anal fingering

Anal Fingering

If your partner is not open to this form of sexual play, don't force the issue! If your partner refuses, try to open them up to the idea by exploring the area more often with your hands. They'll slowly get used to being touched around there, and it won't seem as big of a deal. But ultimately if your partner says "no", then accept it graciously and try something else you both like!

Cleanliness is essential with virtually all forms of this type of play. A bath or a shower is a great primer, and can be the start of the festivities. Once your finger(s) or Sex Toy has been inside their anus, don't put them anywhere else until you wash them. Carelessness in this regard can cause a very serious infection. Make sure to have a good lubricant, use plenty of it, and start as slowly as possible the first few times. Assess their responses to your actions and react accordingly.

Be sure to clip your fingernails quite short before doing any type of penetration, especially anal. The lining of the rectum is thin, and can be torn by sharp objects. If you have longer fingernails, you can pack some cotton balls around your fingernails and put on a latex glove. Also, if you are paranoid about what could be on your finger when you pull it out, a regular or finger Condom may be a good idea.

For Males

Some men are not very open to experimentation with this body part, as enjoying it may make them question their sexuality. As ridiculous as this may sound, it is a result of the prejudice and lack of understanding in today's society. In any event, make sure to communicate with your partner to avoid bad reactions.

Once you get lubricated, you want to start by taking it really easy. Most people who have never had any anal play will tense their sphincter muscles. If they are tensing, do not try to push through, as it will cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Instead, make little circles around his anus and wait for him to relax. Once he starts relaxing, gently try moving your finger in and out a little. Start shallow and slowly move deeper, just make sure to watch his reactions and facial expressions to see if you are going too fast.

Once you get inside, you can do a variety of things, including: twisting your hand, pulling in and out, moving in large circles following the wall of the cavity, or stimulate specific spots with little circles. There are two very pleasurable spots in and around a man's anus. The first location is the anus itself; it is surrounded by a large number of nerve bundles and is very sensitive. The second is the prostate gland; it is located a few inches inside the anus towards the belly button, and often feels like a firm bulge.

The most effective use of anal play is right at Orgasm. If you have a finger inside, giving him Prostate Gland Stimulation, when he reaches an orgasm you will send him to another world of pleasure, one that he will most likely be asking you to help him revisit. By stimulating the prostate gland as he gets close to climaxing, you can give him an orgasm three or more times as intense!

For Females

Without going too close to her anus, explore her inner thighs and bottom with your hands and mouth. Some women have had bad experiences with anal play in their history, mostly because their partner moved much faster, or less gently, than they should have. If this is true in your case, getting her to talk about the topic is a great way to start. By learning where they went wrong, you can prevent that experience from happening again.

Using her natural vaginal lubricant or saliva may work, but we strongly recommend that you use lubricant, especially the first few times. Apply a fair amount of lubricant on your finger, and start by making little circles around her anus with a finger. If you feel her clenching her anus, you need to find a way to help her relax, as progressing deeper while she is 'tight' will only cause another bad experience. Kissing her on the mouth and all over her body, performing Cunnilingus, are just a few ways to ease her anxieties. If you get a chance to put on some music and candles ahead of time, it should help her be more comfortable.

Once inside, you can start playing to see what she likes. Start slowly and softly, and make sure to pay attention to her reactions when you speed up and/or add pressure. A few basic techniques to get you started are move your finger in a circular motion exploring the walls of her rectum, moving in circular motions along a specific region, moving in and out, rotating your hand to spin your finger. After learning what you can from these techniques, start mixing two, three or more of them together. Just always remember that it is a very sensitive area; so be gentle and watch her reactions before going further.

Ladies, you really should

Ladies, you really should talk your man into letting you in. The first time I did it to him he started moaning and he loved it. I was fingering him and blowing him at the same time and he had an insane orgasm. It was so long and he shook and almost passed out. Get him to let you try it, it's so sexy.

my husband wants me to

my husband wants me to finger him at the middle of the the beginning i thought he was a gay or something ,but after i read this,i feel safe and think to give him more pleasurable at the middle of the night.... thanks to this site now i learn a lot...:)

