She's lost her sex drive

Q. What can I change or do for a relationship that in the beginning was really beautiful with erotic sex.

The sex no longer exists, but she still wants to be friends and still loves my massaging her and rubbing her and snuggling … but no sex?

A. The answer to this is one that only she can give you! You need to have a frank, but sensitive, conversation to resolve this. You don’t give your ages, so it is impossible to tell at what point of physical and mental readiness she might be. If she was previously a virgin then it is possible that she has had second thoughts about starting her sex life at this time. She may think she should have waited longer, or perhaps she has discovered that the angst of waiting for her period every month is more than she had bargained for. If that is not the problem, then there are probably other issues that need to be discussed and worked-through.

Read our article Am I Ready?(For Her) to consider what might be going through her mind. If she has changed her mind and wants to cease full-blown sex, then respect her wish. As is always the case, communication is critical … go talk to her, express your concerns, and try to work through to a solution that you can both live with! Ultimately if she is unwilling to even discuss these matters with you, then you have to ask yourself what chance of success a relationship has under these circumstances – and whether you are better off out of it!

Doesn't want sex

I went through this with my ex-wife and it ended in divorce. No, lack of sex wasn't the only reason but it was a big part of it. We were married for 22 years and divorced now for 5 1/2 and to this day I have no clue why she suddenly no longer was interested in sex! She would never talked with me about it no matter how much I tried. Please try to get your "significant other" to talk about it now so it doesn't end in disaster later!!