Amazing Sex Records III

Amazing Sex Records III

Welcome to the third volume of our ongoing series on Amazing Sex Records. If you’re been reading up till now, you’ve caught the men’s and women’s records, and you’re now ready for the ‘mixed bag’ of records and facts – some of the even more crazy material!

Pull some of these out on a date when things get slow, or when you’re just hanging around with friends. Either way these fun little factoids make for some juicy conversation starters:

Strangest Vibrator Episodes

Vibrators are used by both genders in cultures and countries around the world. According to a letter to the British Medical Journal in the mid ‘70s, two young male patients were admitted within ‘the space of a fortnight’ of one another with a painful vibrating in their bowls. You can guess why. Apparently the vibrators retreated up the rectum at the moment of orgasm. They could be heard and felt through the stomach… try explaining that one to your GP!

Biggest Orgy Ever Recorded – 250 couples

This record was set in Japan by a group of Japanese volunteers who managed to do their business simultaneously and side-by-side to put the record on the books. It makes you wonder how they were judged… I mean, were there referees running between the ranks?

Longest Act of Sex – Mae West + ‘Ted’ at 15 hours

Although a difficult record to confirm, this legendary sex star wrote in her autobiography that she and a man known only as ‘Ted’ made love for 15 consecutive hours. We’d really like to know what brand of lube they were using, if for nothing else but a really good sex tip!

Lowest Price for Sexual Favors – 10 rupees (around 20 cents).

It is reported that some of the poorest border towns of Bangladesh have seen prostitution at bargain basement prices. The trucking industry is very large in some of these areas, enough to support a market of as many as 5 million drivers who buy sexual favors while waiting to cross. These men apparently buy sex as many as three times per day, which is not hard to imagine given these prices…

Frequency of Sex – it depends…

18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year.

Most Common Sex Position – the missionary

The famous ‘Missionary Position’ is touted as being North America’s most commonly used sexual position, and for good reason: surveys have shown it to be used exclusively for as much as 85% of married couples. Other parts of the world favor other positions as well, but globally, this is the top performer.

Most Bizarre Aphrodisiac – various

The Chinese medical herb system is widely regarded as one of the strangest collection of remedies in the world, but people have tried weirder things than just plants. Try these on for size: semen, menstrual blood, afterbirth (the placenta), and parts of human genitals have all been eaten in the name of superior sexual prowess. Some Asian countries still practice the drinking of snake blood, taken from the animal while it is still alive, and an ancient Chinese Emperor had a herd of deer for a fresh supply of his chosen elixir, deer blood. All in the name of better sex! Good thing we now have SexInfo101!

Biggest ‘Gang Bang’ – 300 sex acts between 51 men, 1 woman

The lovely Jasmine St. Clair took on the challenge of having sex with 51 different men in April of 1996, completing a total of 300 acts of coitus. Despite the fact that this event may be available on film, the show was apparently not very erotic – she wasn’t there for the fun, just the pay check.

There you have it folks, the third in this series of Amazing Sex Records. We hope some of these quick quotes will spark some great conversations!

Do you know of any unusual Couple’s Records that might be of interest? If so, please post them in the comments below...


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