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Female orgasm questions

Q. When I do sexual things with my boyfriend everything feels good. I feel like I get close to orgasming, but don't:

1. Is it true that your body has to "mature" before you can orgasm?

Broken Condom - Pregnant?

Q. I had sexual intercourse last night and, as always, we used a condom. But after he ejaculated, some of his ejaculation came down the condom while he was taking it out (it did not break) and got onto the opening of my vagina.

Straight guy who likes dick...?

Q. I love being with women sexually and emotionally, but the feeling of being penetrated by another man or giving him oral feels so good. My only interest in men is the penis, and the large ones make me hottest.

Sex toy is better than sex

Q. Before I met my boyfriend, my friend had convinced me to buy a vibrator, a very wise buy I might add! I told my boyfriend about it early in our relationship and he used it on me. It was awesome.

Should I do his threesome fantasy

Q. I have a boyfriend that I think I am beginning to fall in love with. We have been very open with each other sexually and otherwise. He has done a lot to fulfill some of my fantasies and I have done the same.

No Sex as Years Go By

Q. When My wife and I where dating way back, she could not keep her hands off me, and always wanted sex. But as the years went on, I have to ask her to go down on me, and she gives me the same answer all the time, “Maybe next time”.

Can her first time be painless?

Q. I need to know the best way to make my girls first time as painless as possible. I love my girl so much and I really don’t want to hurt her. I keep hearing that the first time hurts. Please help!

Asking for Oral Sex

Q. I want my girl to give me a blowjob. How should I ask her?

Wife calls all the shots in bed

Q. My wife and I have been married for 33 years and we have three grown children. We are still very much in love and I think we are very good friends as well.

35 year old male virgin

Q. I need helpful advice in two areas. I am a 35 year old male virgin. I am close friends with this 29 year old perky, sweet, and intense babe. I feel more comfortable and nearly ready for sex. We have decided on a weekend of great sex.

Deep Penetration Hurts

Q. When I am having sex with my boyfriend I always want him to penetrate further, or go harder, but we can't because I always feel pain. In the end we're stuck with normal boring positions and would love to explore.

Sore Jaw from Fellatio

Q. I have a fellatio question. I love giving my boyfriend a gentle, loving blow job, but my jaw gets sore when I'm in the middle of going down on him. What can I do?

Safe penis enlargement pill?

Q. I’m looking for a pill that will make my penis grow long and thick without side effects.

How much anal play is safe?

Q. My girlfriend and I enjoy anal sex and have it about once a month. We would like to have it more often but, our concern is, will it cause long term effects such as stretching of the anus, or other problems like that?

How do I anally fist myself?

Q. I'm an 18 year old boy, and have no girlfriend. I want to anally fist myself. I know that some people (male and female) are able to accommodate a hand in their anus; that's my target. Now I can just get three fingers inside my anus.