Feels good every now nd then

It is an amazing experience. I did this with my ex. I'm still a virgin though because we didn't use condoms and he never came in my ass. I was fine with it because I didn't way to get pregnant in case he did let loose. Great way to have amazing orgasms. You'll be cumming like a river ladies! Don't knock it till you try it. :)

im not actuly sure you can

im not actuly sure you can pregnant if a guy cums in you your ass

So say if I did want to

So say if I did want to enter that area for my 'boyfriend', apart from the obvious of a shower being hygenically beneficial, and if my nails were appropriate, would I need to still resort to gloves or a condom? ^^ I'm new to this aspect, and maybe if it really is that pleasurable for him, then I figure why not give it a shot :D

i agree try it you might

i agree try it you might like it i know me and my gf love it but just make sure hands are clean, your anuses are clean and empty, cut finger nails (if needed), use lots of good lube but most importantly relax take it slow because trust me ifyou try to putur finger quikly up someone anus without lube it will hurt so just relax take it slow and use lots of lube. enjoy your fingering
hope this helps

i talked to my gf about anal

i talked to my gf about anal play and she said yes but i dont really know wat to do when im in there any tips

explore the anus you could

explore the anus you could use you fingers to simulate sex and juts play around get your finger in deep or shalow experiment but at thesame time be safe use lube and have fun
hope this helps

this feel great when my bf

this feel great when my bf does this....its mind blowing and makes me cum harder

The Biiigggg O !

ohhh , the best thing ever is when my boyfriend fingers my ass during sex . it feels amazing , acctually , its miinnnnd blowing :) try it out sometime.

I like very much when my dog

I like very much when my dog is licking my anal passage but how can I get my wife to do this?


u got the damn dog lickin ur ass?
Animal Cruelty

Dogs do it to each other all

Dogs do it to each other all the time

that is just sick and

that is just sick and twisted dogs dont actuly lick other dogs areses they jus sniff but getin a to lick you ares is just sick twisted and disturbim

Anal Love

I love it when my gf inserts the broomstick deep into my anus and gives me a damn good anal thrusting!

Anal play

Hey guy if you want a mind blowing experience, Have you GF finger your anus while she blows you. Everytime my GF does that I fill like I am going to blow her head off when I cum.

i told my bf the other night

i told my bf the other night that i wanted to have anal with him and he is up for it but that night we had phone sex and i fingered myself there and he said he tried it and didnt like it how can i convince him to let me try it?

promise him that if he dont

promise him that if he dont like it he can say no and you will stop but give it 5 mins of fingerin uintil he desided and take it slow and use lube maby he will prefer it if you finger him because i dnt like fingerin myself and i told my gf that then she sed wot i just told you to tell him trust me you have a better chance of him likein it if you do it
hope this helps


tried it loved it

i use to stop my bf every time he got close to touching me there but one nite he was eating me out and it was feeling real good i was getting close to cumming and he sarted rubbing my anus i didnt stop him this time b/c i was so close and it didnt seem to bother me as much guess it suprized him that i didnt stop him so he took the chance.he pressed on my anus alittle harder till he got his finger in.and to my suprize it made the oral sex feel better and almost made me cum when he eats me i always let him finger my anus.

Sealed Off

My GF seems to get frustrated and angry if i go near her anus with any part of my body, and somtimes has a go at me if im too persistent and i feel kinda down because of it. any one got tips or advise??

Lick well

My main suggestion for you is, while giving her oral sex, once she's really into it start licking all over...ALL over, paying special attention to the area between her anus and her vagina, occasionally licking her anus. Start off as innocently teasing her anus and she will probably start digging it.

Also, another idea: when she's on top of you grab her behind hard and spread her cheeks, barely get your fingers in the region, again basically teasing her there but far enough away that she probably won't say anything about it and she'll probably start digging it.

I've done these with my girlfriend, right off the bat and she's never experienced anything in that region before. She loves it and sometimes when she's on top of me, she'll grab my wrists and put my hands back there so I can tease her. (Sometimes I get a little distracted by her amazing rack in my face and forget to give that area the attention she needs).

try eating her pussy or

try eating her pussy or fingering her puss for a wile the start to stroke he anus opening then if she seems
ok with it push a bit harder uintil your finger gose in then again wait and if she still dont react the start fingering her anus wile eating her pussy then after a wile of both stop eatin for a wile and just funger her anus and if shes ok with it then carryon if not stop. it worked better for me if i finger her pussy for a wile the did the anus andpussy then just anus cus she may think ur stil fingering her pussy good luck
hope this helps


Stick to what she likes. ;)

Stick to what she likes. ;)

the bf fingered my anus

the bf fingered my anus today. :-) it felt absolutely wonderful! i've masturbated with my anus before, but i've never been able to orgasm from it, but today he got me there :-)


its the best! if you dont do it you're just weird, itss not gay at all. first time i came so hard. we play a competition to see how many fingers we can get in - my record is 5 and a half. beat that
this website was nothin but useful in my struggle to convince my boyfriend.

