thats because I've judge everyones fucking skills by how they are during oral. But now im starting to get super horny off the thought of a guy licking my ass and fucking it too. I mean I already know i taste good around my pussy, usually like cocunut vanilla, and i use the same products on my ass. And every guy tells me their so tempted to eat out my ass because of how good it smells and that it probably taste just as good as my pussy. But now im contiplating if I should do it, because well im so young, and im also now kind of nervous to even ask the guy im in love with since well we havent got to be near eah other since he parents sent him away til this summer, but we fell in love. He says he cant wait to fuck me in my pussy and ass, but im so nervous to ask him to lick my ass. Oh and is it wrong to be ok with lockig a guys ass too just because you enjoy giving pleasure?

Straight guys like it too!

"Oh and is it wrong to be ok with lockig (*licking) a guys ass too just because you enjoy giving pleasure??" If you're sure that he's clean down there (or you don't mind it dirty) I say "Go For It!!"
If you're worried about rejection just ask him to join you beforehand for some hot 'n steamy shower foreplay. When he's distracted, or really into the moment, sneak a soapy finger over and around his dirtiest sweet-spot a few times and your golden! Personally, I make sure I'm clean enough to eat off/out of before every session just in case she decides to probe my ass with her tongue 'cause I LOVE it! but I'm a kinky perv compared to most so,... ;P

I say when your emailing him

I say when your emailing him or texting him, just ask about what he's into, theres no harm in that. It's kind of like an interview, just getting to understand eachothers likes, dislikes, unsures, and fantisies is a great way to deepen your relationship.

Just because your talking about sex DOESN'T mean you HAVE to preform it yet. It's better to get as much info as you can, so you can be confident in your ability to prefom or not preform; its your life. Good luck with your bf.

eating the butt

I have come to the conclusion that I will only eat the butt if the girl is a 10.

Hoping to try some day

My wife is not interested in analingus. She won't even let me touch her there, she thinks it's creepy. It's too bad. I've always wanted to try this, just hoping she'll open up. For now, I can still get great pleasure out of smelling her ass whenever I eat out her pussy. Her ass smells so delicious; it's a pungent, sweaty smell that I love. I long to taste it...

my girl loves to eat my ass

my girl loves to eat my ass out, but i get taken to orgasm and fart in her face and she loves it. she does the same but i dont like it, but is it normal to fart at every orgasm when your having your bum licked. im a 17yr old girl btw.


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HAAAAAAAAAA! HAAAaaa! Haaaaa! Haaaa! haa ha huhh... aww man! heh heh heh. K sorry, what were you saying???

i dont. im also with a girl

i dont. im also with a girl but im 15

I think this is the best

I think this is the best thing I have ever heard that your 17 year old lesbian girlfriend enjoys eating your ass out and having you fart in her face and mouth. This is great. haha

btw-Im pretty sure the fact that you do not enjoy people farting in your mouth makes you a normal person and is not a cause for concern.

hi there
clean enough to eat out [of] ?

Well, I'm glad this site exists , and this topic is being discussed !

I find , after VERY thorough douching , that flavoured anal lube , available at sex shops , helps make the analingus MUCH more inviting , and tasty ! Being a fan of devonshire teas [my folks are british ...what ho !] , I find that my favourite lube flavour is ...STRAWBERRY . [Close second would be cherry , or passionfruit ]. There is also peppermint , for the Colgate fans amongst us . As well as plenty of other flavours that warm or cool the mouth and tongue , and those lovely nerve endings in that nice warm clean pink puckered opening ...yumm ...

So , this is also written partly in answer to the question "how can you like the taste of arse ? " ....Well, when it tastes like a good devonshire tea [provide your own cream , guys !] how could I NOT like it , eh ?!

Thanks so much for writing

Thanks so much for writing such a truly helpful article. I find that I often get overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, for both men and ladies , be clean inside 1st . this is all true for men well known in tantra anal for ladies can hit her g- spot easy in anal sex . this all takes more time than fast sex.
Phone Sex

Need help answering this please :/

Hello, i enjoy giving my girlfriend oral sex, whether analingus or cunnilingus, but so far i have only done this separately.

If nothing is put into her anus, can i go back and forth from pussy to anus ? Or once i am at anus, i must NOT go back to the pussy ?

Again, i am aware that a finger which was in anus must not get in pussy, but how about a licking tongue ?

