'Pee-play' - is it unsafe or weird?

Q. My boyfriend peed inside of me while were messing around and we both loved it! Is it dangerous for him to pee in me? What about anywhere else? Is it weird that we like it so much?

A. Be it loving, humiliating, sexy, or otherwise, individuals who like their play to be as wet and kinky as possible appreciate the extra volume - or in your case, warm and wonderfully filling feeling - that a golden stream of urine affords. Many people consider such activities to be hardcore or taboo, but when you stop and look at a list of paraphilias (unusual sexual desires) involving different sexual practices, many would consider urine play as a fairly 'vanilla' activity. And ultimately, if this type of sexual gratification feels comfortable to you, then you needn't worry about it being weird!

You have stumbled across an explorative and, for some, powerfully arousing sexual practice identified as urophilia (commonly known as ‘watersports’). Historically, the term is used to describe any erotic use of urine that may or may not involve a partner. Practitioners of this form of play may do any number of the following common activities: urinating on another person or being urinated upon, consuming urine (also known as urophagia), 'marking' clothing or bedding; or using urine play as a part of a domination/submission scene (distress play, wherein persons have to 'contain' their need to urinate until they are given permission to do so, is often associated with this category of sexual activity).

Whenever you decide to engage in any erotic behavior that involves the intimate sharing of fluids, be it urine, semen, saliva, etc., it's important to understand the conditions of what constitutes safe play. According to numerous texts on health and sexuality, urine play is not considered a safe sexual practice because STDs/STIs, along with other viruses and bacteria, can be transmitted through urine - particularly if there are small cuts or abrasions on the areas of skin that it comes into contact with it. The most noteworthy conditions to be aware of are: Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, both of which theoretically can transmitted in the throat; Herpes (regardless of having a physical outbreak or not); and Hepatitis B. It is inconclusive as to whether HIV can be transmitted via urine. Theoretically, HIV can concentrate in white blood cells, and since a person with an STD/STI or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) may have white blood cells in their urine, one cannot rule out HIV as a risk.

It is also believed that illegal and/or certain psychotropics such as antidepressants can also be passed onto the receiver of the ‘golden shower’, making it crucial that sexual partners who practice urine play be thoroughly honest about their health history and divulge all medications being taken. Even then, some individuals are completely unaware if they are carriers of toxins or disease, making the possibility of contracting an unwanted disease a very real possibility.

Of course if you have an ongoing and totally trusting (monogamous) relationship you may jointly decide to forgo the above cautions, but be sure you are certain of your relationship with each other before you take such a big step! Alternatively, restrict urination to external play only to mitigate some of the more serious negative consequences.

Using antibacterial wipes can also lessen some of the risks, as does flushing out the urine, but ultimately you have to weigh the risks (as minimal as they may appear) of receiving the contents of your boyfriend's bladder against that of your own health and safety. This isn't to say that water sports is more or less dangerous than sharing any other fluids during sexual activity, but it is important that you understand the parameters for safe exchange, and make an honest and informed decision stemming from that.

pee inside

Not something we do all the time, but occasionally she finds it erotic when I pee inside of her. We have done this several times and she has not had any infections or problems.

The act is easier said than done. I usually drink a large amount of water before and wait until I can barely hold it. Also, it is difficult to do this with an erection. We generally start with foreplay until she is very wet. Then she lays on the bed with her legs pulled back and I am able to get my semi-hard or less penis inside her vagina. She loves the warm feeling.

Make sure you cover the bed and floor underneath.

Have fun!!