first time i want to try

didnt understand the descripition to good. can anyone explain better how to do. want to try on my own before i ask girlfriens todo it to me. 1- should i ne laying down on my back or what position should i be in when i do this. Do you have to be near climan for pleasure or will this give enough to cun.

wts the best way

wts the best way 2 get this done?

wts the best way

wts the best way 2 get this done?

we tried it both

we both tried it and im not the biggest fan of it i rather have a cock in my ass than a finger i dont know what the differnce was but it just didnt feel great like his cock does and me fingering him he liked but he hated the part when i was done he had to go to the bathroom to take a dump right after instead of enjoying the rest of sex for the night and it was a bigg turn off for him so we didnt fuck that night i wasnt very happy about that but we made up for it on saturday that was a day to remember

Screaming Shadow
we both tried this one day but

we both tried this one day but neither of us particularly enjoyed it. she does however like anal so they're not mutually exclusive! but i wasn't impressed. but that's how life is sometimes! :)

Me and my wife read an

Me and my wife read an artical on prostate stimulation, so we tried it. Now it is a common thing in our sex lives.I liked the feeling of being stretched,so she used more fingers until her whole hand is in.All i can say is WOW!!!! The feeling is very intense.For any guy afraid to tell their girl they want to try it dont be, if she wants to please you she will atleast try it.Anal fistin has opened up a whole new chapter in our sex life......

i kinda like it....wrong or no?

ok so i always thought it was weird that i liked a finger in my butt...still is i guess but reading this kinda helped i havent told anyone and don't really plan to except my fiance (well right now she is still only my gf)but i have joked about it a little bit and then she kinda freezes up and i have to reassure her that im only kidding...and i am...except for the last few times...see i saw this video on prostate juicing and well i have always been very open sexually and very willing to try things out that didnt involve another guy...well i tried it on myself because it looked like the guy genuinely liked i didnt quite get it but i did like it and want to try it...i was just gonna always keep it to myself like some faggot in a closet (no offense to anyone) but i do want her to kind of be a part of it so should i go about telling her...and i already know she is gonna think im bi because she kinda thought i might be after seeing just what kind of a freak i am...and im not not gay...HELP...?

so from a girls point of

so from a girls point of view there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! i NEVER thought i would even wana try anything of the anal sort but me and my fiance love it love to do it to each other and even through phone sex so just open up to her hun :)


Well I have been pleasuring myself in the ass for a long time. Your butt will produce natural juice after awhile. That is when it seems best. I have never had a real penis in my ass and I have never told any of my girlfriends about this. It will get messy almost all the time. Just relax and enjoy it. I think once you involve a female you may start to feel insecure. Just use your judgement and don't rush you don't want someone who doesn't understand where your coming from judging you. The problem is most people sterotype such actions as being a fag, but I can assure you if more men were more open minded about pleasure they would feel different.

Moon Doggie
totaly not wrong

nah man it's comm0on to hear this i'm bi but i have a lot of my straight guy freinds talk about it it is quite common to like that with or with out guys to be honest it is natural for guys to explore i told my wife that i liked it and we tried it i think your gf will open up over time just talk to her about in a serous way man

good luck man

Moon doggie

No it isn't wrong, and

No it isn't wrong, and nobody but you or your partner need to know about it. Besides you don't LIKE guys, so you can't be gay. You want the best sexual experiance so whats wrong with that?

But the real issue may be she just isn't into anything like that, which may mean you're out of luck. How open to things is she? does she let you play with her ass? That would tell you if she would even be up for it. Plus if your relationship is serious, she should trust you in knowing your not gay.


I Wouldnt Try It but Its Not Gay. Not to Mention The Only Way to Get To the Male "G-Spot" Per Say Is Thru there So I Cant Say i Blame You

this is so awsome. plus I

this is so awsome.

plus I have a suggestion:

girls, do vaginal fingering first. get very wet and use the vaginal juices as lube. unless you already have lube.

Anonymous (not verified)

i ask my gf to put her finger up my ass while she sucking on my bag, i get off on it but she no like when i do it 2 her, how am i going get her to like it?

Anonymous (not verified)
Combined technique

My wife loves it when I insert a finger in her anus and my thumb in her vagina and rub the two together gently.

Anonymous (not verified)
Combined Technique

That is called a snap.

with orange haired people u

with orange haired people u call it a ginger snap :D