Thanks to everyone...

Your choice is a very

Your choice is a very nice.Holly starts spreading her wet young pussy. So see as this flawless beauty reveals every parts of her desirable beauty, along with her trimmed pussy as well!
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there's a reason not everybody is on board with this whole ass-licking process...my Mum is a doctor, and she had a lesbian pair who accidently ingested shit. She brought out a whole list of illnesses you can get from eating feces, which include hepatitis A, E. coli infection, salomnella, parasites, tapeworms, and others I don't remember. It is also the same with cunnilingus if you ingest urine. So, essentially, just keep it clean.

want to have Anal

my BF has had GFs who he can just 1-2-3 enter. I am not like that - can't seem to get him in - he is not larger than others but I have never done it before.

I can get a small dildo in there (thin flexible rubbery kind with lube) but can't get him in with lube

I am not sure why I can't and desperately want to. he is not willing do do foreplay and if I try to get myself excited before he gets in the room it breaks the mood.

Any suggestions - I heard that desensitizing lube is NOT good because a woman could get really hurt so I won't use it - I only use normal lube


It's just a matter of time and comprimise. Your bf needs to work with you on this one if you guys want this to work well. the foreplay is crucial so that you can relax back there and it seems as though he may not be helping you out. I tried licking and kissing my wifes hole - on and around then introducing my finger in and out until she was more and more comfortable. Over time she started taking in a small dildo then finally a larger one. It still took time but I was ok with it. the long wait just kept me so horny all the time that when we finally did it I still wanted to keep licking her and kissing her down there. desensitizing lube can work during entry but whether you or him use it or not YOU MUST ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL OF THE THRUSTING. it's your hole so take care of it bc it can tear and you can do some damage. enjoy!!!!

Are there any tips for this

Are there any tips for this ive did this to my gf before in the shower and she liked it but she did feel a little weird about it. Is there any way to help make it better for her?

My boyfriend and I don't

My boyfriend and I don't like anal anything. I'm a very clean person and to be done up there I feel kind of uneasy and I told him that before we had sex. I'm just happy he agrees with me. Although I've heard that it feels good, as for being eaten out there I feel like it's unsanitary no matter how clean you are. Hahaha

i used to think that way

i used to think that way too, then a guy did it to me and it felt great. most people feel the way you do i think, but after experiencing it i looked past the clean issue, it feels too good. i figure theres alot of unclean things we do in life we dont even think about so whats wrong with doing this too?

I myself love anal sex,

I myself love anal sex, specially when the guy rubs also ur vagina, it's the best feeling!
And girls if ur afraid, try it first time with vibrator, relax all ur muscles, and also use lube :)
But it's a great great great feeling!
Good Luck ;)


I love it when my boyfriend does this to me especially when he slips his finger in to, I have always made it a no go zone until my partner asked me could he do it one day and ever since i said yes i have no regrets its the best feeling ever try it girls u will love it


My wife is against 'anal sex'. Has been for a long time. However, as most of you guys must know, when you put your middle finger into your womans vagina, your 4th finger is resting on your womans anus. Over the years, I have slowly attempted to slide my 4th finger into my wifes ass. Finally, while we were having sex the other night, I was able to put my 4th finger into my wifes asshole at the same time that I was masturbating her with my other fingers. To my surprise, she didn't object or freak out. It was a huge turn on for me. I believe that she will not admit to enjoying it for it seems that it is a religous taboo for her. This I can understand. I hope that I can have the feeling of my finger or cock in her vagina while I have my finger in her ass at the same time. It is a great feeling but I think that it will not to be. All woman out there. please send your thoghts. Thanks.


my fiance is locked up @ the moment :( i sooooo wish he could b here ive never had my ass licked but like gettin my pussy licked drives me wild so i wana try

ive always wanted to try

ive always wanted to try this, but never met a guy who would enjoy it. i finally got my boyfriend to rub my anus and we tried anal. but he doesnt enjoy eating me out as much either, but to be honest, ive always wanted to sit on a guys face. how do i get him to do this? it would take alot with him since he thinks ass stuff is kinda nasty, but it drives me wild


Hello kinky s. I am a man that loves to enjoy a womens anus. It doesn't seem to be the norm in either men or women so it's unfortunate for both of that our partners don't seem to be interested. My ex was like you and the opposite of my wife. We had a fantastically varied sex life. I must admit that the smell of a womens anus turn me on immensely, and I also really enjoy going down on a virgina, the smell of which I also really enjoy. I recently managed to persuade my wife to let me go down on her anus. She realised that not doing so may be pushing me into looking else where. Now I go down there occasionally and whilst I enjoy it, she insists on being very clean (I like the smell) and because I know she's not into it like my ex it's not as arousing .
You may be able to convince your fella to do it, but if he's not feeling it then I suspect neither of you will enjoy it that much. Here's a suggestion. If your as kinky as you sound, visit mightyfineass.com and post pictures of your ass. Then loads of like minded guys will tell you what they'd like to do to it.


