Lingerie ... how to be sexy?

Q. My husband keeps telling me that I don't have the right attitude when wearing lingerie. He says that I wear it like a sweater, which means that I put it on and expect him to come to me. I have asked him what kind of attitude he wants and he says that he's not sure. Part of the problem is that I can't find lingerie that REALLY makes me feel irresistible. Where can I find affordable lingerie that I feel good in, and how can I improve my attitude when wearing it?

A. Unless you are a great actress then you have to feel sexy in order to act sexy (a.k.a. having the ‘right attitude’). Even a good act wears thin if you really aren’t into it, and if your husband knows you well (and is sensitive), then he will be able to tell anyway - and it won’t be an enjoyment for him either.

Ask yourself honestly what the causes of your feelings are - before you spend a stack of money on expensive lingerie that you might never feel comfortable in. If you have a concern about your body image, by all means do what you can to improve it, but perhaps your concerns are more in your mind than reality … your husband hopefully loves and admires you just as you are.

If you simply don’t like lingerie (IS there a woman who doesn’t?), or don’t like ‘showing’ yourself off in that manner, then the answer is to either:

    Keep trying to overcome your concerns and do your best with it (because your desire to please your husband is greater than your distaste); or,
    Communicate to him how you feel and find another avenue of pleasure that is more acceptable to you both. This rule applies to all sexual activities; you should never participate in anything that you really don’t want to do!

If you do wish to keep trying lingerie, then you should include him in shopping for it (if you haven’t already). This way you KNOW that he will find you sexy in whatever you are wearing – a real confidence booster for you! Please both read our article on Lingerie Shopping (for men) … the information there is good for you too. Also check out our forum for threads on the topic of Lingerie.

Without knowing your location it is impossible to recommend a ‘high-street’ store. However, if you want to shop discretely online for affordable lingerie please check out Eden Fantasys (North America) or LoveHoney (U.K.).

good lingerie for cheep and feel sexy

you can go to victoria secrete and find some lingerie on clearence that is sexy and if you can find your size try it on and see if you think you look sexy in it. if you dont have a victoria secrete then i really cant help you

wide one

to me most of whats called "lingerie" is tacky.
wearing something you dont normally wear is most provocative.
if you wear high waisted full cut cotton bikini's all the time, boyshorts or tanga would be a welcome change
however what is sexy is finding something lacy & a little naughty under everyday clothes.
many times when she was still working, i'd help her get dressed in the mornings before i left.
she was wearing a black pinstripe skirt suit to work one day, i added a matching black lace thong, push up bra, garter belt/stockings and 4" black heels to it.
she remarked how naughty she felt during an investors meeting they had that afternoon. i met her a few of her co-workers, and the ceo for drinks that night after work.
not only did she feel naughty, she WAS naughty several times that night.

I just bought some

Fredricks is where I just bought some lingerie. they're reasonably priced and I went ther bc Victoria Secrets didn't really have any thing... If you do go to a Victoria Secrets then I sugest an Out Let!!! Happy Shopping!! (and I have some what of the same problem... it's the mind set for me... but I'm just gonna over come that this weekend... I donno how but I am lol)

Naked Boy
My fiance wasn't sure about

My fiance wasn't sure about wearing lingerie at first, as in she didn't think she would "wear it well." When I got something for her and she tried it on she really liked wearing it. It just made her feel sexy. I could definitely tell a difference. She was a lot more playful. She didnt even notice until I told her about it. Sometimes we shop for stuff online and found some great sites:,,,,,and All the rest have been afformentioned. But if you want to find local stores just type in lingerie in google and it will come up with a map with several locations in your area. It is just as easy to get directions. But also Victoria's Secret is OK for lingerie but not great. Their online collection is more extensive but sometimes you can find something good in stores.