My Penis is too small

Q. I am worried about my penis because its size is 4.5 inches, so is there any solution about it so I can increase my size?

A. ‘Normal size’ is a range that varies depending upon ethnicity and genetics. Size changes as a boy grows and matures into a man. As we all begin developing at different ages, size vs. age is really meaningless. Penis size consists of two components, length and circumference. Although most studies in this area vary slightly in the findings, the average erect penis length is 5.5 to 6.5 inches, and the average circumference (girth) is 4.5 to 5 inches. Also, a man’s limp size has very little indication to his erect size … a smaller penis tends to grow proportionally bigger than a large one does. You don’t specify whether your measurement is ‘relaxed’ or ‘erect’. Your penis is measured in a straight (or for some, arced) line on the topside of the erect penis, from where your belly meets the shaft to the tip of your penis.

The only proven way to marginally increase the length of your penis is surgery – and it is not recommended as the costs/risks do not generally outweigh the minor gains! Some guys try various massaging exercises such as Jelqing (on which we will be soon publishing an article) and some report limited success. Enlargement pills are the subject of outrageous and unproved claims by suppliers – they should be treated with extreme caution and (frankly) you would be better off keeping the money in your own pocket!

What should matter to you more than size is that your penis is fully functional and that you have researched and learned how to use it to please your partner. In other words, that you have become a knowledgeable, skilled & compassionate lover in all other aspects of making love. The majority of a woman's nerve endings are in the first couple inches of her vagina, so after that your smaller size isn’t much of a disadvantage. In fact most women will enjoy the sensation of a larger girth more than a longer length!

Check out our 3D Animated Sex Positions section for lots of ideas of suitable positions that are more suited to shallower penetration and try out some of those positions that would be especially suited to less well-endowed males. Whether a man’s penis is on the larger or smaller scale, don’t forget that there are lots of other techniques you can master that will have your partner squirming with delight. Utilizing certain sex positions can make your penis seem like a giant's. Try integrating sexual positions that focus on g-spot stimulation; they make use of the right angles and shallower penetration. Avoid the showy poses that even the most endowed fellow couldn’t handle.

For even more ideas, check out our articles on Average Penis Size and Does Size Matter?, together with the numerous threads on Penis Size in our Forum…

questions about my penis size

hi i recently turned 15 and my penis size is 7 3/4 in. almost 8 sometimes. is that over avarage or am i measuring it wrong? i measure frm the tip of my belly were it starts and all the way to the tip. is it couse am mexican? hahaha jp. but my mom is real close 2 me about sex so my mom buys me condoms because she dosnt want any accident. but she says my dad has a penis size of almost 10 in. is penis size passed on to your kids? will it still grow? i watch porn sometimes and there isnt a bigg difference with me and does guys but i am only 15. and wen i have sex what are some tips so i wont hurt the girl i will have sex with?


That is bigger then average, not to give you an ego, and it could possibly be because your Mexican. I personally never been with one so I have no clue if that's normal. Yes it will still grow, for many more years. Yes penis is genetic! My advice for you is take it slow when penetrating and use lube. Do be careful and considerate of your partner, cock can do a lot of damage if you are careless.

so is there anyway to make

so is there anyway to make ur penis bigger

Question and worried!

Well I am 15 years old, and my penis is about 3.5 inches (not erect) and upwards of 6.5 inches erect. I am worried about sex for the first time as I believe my penis is too small. I will admit I watch porn occasionally, and therefore I see the guys on there have like 10" penis'. I was wondering can I please my gf with a penis that erect is only 5 - 6.5" as she has had sex 6 times, and this will be my first!

ya im 17 and a virgin with a

ya im 17 and a virgin with a 4 in and i want 2 know if i can pleasure a girl

big man
i need sum advice bcuz im a

i need sum advice bcuz im a 16 year old virgin and my penis is about 8 in. is dat gud

how can i get bigger naturally?

ok,long story short. my girl and i are going to do it for the first time soon,and shes not a virgin and i am. her ex is 9 inches. im about 4ish. i seriously need to get bigger,but how can i do this without any pills or drugs?

Is it Normal

I'm 23 years old and my penis size when fully erected is only 1 in a half inches and my girlfriend says that I'm the same size as her 5 year old little Brother which really hurts.


hello im 16 and my penis size is about 6.7 inch's im having some trouble with my girlfriend she says that its the biggest she has had, she has had sex with 4 other people and me, but i dont know if he is faking it, when i go really fast when she is bent over she isnt giving me much back i can hear her abit going mhm but not loud? do all girls make alot of noise im getting abit self conscience that my penis is too small for her, but then when i pick her up and have intercourse with her she digs hr nails in my back and starts breathing heavy i need some help could someone please reply or give me a message back in private? thankyou for taking the time to read god bless DanStar