Not enjoying receiving oral from my boyfriend

Q. When my boyfriend goes down on me, I don't really feel anything. I often fake it when he does. Is it him or me? I think I have a little trouble getting an orgasm anyway, so maybe it's me. I would like to feel more pleasure in my clitoris. When I masturbate I get the job done, but I'd like for it to happen more often with him. Is there anything I can do?

A. Faking doesn't fix things; it makes matters worse. It has the potential to create a terrible rift in your sex life, and may lead you to look outside the relationship for sexual satisfaction.

It's understandable that you might want to spare his ego, but what's the point of performing the incredible "O" if it doesn't serve either of you? Sure it might feel awkward to bring it up, but practicing non-disclosure can creep negatively into many other aspects of this relationship - and any other ones that might follow.

Sure, you can take matters in to your own hands, bringing yourself to Orgasm when he isn't around - but the sexual barrier between the two of you is bound never to improve on its own. If you aren't sexually compatible, or have issues in the relationship that prevent you from letting your guard down around him, then you need to talk to him about it.

Give your boyfriend a fighting chance. Allow him the opportunity to learn what needs to be done to bring you to climax; in fact, show him how through vocal/physical encouragement! Ultimately, if performing Cunnilingus isn't his strong point, at least show him other things he can try … such as sucking your breasts or using a Sex Toy, while you do the job yourself. At least then you'll be acting authentically, an important trait in mature, mutually satisfying relationships.

Tell him berfor you end up leving him!

getting down on you is important!
Basicly our daddys and mommys dont teach us eanything about sex,neither do schools,and youre freind...well they know less than you do...Men know nothin about a womens pussy. Even I thought for years I thought I was a god at eating her out...but most wemen faked or lied for my ego and at the odd time I caught a girl who was sensative or was lucky in my lickin spot lol.
Tell him what you at sites together learn how...I did and trust me my wife is naw verry hapy she told me the truth...stay away from porno's the teach you nothing.! With a fiew techniques i learnd and a fiew I invented, my wife naw enjoys the prolonged forplay...I enjoy writing her love letters with my toung down there..sometimes she notices and can actully spell out what I am writing..that how sensitive she gets...learn to tease and play a bit and you will get off garenteed.!
Basicly he plobly doesnt even know were the clit is! and spend like 5 min down there and then tries for penetration like most men.