Depends on the guy, I love to give oral both cunnilingus and annelingus. Also having my face sat on is a huge turn on, for either annelingues or cunnilingus. You would be a dream come turn for me, I am grilfriendless at the time .


This is non sexual. I just want to know what shit tastes like. And don't say I should try it out because I am grossed out by it. I was just wondering.

to KMS

Well then - don't ask! Live your perfect life - hug your plush bears, eat unicorns and pass gas rainbows!


Everyone keeps saying "keep it clean" but doesn't that kind of ruin some of the fun of it? I haven't had the pleasure of performing analingus on my wife yet, but in terms of smell, her asshole smells by far the best after a long hot, sweaty day, especially after she's gone to the bathroom at some point. In terms of hygiene, couldn't I just wash my tongue off afterward? Wouldn't that essentially be the same?

Grand Highblood
i agree but i have to

i agree but i have to say
because it's just so satisfying


i love eating ass...its been a while since i've had a chance...i miss doing it

how to clean up your anus

Keep it clean - use a round brush on the end of your power drill and plenty of disinfectant. Follow up with a blast from the high-pressure hose at your local petrol-station. Make sure you go down the full 14" or however long you are. She should be fairly clean by then, but when you've done, dip your cock in boiling water, just to make sure. If this is too much trouble, use one of her other holes.


I recently started performing analingus on my wife. She loves it along with cunnilingus. The best position is when she's on all fours. This position provides the best access. She has not tried it on me yet, but I hoping she will.

Here's hoping she will too.

I had a new partner and she had hinted at some anal play. She bought an anal vibrator and used it on me while also performing fellatio. It was both extremely enjoyable and painful. We needed to use lube. I had cleaned myself up and was fairly dry, so lesson learned.

I kept suggesting that I wanted to performing rimming on her, and the next time she came out of the bathroom with towels and lotions, but she turned the tables on me, got me over a large pillow and proceeded to take away my anal virginity with her tongue. I was moaning loudly and pounding on the pillow with intense feeling.

So man to man, do your job and clean up first. It might be a good idea to trim away any excess hair. Us guys know how we like a trim bush. Then get comfortable and allow her access.

sounds great

I have wanted to perform analingus on my wife ever since we got married, but she's not into it. There have been a couple of times where I unintentionally slipped and she said no. This was before she was really comfortable with cunnilingus, though. Now, she wants cunnilingus all the time. I hope to try analingus again...I love the way her anus smells. Sometimes, when we're being sexual, I will kiss her around her anus and can catch a whiff of it...soooo good!

big guy
My wife and I are relatively

My wife and I are relatively young and have been together for a long time. She started out unsure of anal sex, now she loves it. I have also had the pleasure of letting other men have sex with her. There isn't anything hotter than watching your wife get all dressed up in high heels, miniskirt, black crotchless tights, no panties, low cut blouse, and cupless bra, all made up, knowing she is going to have sex with other men!!!!HOT!!!It makes our sex life very enjoyable, and is very erotic. I really enjoy watching my friends have sex with her, she enjoys seducing different sex partners

I personally love anal sex.

I personally love anal sex. but idk how to get my man to let me touch him there. i have tried very slow actions just a little at a time but he seems very against it. when i try to talk to him about it later he says its just wrong. i fear that he thinks on homosexual men allow that and idk how to explain to him that it is ok. or how to get him to realize that (according to things i have read) it feels just as good if not better for the man than it does for me. any advice?

anal with your man

hi how you doing i was reading up on the thread and im a man and i think it has to do with the fear of thinking he is going to be put under the catagory of a homosexsual. but if u talk to him and tell him its between him and make him feel comfortable. and one suggestion is to try to please him in other ways and when u r just start caressing his butt and little by little let him get used to that and hoprfully he will open up